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Lieutenant Lael Rosek
Engineering Officer
Starbase 118
USS Veritas NCC 95035
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(( Crew Cabin, Runabout Yahtzee ))
​[[Time Index: En Route to Antor II]]

:: Alex smiled as Chythar placed a hand on his knee and then followed suit by wrapping an arm around his partner’s shoulder and pulling him close. Alex had a lot to make up for as he realized just how much he missed being in the close confines of Chythar. ::

Rosek: :: smirks :: Aww. Now I’m feeling left out.

:: She turned to Dassa and embraced her. Despite Dassa’s resistance, she managed to plant a kiss on Dassa’s lips. ::

:: Dassa laughed, shoving Lael away. ::

Alexander: Get off. I’m taken.

Rosek: :: smirks :: I know. It’s just fun messing with you.

:: Dassa huffed and went back to studying her PADD, a smile turning up the corners of her lips. ::

Blair: :: shaking his head :: I guess some things never change.

Alexander: :: glances up and smirks :: You feeling left out, now, Alex? I’m sure Lael can fix that…

:: Alex resisted the urge to let the off hand comment upset him and forced a smile as he turned to Chythar. ::

Blair: :: shaking his head again :: Nope, I’ve got everything I need right here.

:: CD smiled and had another bite of carrot, silent as he munched on it. It wasn’t because he didn’t want to talk, as he liked the conversation. It was his mixed luck with words at the moment which prevented him from speaking. Some sentences came out okay, others did not. ::

:: Lael elbowed Dassa in the ribs. ::

Rosek: Nice one. Way to make things awkward.

Alexander: :: blushes :: I guess I don’t pull off your sense of humor as well.

:: Alex smiled feeling content at making progress on mending his friendships. Transfers were always a difficult part of being in Starfleet, but transferring with friends made it all easier. ::

Blair: So, not to change the subject or anything but who’s excited about the new ship?

Alexander: :: grins wryly :: Not sure about the new ship, but I could have done without yet another transfer.

Skyfire: Ah’m excited. See my sister, Raissa.

Rosek: :: smirks :: That’s right. She’s serving on the Veritas, isn’t she? Well I’m excited to meet her.

:: Alex’s heart fluttered briefly as the thought or serving with a member of Chythar’s family flashed through his mind. ::

Blair: ::smiling and looking at Chythar::I guess you don’t get to keep me away from your family any longer huh?

Skyfire: Ma will call us home sometime.

Rosek: :: smirks :: Meeting the family. That’s big. When’s the wedding?

:: Alex glared at Lael with mock anger. ::

Blair: Hey...slow down...I only just asked him to move in with me! Let’s not push things too fast!

:: As soon as he said it, Alex wished he could take it back. It probably wasn’t the best time or place to mention the big change in their relationship. ::

Alexander: :: grins :: About bloody time if you ask me. You two have been pussyfooting around it long enough.

Rosek: :: grins :: Well, hell. Congratulations, you two.

:: Alex looked at Chythar hoping he didn’t upset his partner with the slip of his tongue. ::

:: Chythar smiled softly back at Alex in reply. Instead of being upset, he munched on a carrot. ::

Blair: Well, I decided that I spend enough of my day without him that I need every other moment in close proximity.

Rosek: :: grins :: I spent enough of my time with these two during the day. Maybe I’ll actually get to sleep in my own quarters now.

:: CD brushed his bangs behind his ear and stuck the carrot in his mouth, just enjoying listening to the conversation. Words were still not his friends. He picked up Devlin and set him on Alex’s lap. ::

Devlin: Raff?

:: Alex looked down at the pup and smiled as he started to rub Devlin’s ears. ::

Blair: Yeah, you’re coming too.

:: Lael smirked, tempted to reveal Devlin’s pet name for Alex. She decided against it, however, her gaze locking with Alex’s.::

Rosek: So...they’ll be starting a new mission by the time we get there, but is anyone opposed to another holodeck adventure when shoreleave comes around again?

:: Alex smiled remembering how fun their holodeck adventures tended to be. ::

Blair: Assuming that I’m all caught up on these mission briefs, I’ll be there. Maybe we can find a new setting to use?

Alexander: :: smirks :: Make time. All work and no play makes Alex a dull boy. :: pauses :: Lael has a decent motorcycle program if anyone is interested.

::As Dassa spoke, a thought crossed Alex’s mind which made him start laughing. ::

:: Chythar cast a quizzical glance at his partner, an eyebrow raising inquisitively. Devlin jumped slightly, bounding over instead to Lael’s lap. ::

Blair: :: shaking his head :: No, it’s not that. I just realized something that I found to be very funny. :: Alex laughed again :: I have spent a big chunk of my life avoiding my family’s business and now with this transfer, I’m basically going to be in Starfleet’s version of it! :: nodding :: My mom and dad are gonna be pissed!

