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(( Sundassa's Quarters, USS Apollo ))

:: After Sun had finished up at sickbay, she went back to her quarter's and changed out of her uniform and into a yellow and white short sleeve dress, after a moment of debating, she grabbed a light jacket, not sure on the temperature in his quarters. Then she grabbed her sketchpad and a pencil, knowing there was only a handful of sketches in there since the academy, her horse, a couple of the city, and one of the Apollo as they approached. If he wasn't there, she had a couple she wanted to add. ::

((Captain’s Quarters, USS Apollo))

:: After she traveled the corridor, and rode the turbolift up to the deck the Captain's Quarter's were on, she approached his doors, which opened when she reached them. She was hoping he got around to giving her access, and was glad she didn't need to sit around waiting outside. Upon entry of the room, she called out to see if he was home, but got no answer. She only walked around the living and dining area before settling, removing her shoes and setting them next to the couch as she sat down. Now she needed to get comfortable enough to sketch, and she pulled her legs up in front of her to give her lap some leverage for the sketch book. ::

::Searching for Tal had taken a bit out of him. The operation started with a 3 mile hike and that was just the start. Making his way back to his quarters, there was a pleasant surprise waiting for him. As the doors slid open, he saw Sun sitting on the sofa doodling. The scowl on his face immediately changed to a pleased smile. It was the affect she had on him, and it was one he embraced. He was not exactly clean and even felt dingy. If that were not the case, he would have probably given her a huge hug. Instead, he spoke as he moved to the replicator.::

:: When the doors opened again, Sun was working on adding the details to her first sketch, the other two were in the outline stage still. As he spoke, she slid her legs down to the floor, straightened the skirt of her dress, and closed her sketchbook. She wasn't sure she was ready for him to see the pictures, yet. ::

Jaxx: You know, I did not think my quarters could get any better looking and then I open the door to be proven wrong. ::smiling::

:: She turned enough to see him when she heard his voice, taking a look at his uniform which looked dirty. She also realized his face didn't look quite the same as it had that morning. ::

Faranster: I take it you had no luck in staying out of trouble...

::Pressing a few commands, he replicated a large glass of water. It was hot enough on the surface, but running around in his uniform was not his favorite part of the trip to the surface. He was not sure if Sun knew where he was, but he did not look like he had been sitting at a desk. Dirt was all over parts of his uniform, and dried mud was on his boots. When he arrived on the Apollo, he took a shower, now he was in need of another one.::

Jaxx: I would give you a huge hug, but I am disgusting. It seems that Tal had decided to take a long hike, and got injured along the way. Liam, Viktor, and I went down to find him and bring him back. And now I need another shower.

Faranster: Big Blue needs a leash and a homing device.

:: She wasn't really thrilled with the blue guy to begin with, every memory she could associate with the man was a disaster that caused her trouble. Now, he got Jaxx mixed up in it too. She wondered if this was a normal for the man. ::

::The overview was enough for him. He did not want to really discuss work. If there was one thing he had learned from his past, it was to not bring work home with him. At the same time, the wise thing to do was allow the first few minutes to discuss their day, and then move onto what was important...a shower.::

Jaxx: ::taking a drink of water:: How was your day?

Faranster: Normal sickbay work. Patients getting cleared for duty, medical scans, blood tests... Mostly just making sure the computer had my medical information firmly in it.

:: She wanted to tell him that she was preparing for medical situations regarding her health, she wasn't sure if she wanted him to know she was concerned about the amounts of danger they seemed to put themselves in, on a daily basis. It was just precautionary though, in her mind. As a medical officer, she shouldn't be in too many situations that required it. ::

::Finishing his water, he put it in the replicator and moved back over toward her. He was interested in her day and wanted to keep talking to her, but really need to bathe. He nodded toward his bedroom, then spoke.::

Jaxx: I am going to take a shower, come talk to me. You can sit on the edge of the bed, you cannot see into the bathroom from there, I promise. ::smirking::

::They had already shared a tent, so it was not exactly a big deal. And he was Betazoid, so the thought of her seeing him without clothes on did not bother him either, but women blushed easily. At the same time, he viewed her as different. She was a doctor, so a naked body should not have bothered her. Of course, they were not in Sickbay, so the environment could make the difference.::

:: Sun followed him toward the bedroom, still holding her sketchbook and pencil, she was glad he wasn't leaving her alone in the living room, and that she'd still be within ear's range of him. But there was a part of her that was curious about what he said, like he was bringing her attention to the bathroom. ::

Faranster: Nice room...

:: She looked around, and then sat herself down on the side of the bed like he said, and watched as he decided on what his third outfit of the day was. Her mind noted that a third element picked off one of his shirts, and while she hoped she was going to see the end result again, she wasn't there this time for the element's win. ::

::Moving into the room he got out a t-shirt and pair of blue shorts. The shirt was old, and he loved wearing it. It was his academy t-shirt, and one that he often wore when he was just lounging in his quarters. Sundassa was a saving grace. If not for her being there, he probably would have showered and then sat in front of a console to get some work done. Her presence allowed him to take a much needed break. Usually he tossed his clothes on the bed and changed in the room, so instinctively he tossed them on the bed.::

Jaxx: Not nearly as nice as the Captain’s Quarters on Starbase 118. So, you were telling me about your day?

Faranster: This morning, after dropping you off, I went and got Dade and Alexander from the hospital, made sure they made it to the Apollo before going back to Mario's for some stuff they left there, and then came back home.