Rosek: :: grins wryly :: Thank God it’s not me. My mom’s reaction was complicated when I joined Starfleet. She was irritated, but was encouraged me to go the Command route. :: shudders :: The holoimages and holovids of the torture gave me nightmares and I had to go through some hefty counseling. I was forced out of the command program and almost dropped out of the Academy altogether.

Blair: Well, I’m glad you didn’t drop out. We probably never would have met if you did. :: pause :: I almost forgot, congrats on getting the engineering post. I know you’ve been wanting it.

Rosek: :: nods :: I had hoped to be back down in the bowels with the Za transfer, but...Don’t get me wrong, the pilot’s chair isn’t bad. But my first love always has been and always will be fixing things.

:: Alex nodded. ::

Blair: That’s one itch that once you get it, you never lose.

Rosek: :: grins :: Yeah. Maybe command is in my future. I don’t know. But for now, I’m content in Engineering.

:: Alex turned his head. ::

Blair: What about you two? Looking forward to the new sickbay?

Alexander: :: shrugs :: A new boss to learn to please. Not my favorite thing. But yeah. ::grins:: Looking forward to continuing to mentor Greywin through his program to become a doctor.

Skyfire: Dr. Ryan is more com-- :: He paused. Damn his words. :: ...better...than Cattan. Doctor, not nurse.

Alexander: :: grins wryly :: Aye. If you’d been in charge, as it should have been, it never would have gone as far as it did.

:: Alex nodded and remained quiet. As easy as it would have been to chime in, his general rule of thumb was to keep as far away from ship politics as possible. ::

:: CD nodded, but said nothing further. He wasn’t going to discuss it. He had dealt with his share of people before who either knew exactly how to handle themselves or had no idea what a dermal regenerator was for. He wasn’t one to smear the reputations of his former bosses in casual conversation. ::

Rosek: :: sighs :: All right. Enough shop talk. We’re supposed to be relaxing. This is going to be the only time we get for it for awhile. Anyone want a drink? I could go for a brandy myself.

:: Alex smiled. ::

Blair: I would love one, but I don’t think my stomach could handle one right now. I’m still feeling a little nausea from the virus.

Alexander: :: murmurs :: I wouldn’t mind a glass of red, but I can get it myself. I’m picky about brand.

:: As they continued chatting the overhead speaker came to life. ::

Leighthauser: =/\= Attention from the flight deck. We’ve received word from the USS Vertias. We are going to divert to a planet called Antor II where you will await their arrival. This way we can keep on schedule for our return to 118. Flight deck out. =/\=

:: Alex shook his head, Starfleet had a tendency to always come up with these last minute changes. ::

Blair: Well, it looks like we’re going to check out some local scenery before we check-in.

Alexander: :: sighs :: And alas, my wine will have to wait. ::smiles:: Not that I really need it anyway. Anjar had to practically carry me to my quarters the night after the Hocktin Incident.

:: Alex released his grasp on Chythar’s shoulders and reached to a console built into the wall. In a quick series of commands he pulled up their ETA to Antor II. ::

Blair: Good idea. It looks like we only have an hour or so before we arrive, and I don’t plan on carrying anyone once we get there.

Rosek: :: stands :: In that case, I’m going to take a nap. :: gaze flickers briefly to Chythar :: I didn’t sleep well last night.

Skyfire: Me either...nightmares…. :: He fell silent, gaze dropping to Devlin. Upon sensing the shift in mood, the little beagle made his way back over to Chythar’s lap. ::

:: Alex nodded. ::

Blair: And I have a mountain of PADDs to pack up. :: Alex paused to look at his friends, especially Lael. :: I’m glad we had the chance to reconnect.

Devlin: Raff?

:: Lael nodded and moved to the bunk, laying down and closing her eyes. ::

:: Dassa grabbed her PADD and moved to lay on her bunk. ::

Alexander: Computer, decrease bunk lighting to 50 percent.

:: With a chirp, the computer complied and Dassa opened a file and began to read. ::

:: Chythar petted Devlin for a few minutes before lying back down, curling up with his canine friend in an effort to try and catch a nap. He’d been told that the aphasia should be gone by the time they reached Antor II, but that’d only happen with rest as the vaccine did its job. ::

:: Alex smiled as everyone around him crawled into a bed. He shook his head, grabbed his PADD off of the table and headed into the other room. ::

Lieutenant Lael Rosek, Eng.D.
Engineering Officer
USS Veritas
Training Team/Podcast Team


Lieutenant Chythar Skyfire, MD
Medical Officer
USS Veritas NCC-95035


Devlin the Beagle
Therapy Dog


Commander Alex Blair
SCE Liaison
USS Veritas


PNPC Lieutenant Dassa Alexander, PD, PDS
Medical Officer
USS Veritas