::Starting the shower the hot water began to fill up the room. From the shower he could look in the mirror and see where Sun was sitting, but the view did not last long as the steam fogged up the mirror. Taking off his jacket, vest and red shirt, he came back out into the bedroom and tossed them into the recycler. Kicking off his boots, he did the same with them. After he was just down to his pants, he moved back toward the bathroom, realizing his clean clothes were on the bed, he grabbed them to take them with him.::

Jaxx: oO That could have been bad. Oo

:: She paused when she saw him walk back into the bedroom, having removed several items of clothing. Smiling she watched as he walked back into the bathroom, before re-emerging for the clothes he had on the bed. She let a slight giggle escape, not sure if she was throwing off his routine. She opened her sketchbook and continued adding detail to the picture she was working on when he came in, the image was starting to look like the rain was getting the two figures soaked. ::

Faranster: So, dirt? Another element at odds with you? :: She grinned as she continued to draw, and said to herself. :: Was kinda hoping to be there for that one. :: She had hoped the comment escaping her lips wasn't loud enough to be heard over the water. ::

Jaxx: It appears so, though not as bad as the was a uniform.

::Jaxx continued to take his shower. It was the second one for the day, and he hoped there would not be a third. As he washed his hair, he was reminded that it was time for a cut. That could be something he did first thing in the morning.::

Faranster: :: Continuing on the details of her day. :: When I got back, I decided that the computer didn't have all the medical information needed for me, and Jalana and I worked to correct that.

:: She tried to keep her eyes from looking towards the bathroom, focusing on the sketchpad and the memory she was recording. While she wasn't planning on forgetting the moment, recording it just made sure it was etched more in her mind. When the water stopped, she continued talking. ::

::Once he was finished, he shut the water off and opened the door to the shower. Grabbing a towel, he started to dry off. Without thinking, he started toward the bedroom, but stopped short of the door, remembering that his clothes were now in the bathroom. He had gotten used to his routine, and with Sundassa there, he had to alter it slightly.::

Jaxx: What sort of medical information? Your file should have been in the computer.

Faranster: A rather lengthy scan, and she took some blood. :: She paused again. :: I think she's enjoying the idea of working with the information she gathered, she got all excited when I suggested it.

::He assumed that she was like many other officers and waited until the last minute to update her own records. Medical officers did not always have time to make sure it got done on a regular basis, they were usually too busy with other patients. As he finished putting on his clothes, he stepped out into the bedroom. He contemplated attacking her to get a hug, but instead, pointed to the book she was doodling in.::

Jaxx: Whatcha have there?

:: When he emerged from the bathroom, and asked her about her sketchbook, she thought about the picture she was drawing before moving her arms over it casually. She was almost done with the details, and would at some point want to add some color. ::

Faranster: I told you that I liked sketching... I figured I'd put some ideas down on paper while I waited for you.

::It was comforting to see her flexing her artistic muscles. It sort of reminded him of Adri and her painting. Though if given the choice he would take the doodling, it created much less of a mess. Looking around the room, he turned back to her.::

Jaxx: You should sketch some pictures for my walls! The only art I travel with is that painting. ::pointing to one over his bed:: My place could use some more personality.

:: She smiled at his suggestion, she had thought about making something for him. She had even contemplated giving him the sketch of the Apollo as seen from the runabout she first arrived on. She would always get a chance to draw another Apollo picture. ::

Faranster: I suppose I could. :: She acted like she wasn't sure, but she was really flattered he would make the suggestion without even seeing anything she drew. ::

Jaxx: I am just saying that from the look of my quarters, it seems all I do is work. oO Which is pretty much the case. Oo

Faranster: Well, you are Captain, probably haven't had a chance to let your quarters live.

::Jaxx was unsure if she wanted to share her talent with him, and he thought of peeking over her shoulder to see what she was working on. But he was still trying to find out her comedic limits, and did not want to push the issue. Instead, he focused on something he was missing.::

:: She slowly moved her arms off the picture, looking down at the almost finished picture of their first kiss the way she thought it was. It was silly for her to be drawing pictures now when she could be collecting more memories to record. When he spoke and suggested the hug, she gently put the book down on the bed, without closing it, and put the pencil on top of it. If he wanted to see it, she'd let him, for now, she was going to be back in his arms. ::

Jaxx: So, I will take that hug now. ::smiling::

Faranster: Of course! I was wondering when you would want it.

::She stood and taking the few steps towards him before throwing her arms around him, glad that he was there and unharmed. While she would have gladly given him the hug earlier, he was right, he was pretty filthy, and the evidence of that would be all over her dress. ::

::Wrapping his arms around her waist, he realized he could get used to it. Not only was she fun to spend time with, she was smart and attractive. It seemed like he hit the trifecta, but did not want to assume too much. Things were just starting to blossom, he wanted to make sure that they continued going that direction.::

Jaxx: Well, you are wearing that cute little dress, and I did not want to get it as filthy as I was. Besides, it was pretty hot down there and I have no doubt that I was a bit ripe.

::After hugging him tightly, her arms wrapped around his neck and her chin on his shoulder, for a moment, she pulled back a little. She still remained in his arms, and had one of her arms draped over his shoulder, but she released the other. While examining his face. She gently touched his face where the stubble had been, it was now smooth. ::

Faranster: You shaved... :: She didn't know which look she liked more. ::

::Taking a hand and rubbing his cheek, he smiled. He liked to try different style combinations with his hair. Most of the time he kept the stubble, but had been thinking about growing out some of it. It was just a thought he was considering, so did not want to say anything.::

Jaxx: Well, I figured with all of the close moments, it would be a decent thing to do.

::He could only imagine what it was like to put soft skin against his cheek, and would have compared it to sandpaper. But he was also aware that some women preferred facial hair, and others thought it was the devil.::

Faranster: I don't mind it, either way. :: She smiled at him, her fingers still examining for any traces of remaining stubble. ::

Jaxx: ::smirking:: Do not worry, it will be there again by morning.

Faranster: I'm not worried. It is your skin.

:: She looked at him thoughtfully, he was handsome with or without the stubble. And his spiky hair that she ruffled playfully the previous day, she hoped he wouldn't touch that too much, but it was his hair too. She liked the color, dark, but not quite black, unlike his eyes. She often found herself wondering what thoughts were going through his mind. ::

::Taking a moment he looked over her shoulder at the picture she had been sketching. The detail was quite good and instantly he was able to identify it. When he spoke of life’s moments, he had no idea that she would put them to paper, but in the absence of photographs, it was awesome. He thought about commenting on it, but was not quite sure what to say. But he could relate. Since the night before, he had been playing that moment over and over in his thoughts. It was as if he was clinging to the feeling, wondering what would be next for them. He wanted to spend as much time with her as possible, but knew they could not always be with each other. He figured she would need her space, but it felt really good to come home to someone again.::

Jaxx: Have you eaten anything today?

Faranster: Not yet. Are you hungry?

:: She should have, when she was at Mario's, or even eaten the brownies that she took back to her quarters. Anything would have been good, before she had her blood drawn, now she was starving. ::

:: As he released her, she felt him reach for her hand and was glad at least her hand was in his. She grabbed her sketchbook and pencil with her free hand and let him lead her out of the room. ::

::Taking her hand, he gave her second to grab her sketchpad. The room was comfortable, but it was more likely she would be comfortable in the living area. Even though they were adults, she had this innocence about her. He knew there would be different boundaries with their species, and he was determined to learn as much as he could. Making a mistake was something he was not looking forward to, even though he felt it was inevitable. ::

Jaxx: I was thinking of sending down for something to eat. Not sure what the chef has on the menu, but there were able to get a nice selection of fresh foods during the resupply. ::pausing:: And...if you want anything special, let me know. We are on our way to Utopia Planitia, so we can pick up more supplies.

Faranster: Sounds good.

:: Again he was looking out for her, she wondered if that was just his way. She definitely wasn't going to deny liking it. At the same time, there was a part of her that wondered if he thought it was necessary for him to cater to her. She wanted to be here with him, whether or not he made sure she had a perfect meal. ::

::He had not eaten anything all day and was starving. It seemed to be a pattern lately. Last time it was terrorists, and this time it as Tal. Whatever they made fresh, he would try. Of course, if he did not like it, he had no problem with most replicated foods. There were some that were clearly rip offs that did not compare. Stepping over the console, he brought up the mess schedule and then turned back to Sun.::

Jaxx: They have a pork tenderloin served over sauteed apples, and vilm steak. And for dessert they have Ktarian chocolate puff. It is made from seventeen different kinds of chocolate. It was something I acquired a taste for while serving under Rear Admiral Rocar Drawoh. ::pointing to the screen:: Want something?

:: Moving next to him to take a look at the screen, she saw descriptions of the meals he mentioned. The Ktarian chocolate puff was interesting, she wondered if she could tell the 17 different types of chocolate apart. ::

Faranster: Seventeen? :: She paused. :: I think, I'll have the pork, and I guess I have to try the puff too.

Jaxx: I will put this in for about an hour or so, and they will run it up.

:: Since she was now back in the living area, where she started, she wandered around the room some more. She was in his home, which was where she promised she'd be when they separated ways earlier in the day. Sometimes she wished she expressed her curiosity more, sure it was probably written on her face a lot of the time, but she tried to keep it under wraps, not wanting to say or do the wrong thing at the wrong time just because curiosity was driving her. While moving around the room, she placed her sketchpad on the side of the couch and made her way back towards him. ::

::The curiosity was pulsating through the room. He could tell that she had things she wanted to know. He would have come right out and asked her what she wanted to know, but it was sort of creepy when Betazoids did that. Instead, he let her wander around the room, looking at things.::

Faranster: So, what are we doing at Utopia Planitia?

:: She meant the Apollo, but she hoped there was something they might be able to do once there too. She didn't think there was going to be anything as perfect as cliff diving, or walking in the rain, unless the rain was warmer, but she'd be willing to try anything if he were there. ::

::At first he thought she was referring to them, but then realized that he was not presumptuous enough to just make plans for the two of them, and she probably knew that. Instead, he interpreted it as why the ship was returning to the shipyards.::

Jaxx: Some engineering alterations. We are taking on a fighter wing, and we are being outfitted with a Quantum Slipstream Drive. Quite fascinating actually, it will enable us to traverse three-hundred light years in one hour.

::It was a modern marvel and he was excited that the Apollo would be one of the first ships outfitted with one. New classes incorporated the technology, and older ships would be prioritized by rank. All flag officers were recalled for the upgrades, but it was on a schedule since the shipyards could not accommodate everyone at once.::

Faranster: Is there anything interesting to do there?

:: She wasn't familiar Utopia Planitia, she knew a little about Earth, but mostly stayed near the academy, studying hard. But, now she was interesting in doing some exploring. ::

::There was not a lot to do at the shipyards. There were minimal recreational activities, and not much else going on. They could take a shuttle to Earth, there was surely enough to find there.::

Jaxx: Not really, but the shipyards are in orbit above Mars, so there is always the option of taking a shuttle to Earth.

Faranster: That is pretty close.

:: She wondered what all of interest there was on Earth, there had to be some pretty interesting places. ::

::Earth had a certain appeal to it. Jaxx had always set the goal of teaching full time at the academy when he retired. It was something he preferred over going home to Betazed. While they were there, he could even see his father. Tylon represented Betazed on the Federation Council, and Jaxx had a close relationship with his father. It had been years since he had a chance to visit with him. Tilting his head, he wanted to see how Sun felt about meeting him. Since he was a Betazoid, her words would be irrelevant, he would know how she felt as soon as he asked.::

Jaxx: So, I am thinking...we can take a quick day trip to Earth. How does that sound?

:: She smiled, so, there were possible plans with him. Not that if she had the choice she would be anywhere else. Maybe he could show her some of his favorite places. He had to know more about the planet than she did. And it would help her get to know him some more. Right now she felt like she was in the middle of a big guessing game, with him knowing the answers, and her just guessing. ::

Faranster: I think that sounds great.

::Easing his way into it, he felt as if he was playing a game of Strategema. There were times when his words and actions were so calculating. Most of the time it was in battle, but there were times he was careful in his personal life as well. The thought of just showing up, or having his father meet them did cross his mind, but he did not want to put Sun ‘on the spot,’ so to speak.::

Jaxx: How would you feel about meeting my father? He is a member of the Federation Council, and is currently on Earth.

::Narrowing his eyes, he watched her body language as he asked the question. He gave the idea a moment to sink in and started to sense what she was feeling. There were times it was an unfair advantage. It was an argument that every non-Betazoid woman he dated had. They always wished they could tell what he was thinking or feeling, but he always knew what they were feeling. Of course, he did not really think it was unfair...just a genetic defect in most species.::

:: She looked at him, inquisitively. Meeting his father Sounded like a good opportunity to get to know more about the man she was falling for. She wondered what Jaxx's dad was like, and would he like her? While she was excited at the prospect, and curious, she was also nervous. The man standing in front her took some prying to get him to admit why he decided it was better to sit and wait rather than call a transport while in Izar. But, she guessed she could be patient with him, even if she held her burning curiosity in check. ::

Faranster: I would love to meet your dad.

:: Now she was just wondering what she was agreeing to, was it just a meeting with his dad because he just wanted to show off his dad, or was he showing her off. Even though she never went through this before, she could tell the meanings were different. ::

:: A smile formed on his face. Of his parents, he had a closer bond with his father. He cared what the man thought, and they could be brutally honest with each other. Jaxx knew that his mother was a challenge, and he would put off that introduction as long as he could. Sun was not Betazoid so that was already threes strikes against her. He knew that no matter who he fell in love with, love would never be enough in her eyes.::

Jaxx: Good, maybe we will visit Paris while we are there, perhaps stop by his office.

Faranster: I can handle that. :: Pausing :: Is there anything I would need to know?

:: She moved closer to him, until she was standing right in front of him, she looked at his dark eyes again as he spoke. She knew he liked her, she couldn't see him kissing her, telling her time was irrelevant with her or giving her access to his room otherwise. Even though she respected him enough not to wander from the living room without him around. She knew she liked him a lot. There was the question as to how much. Were they still falling off that cliff, together? ::

::Watching as she stepped closer, he could almost see her thoughts dancing in her eyes. While he was not actively in her thoughts, the eyes were the window to the soul. He felt as if he could get lost in hers for hours, and never care to find his way back. He was falling hard and fast, and had not intention on pulling up.::

Jaxx: Scared?

::He was not sure if he was referencing the act of meeting his father, or if he was talking about their blossoming relationship. It could have been viewed for either topic. She was right in front of him, and he could not imagine another place he wanted her to be. He closed the distance between them even more, so that they were only inches apart.::

Faranster: I'm not scared, nervous maybe. Guess that's what comes from not knowing what to expect next, but, curiosity is a good driving force to find out what is around the next corner. Not sure if that is a weakness or strength of my species though.

Jaxx: Curiosity is natural. Not all species can be handed the answers. I view it as a strength, it give you a thirst for knowledge and an excitement for the unknown. I too find myself...nervous.

::It was the first time he had really vocalized an emotion that he was almost ashamed of. He was the commanding officer of the Typhon Sector’s flagship, nervous was not something a man in his position was really supposed to be. His biggest fear was that he would do something wrong, or drive her away. At the same time, he found himself afraid of how fast he was falling. Typically, he was closed off and nobody could penetrate his walls. Yet, here she was standing right in front of him, and he almost felt like a helpless child.::

:: Now, that was another thing unexpected, she didn't expect him to be nervous. She thought he seemed pretty confident most of the time, and it was a relief to know she wasn't alone. But, was she making him nervous? She let her curiosity voice itself. ::

Faranster: What about?

Jaxx: ::pointing to her and then himself:: We sort of have something going here, huh?

::Perhaps it was an understatement, but he felt the need to use his words. It had been a challenge for him in the past, and while he would not always be able to convey his feelings, in this moment he took a chance.::

:: She stared at him, it seemed to her that he was asking similar questions? Was it normal for this to be happening this fast? Was that why he was nervous? She wasn't sure of the answers herself. ::

Faranster: I don't know... :: She paused. :: I think so, or at least I hope so...

Jaxx: I think...I am afraid.

::Fear was another one of the emotions like being nervous. It was one that he should not really experience, but yet there it was. Why he chose that moment to convey the emotions he kept hidden was beyond him. But there it was. For some reason with her he was not afraid to be vulnerable.::

:: She continued to try to go through her mind, trying to figure out what he was afraid of. Was it her answer? The night before when he was held hostage, she was afraid for him, several times, and she had to hide it from the people around her, and more importantly, him. Now, she was finding he was afraid, and she wanted to stop him from being afraid. ::

Faranster: Why? :: She looked at him with concern. :: Was it something I said?

Jaxx: The truth is, you intrigued me when you first set foot on the bridge. Our lunch together was fantastic, and I even caught myself checking you out. Your mind has captivated me, and even before I pushed you off that cliff. Every moment since then has been one I will never forget, ::smirking:: even the not-so-good ones. But what I am trying to say is...I am falling for you, hard. And if for some reason you do not see this working out, or you think it is too complicated, I will understand. I find that all I want to do is just be with you, close to you.

::He let out a sigh. It was as vocally honest as he could get, and he managed to get through it without stumbling, at least not too much. In the end there, he felt as if he was rambling. He hoped she would understand what he was trying to say, and how he felt. If she only knew how difficult is was for him, it may have meant more to her.::

:: Sun stared at his face for a few moments, having just heard him pouring out his thoughts, and feelings. She wasn't sure what to think, she felt weak, but at the same time she understood how he felt. He was right about complications, and probably some challenges, and even if they made her nervous, there had to be ways to work around them. ::

::Keeping his eyes on her, he could not look away. Their faces were inches apart, and the moment felt like it lasted a day. Usually he could keep his emotions from showing, it was what he did, and who he was. What was so different about this one? Why was he under such a spell? Had he changed? The thought crossed his mind about the dangers of a relationship with someone that would be put in harms way. And he considered the fact that if she was in harms way, he put her there.::

:: Finally, after a moment of absorbing everything he said, she couldn't decide on an appropriate verbal answer, so she closed the distance, putting her arms in their usual spot around his shoulders, where they felt most comfortable, and lifted her heels off the ground enough to make sure they were even, it was her answer, without him having to lean down a little. She pressed her lips against his. When she was sure her response was received, she pulled her lips away and smiled at him. ::

::As she moved up to meet him, he invitingly met her lips. For a second, the fear and the nervous feelings disappeared, but he knew they would return. It was almost like he had no idea which way was up. They were feelings he had not felt in a long time. It was as if a flood gate had opened, washing away doubt and previous pain. As she pulled away, he kept his eyes locked on her lilac eyes. The color was different, and made her look so beautiful. He would give anything to have eyes with color.::

Faranster: You're not alone in the fall, Jaxx. :: Her heart's beat increased as she confessed that to him. ::

::He pulled her in for a tighter embrace. The closeness of her body made him feel alive, as if a void had been filled in his soul. With his cheek next to hers, he softly kissed her neck before pulling away slightly.::

Jaxx: There will be complications, you know?

::She had a vague idea the complications she'd deal with, besides them being from completely different worlds, she was an officer under his command, and they both had jobs to do. As a medical officer, she would always worry about him getting hurt, but least she wouldn't be useless in helping him if he did. ::

::There was always an issue when dating someone on the same ship. There was a trade off in it. You got to see them often, but it was important to keep the professional and personal lives separate, as best as you could. The probability that their relationship would last over a year was not good. It was as if the deck was constantly stacked against love.::

Faranster: Complications?

Jaxx: Your work...gossip. Take your pick.

Faranster: They'll just make things more interesting. :: She wasn't sure how interesting that would be yet, but she wasn't scared of finding out. ::

::It made him feel a lot better that she was willing to face things head on. Of all the feelings, in that moment he felt like he was the luckiest guy in the universe. Sun was smart, attractive, and most of all compassionate. She was not afraid to show her feelings and he loved that about her.::

Jaxx: I can live with that.

Faranster: Good.

::He snickered as he continued to hold her in his arms. He started guiding her over to the sofa and once he was there, he spun around, sitting down and pulling her onto his lap. A laugh escaped as he held on tight, with his arms wrapped around her.::

:: She had rested her head on his shoulder for a moment. When he started moving, she tried not to fall as her feet kept up to keep her upright, then she was pulled off her feet and onto his lap. Being in his arms just got better and better. ::

Jaxx: So tell me, are there any dating customs practiced in your culture I should know about?

:: She leaned against him, resting her forehead against his, as she thought about her world, it was so far away right now. She didn't remember observing any major customs, aside from the more important parties, and of course those that celebrated either of their achievements. Since they weren't on her world, they wouldn't necessarily apply here. ::

Faranster: :: Shaking her head. :: Nothing that would apply off my world.

::Trying to think of something hilarious and far fetched, he found it quite easy. Some cultures made suitors compete for a woman, others arranged their marriages. He wanted to make sure that there would be no surprises.::

Jaxx: You sure there is not some gigantic beast I have to slay to win your affection?

:: She giggled at the thought, not that she didn't think he could do it, but because she wondered what culture would require that as a dating ritual. ::

Faranster: Nothing like that...

Jaxx: No battles to the death with fifteen other guys that have their eyes on you?

::Of course, if need be he was feeling pretty confident that he could take on all fifteen of them at the same time as the beast. Some things were that worth it. He knew that they would take things one day at a time, but he was not focused on that. The only thing he was focused on right now as what was in his lap. When he was on duty, she pushed her way into his thoughts, and when he was off duty, he pulled her into them. He knew that it would get late, and she would return to her quarters, but it was not something he wanted to think about. Dinner was on the way, and they had just pretty much defined their relationship.::

:: Was that how dating was among federation worlds, battling for a woman's affection? Putting yourself in harms way to impress the woman. It was a curious notion, and she supposed there would be women that would insist upon that type of behavior. She herself didn't know what to think about the suggestions, except that she couldn't imagine fifteen men losing their lives for her, it was her nature to save lives, not send them to their deaths. ::

Faranster: I sure hope not, I wouldn't want to imagine the injuries that you would have after something like that.

Jaxx: ::laughing:: Me? What about them?!

::Laughing he imagined himself in a large arena with fifteen other guys. If Sun was the prize, nothing would stop him from winning. Though she did have a point, he would have been banged up pretty good. But nursing him back to health would have been part of the reward.::

Faranster: I'd only worry about it on my world... but I told you how we like celebrating. If we were there, you'd have to be my escort to parties, to make sure I am not left alone. And, you should ask if the party is in my honor.

Jaxx: As far as I am concerned, every party can be in your honor. So, Antosians really know how to party, huh?

Faranster: Most of the parties are minor, only lasting a day or night, but we have three major celebrations that take a bit of endurance to deal with, lasting a minimum of 3 days.

::It was now a battle of social gatherings. Antosians get an award for the length of time for their gatherings. There is no way Jaxx would want to be stuck in one for three days straight. The length was definitely longer than a Betazoid gathering, but he doubted they could beat his people in frequency.::

Jaxx: Three days is a bit much...and we do not have them that long, but we have them quite often. My record was twenty-three social gatherings in one week. For Betazoids, we do not need a momentous occasion to throw a just has to be a day of the week.

Faranster: It's not something we should have to worry about. I know you said you hate big groups. :: She paused, kissing his cheek. :: Besides, everyone's attention would be on us.

:: Her people had interacted with the Federation, even done some trading, but most of them hadn't met anyone from the Federation, let alone a Starfleet Captain. He'd be a novelty, and they wouldn't let them be alone. Eventually they'd feel crowded, or she'd feel jealous of all the attention he was getting. ::

::He could see how he could be intriguing. On her world, he would be the one with the odd hair and eye color. Eyes would be on him just as much as they are on Sundassa when she enters a room. It was something he wondered about, how many times guys gravitated toward her. It was not like he was a jealous man. He was confident in many areas, and was not easily threatened in that department. But with so many eyes on her, he made a mental note to start lifting more weights...just in case.::

Jaxx: I do try to avoid them as much as possible, but if I were with you and made sure you were not left alone...I think I could handle it.

Faranster: Are you sure?

:: She didn't want to make him uncomfortable, dragging him along to celebrations and parties if he wasn't. It wouldn't be right. She definitely wasn't going to tell him that one could last almost 7 days, depending on the guests of honor. That one was even a chore for her to attend, and only had attended a few when younger. Kids were usually allowed to run around and party or play, and nap whenever they wanted. Which was good. She wondered if she could even keep up or if she would join the kiddies for a nap. ::

Jaxx: I would just focus on you, as if the world and the party revolved around you.

((Captain’s Quarters, USS Apollo))

::Jaxx was clearly showing the softer side of himself. He was definitely a different man on the bridge. His smiles were much more intermittent, and he wore his tough exterior. Alone with Sun, he felt as if he could be himself, and forget that the was even the captain of a starship. It was something he was enjoying.::

Faranster: I wouldn't drag you to any parties unless you were absolutely sure.

Jaxx: Well, luckily we do not have too many parties here on the ship. ::pausing:: Computer, Bresani Malar’s third symphony, low volume.

::As the Betazoid classical began to play he squeezed her a bit tighter. It was almost like he could hold her in his lap all night. The soft sounds began to fill the room. They were comparable to woodwinds from Earth, but had a deeper, more echoing sound. He loved music from many cultures. He even had Klingon opera, though getting anyone to listen to it longer that two minutes was a chore.::

:: When his arms tightened, she decided to get more cozy in his arms, keeping her arms around his neck, she pulled her feet up so they were resting against his thigh, and her knees were drawn up, her skin touching his upper arm, she tightened her arms so that they, and his arms, were holding her up in his arms. She listened to the music for a moment before inquiring. ::

Faranster: Beautiful music, what is it?

Jaxx: Betazoid classical. This was written about just over a millenium ago. I have a love for music about as much as art.

::It made Jaxx think about his hidden talents. He was quite proficient on the rumpum, a Betazoid 16-drum percussion instrument. Though he had not played since leaving for the academy, it was something that was never forgotten. It was something he did not have laying around, and though he could have one replicated, he did not want to clutter his quarters, as it was rather large. Perhaps one day he would play in the holodeck, but it was not high up on his list of things to do.::

Faranster: Music, art, pushing girls off cliffs, living in moments... sounds like you're well rounded.

:: She grinned at him, enjoying finding out more about him, and cuddling in his arms. Not the same as the cliffs, or the rain, but it was exciting in it's own way. She felt comfortable in his arms. Eventually she'd have to be out of them, yearning to be back in them, but that would make returning to them again, more rewarding. ::

::Jaxx never really stopped to consider what kind of man he really was. To him, he was who he turned out to be. But actually giving it some thought, he had done his best to get experiences from everywhere. His career started as a Counselor, but that was not what he took in the Academy. Earning that degree before attending, he spent his time at the Academy majoring in Tactical and Intelligence. The combination of them had no doubt helped his career. As far as the man behind the pips, sadly, there was not much there. After losing the twins, he only returned to his quarters to shower and sleep, and sometimes did that in the crash pad in the ready room. He made no time for himself, because there was nothing to make time for.::

Jaxx: I am pretty spectacular, huh?

Faranster: :: teasing him :: You sure?

Jaxx: ::laughing:: I like to think so.

Faranster: Do you get to spend much time off duty?

:: The question came out of her mouth almost as quickly as it entered her mind, she knew he was Captain and spent a lot of time on duty. She would be eager to return to his arms, whenever she got the chance. His schedule had to be more busy than hers, except when there were medical emergencies, and she was still yet to see much of that besides the incident the night before. ::

::The thoughts of the long nights and even the ones that did not end filled his mind. When he was not covering the bridge, he found other things to do that were duty related. It was as if he was running away from the empty quarters and the memories of the little footsteps that filled them. Work is how he dealt with the loss of Mykel and MaKenzie. Until now, he had no real reason to go off duty.::

Jaxx: Getting much time, and taking much time are two different things. ::forming a slightly serious look:: There is more time available than I actually take, but now I have a reason to make more time to do things like this.::

Faranster: I can make due with moments like this, stocking up to get through the day, until the next one. I'll just continue to draw them...

::He read more into her words than he thought she really meant. I would be great to spend the end of each day like this, close to her. Though, he was not sure how feasible that was. He made sure to grant her access to his quarters, and in his mind she could be there whenever she wanted. At the same time, he thought it was a bit too soon to verbally invite her for sleepovers even though his mind had drifted to the night before and their little camping trip. Only sleeping for a few hours before the sun came up, they were the most peaceful hours of sleep he could remember having in a long time, and he knew it had everything to do with her.::

Jaxx: That makes two of us.

::Before he could say anything else, the chime on the door sounded. Lifting her slightly, he placed her on the couch next to where he was sitting. After she was there, he gave her a soft kiss and stood.::

Jaxx: Dinner is here and I will get it.

Faranster: I'll be here...

:: She settled herself into the spot on the couch, straightening out her skirt so it reached back to her knees, like intended. Turning her head, she was able to watch the exchange at the door. ::

::Moving toward the door, he could not help but look back at her. Seeing her sitting on the sofa was something that he would long for each day. Opening the door, one of the enlisted men that worked in the mess was standing there with a tray. Smiling, Jaxx reached out to get the tray from him.::

Jaxx: Thank you, Petty Officer.

Weatherly: My pleasure, Sir.

::Taking the tray back into the room, he set it down on the table in front of the sofa. Moving back over to sit next to her, the first thing he did was open the container that had the puff. Grabbing a fork, he sliced into it, and watched as some of the creamy truffle began fighting to escape. Holding his hand under the fork, he held it over for Sun to taste.::

Jaxx: You really have to try this first. If you like brownies and chocolate cake, there is a good chance that you will never want to go back to them after tasting this.

Faranster: Can I decide to just like it all? :: She laughed, but she really did like that he was giving his recommendation to the dish he was getting her to try. ::

::He was not going to dictate what she ate, nor did he really care. But years out in space, he had tried so many dishes from so many cultures that he was bound to have favorites. The Ktarian chocolate puff was like an explosion of chocolate in his mouth, and even though he did not really eat sweet stuff often, when he did...this was among his favorites. Often times, he found that the taste was so rich he could only eat half of it before retreating.::

:: She looked at him for a moment, trying to figure out if he was trying to feed her or give her the fork, before reaching out for the fork. Once the fork was in her control, she opened her mouth and stuffed the bite in. Immediately she was hit by an overload of chocolate, and she wasn't sure if she knew enough of the chocolates to be able to separate them in her mind, but it was good. ::

Jaxx: Love it?

Faranster: Wow, that is a lot of chocolate. :: She finished cleaning the fork of the remaining bits of chocolate before setting it down. ::

::He smiled as he grabbed his meal. The hunger had to be chased away, and he realized that he could not hold her and eat at the same time...though he was not opposed to trying if he had to. But this time, he ate a bit faster than he did the night before. The pork was good, and he really thought he could taste the difference between the fresh food and replicated food. Though, he knew he was just lying to himself. If placed side by side, he would never be able to tell which was which by taste. By appearance, he would be able to, but he would have to leave the tasting up to Sun.::

:: While she ate, she glanced over at the chocolate puff a couple times, not realizing how hungry she was and then to be tempted with cake before her meal like that. She had noticed that Jaxx wasn't exactly taking it easy with his food, guessing he was hungrier than her. ::

Jaxx: So, what time do you wake up on a given day? Everyone has a schedule, for day usually starts around 0500, I am on the bridge or ready room by 0700.

::Stopping himself there, he did not really want to tell her that he worked until 2200 most days and then got some sleep. He now had a reason to cut that a bit short and actually return to his quarters. He was curious about her breakfast routine, and what she did before going on duty. Some days, Jaxx spent time in the gym, or holodeck running or participating in a combat program. Of course, he did not want to invade her mornings. If he did that, then she might as well just sleep at his place every night.

:: She took a moment to process his question, her schedule was strange because of how much sleep she required in a day, and if she was forced to have a set schedule, the amount of time she slept would fluctuate each day. When she went to sleep that night, she was going to get more sleep than she normally did, because she had a good night sleep, followed by a couple hours the next night. That would have been fine for her normally, except now she was planning a third day on that cycle. However the next night she wasn't planning on much sleep at all. ::

Faranster: On a given day? A normal twenty-four hour day? :: If she didn't take a nap every day, and slept her normal 6 hours without the nap later, she could adjust her thirty-one hour schedule to a twenty-four hour one. :: Well on a twenty-four hour schedule, I would only sleep about 6 hours a night... So I guess it would depend on when I went to sleep, and when my shift was. I usually have more than enough time to eat before I go to Sickbay.

:: She knew she wasn't really answering his question, she wasn't sure there was an answer to give him that would be like his schedule. ::

Jaxx: So, do you usually go to bed early, or later? ::puzzled::

Faranster: Am I supposed to have a set time to bed and wake? :: She asked playfully. ::

Jaxx: ::snickering:: No, no...just most people have a system. I was just curious what yours was.

::Although he was curious about her sleeping habits, not everyone had a set time they went to bed. Some departments worked rotating shifts, so they went on duty at different hours. It was how most chiefs worked, that way they got to work with all of their officers. There was nothing worse than having to file a fitness report on someone you never worked with.::

Faranster: I like reading or drawing at odd hours... Sometimes there's just easier hours to get the holodeck than others. :: She smiled at him as she shrugged. :: What would my people's partying skills be if it didn't allow me a little adjustment to my day without feeling exhausted.

::Jaxx smiled and nodded as he continued to eat. His schedule was not always the same, but was really close. He was already tired, but mostly because he did not sleep long the night before. The sunrise and birds chirping took care of that.::

Jaxx: I guess is it difficult converting to a new cycle. A Betazoid day is only 25 hours, so it was a pretty easy adjustment.

::It was hardly noticeable when he did convert. There was just one hour that needed to be cut, and he was able to find it almost anywhere. Besides, he was really not on any sort of routine until he attended the Academy, so it was easy to change the length of his day.::

Faranster: Taking short naps, just ensures longer bouts of sleeplessness. :: She was talking about times where work, or studying required more time, but it was also useful when she wanted to do other things. ::

::Taking a few more bites, he was pretty much done with his meal. Truth was, he was not really in the mood for chocolate. His normal type of dessert was fruit or something similar. He gathered his dishes and got up from the sofa. Moving to the replicator, he placed them inside and watched them vanish. Moving back over, he took his seat once more. As soon as she was finished with what she was eating, he took her plates over and repeated the process. On his way back over, he briefly stopped at his console to check the course and speed of the ship. It was a habit, and something he did without thinking.::

:: When Sun noticed that Jaxx was taking care of his dishes, she picked up the pace on her food. She felt it was a shame that he kept getting chocolate and not having any himself. Was it for her benefit? Once she was finished with her meal, she took another bite of the chocolate. She decided that would have to be enough. ::

Jaxx: Well, that was good.

Faranster: :: She peered at him, there was a sudden change in the atmosphere. :: I agree. :: But she couldn't place where it changed. ::

Jaxx: ::smiling:: Thank you for having dinner with me.

::It as another thing that he liked, but would ease himself into. Having any kind of relationship was difficult, and with so much unknown in it, it only got harder. He was feeling as if everything he was doing was on instinct and used no thought at all. They were all issues in his head and ones that he would need to deal with. Facing things head on was a great idea, but also a hard one. There was hope in his mind that things would get easier for him as time went on, and he would not feel so awkward.::

Faranster: You're welcome, I enjoyed having the opportunity to.

:: She wondered what was on going on in his mind, and she thought about something that was said to her the night before while she was nursing her own wounds. Did his mind get caught up on something? What did he do before he came back towards the couch? ::

Jaxx: It is really nice to have you here, just spending time together.

::He was still standing near the sofa, shifting his weight from side to side. There were a lot of great qualities about him, but there were just as many dark secrets. His past was not something he liked to talk about, but how do you get to know someone without finding out about where they came from?::

Faranster: :: She decided to take the chance, hoping he was receptive to her question. :: Is there something on your mind?

::There was always something on his mind. This time, the thought of failure was on it. Here, he had this great woman that he could not wait to see again, so much so that he never wanted her to leave. On the other hand, it was almost as if he was broken. The emotions he had felt since the day before were not new to him, but they had not been on the surface in quite some time. Focusing on work for that moment threw off his momentum, and he wanted to get it back.::

Jaxx: nothing really. Just one of those moments when you mentally trip over yourself.

:: She wasn't sure he'd want to talk about whatever was on his mind. Whether he wanted her to go or stay, she didn't know. But, she did know that she wouldn't be running from him or his past. She could only be patient. ::

Faranster: Cayden Adyr told me that you had a rocky past, I am not sure if it was a warning or not. :: She looked down at her hands, which she pressed onto her knees, before standing and walking over to him. :: But, like I said, I am not scared.

::Jaxx smiled slightly as she approached. It would seem that she had talked to Cayden. He was not curious what else the woman had to say about him. He was not really that close to Cayden Adyr, instead he was closest with Jazra Adyr. But all joined Trill carry the memories of their past hosts. When it came to his emotions and his love life, he really felt that he was a different man when he loved Saraa, and for the brief time he fell for Jazra. He was young then, and the Dominion occupation took both of them from him. He could not help but wonder if he changed after that, or if he was truly cursed. And even though she was not scared, she had no idea how brutal he was during the war. He may have just been a teenager, but he killed more people during that time than he had in his entire Starfleet career. He was fighting for his home, and his people...but was that a good excuse for his tactics?::

Jaxx: I know.

Faranster: I will only go, if you tell me to.

:: She knew she needed to be careful asking questions, not getting more information than he was prepared to give, but, at the same time, she knew he couldn't scare her off with his past, it was a building block of who he was. She knew there were events in her history that led her to be on the Apollo, and more recent events that led her to his rooms. ::

::As she stood near him, he let out a sigh. He was trying to beat back the demons that had briefly popped in his head. The man had a PhD in Psychology, if anyone knew the dangers of holding onto them, it was him. But still, there they were. He began to wonder if they played a part in the demise of his other relationship.::

Jaxx: I think that is my issue...

::Jaxx really liked who he was when he was around her. Most of the time he did not have time to focus on his demons, or the thoughts that kept him focusing on his work. There was a feeling inside and he did not want to to go away. He knew that their night would end eventually, and when it did he would be left alone with his thoughts.::

Faranster: What? Me going?

Jaxx: You know...I use my work as something to take my focus off of everything else in the universe. I work until I am tired, and then I sleep. When I am with you I am reminded of a much younger version of myself, and now that I have had a taste of that...I never want to lose it. ::Glancing down:: I am not sure if that makes any real sense, or if my mind is just screwing with me.

:: She nodded, listening to what he was saying, trying to find a way to ease his mind. ::

Faranster: That does make some things make sense. I didn't know why you were scared before...

::He thought again of all the little things about Sun that he liked, and the moment he felt some fear. She was left on Quatal Minor, and he could hear the panic in her voice as well as sensing it. As he considered it, he knew that it was not something he could protect her from, and it gave him a new fear. His mind was racing, there was so much overwhelming him, that he would not even know where to start if he tried. All he knew was that having her right in front of him was calming.::

Jaxx: ::smiling:: And for the of Cayden’s previous hosts was around during a big part of my rocky past. There are times that it is just not easy being me. On the bridge I can take anything, I feel larger than life. ::opening his arms:: Here...there are times I am weak. If it is not always easy being me, there are times it has to be a chore to be with me. ::smirking:: Am I blabbering again?

:: So that's what this work that Cayden had mentioned to her was about. Often times she found herself doubting herself too, and it was easier to be the strong one when someone needed it. She couldn't doubt herself now if she wanted to, and she didn't. ::

::He kept his eyes on the woman in front of him, and how her dress flowed. The music in the background had started to repeat, and he closed his eyes. What was he really thinking? The best way to impress a woman was not to let her know how complicated you were. Part of him wondered if he was trying to push her away already. It was something he had never done, but he worried about the effect it would have on their relationship. He struggled with his own thoughts, read too much into them. It was not something he liked doing, and wished it did not happen at that moment.::

Faranster: What if I said I kinda like the blabbering Captain? :: She smiled at him. :: Besides, I couldn't expect you to be any less of a person just because you are also the Captain.

:: Even though she could tell things were bothering him, and he was talking to her, she did have to wonder where his thoughts were going. He was reminded of his younger self, but she didn't want to be her younger self, she had grown a lot since she left that girl behind. She wasn't going to run away from something if it got difficult, not now. ::

Jaxx: I guess it is just the expectation I have for myself, and I have no clue why I am vocalizing this right now.

::It was a true statement. It was almost as if the moment he opened up to let her in, every emotion he kept away came to the surface. She was not to blame, but was definitely the catalyst. It was something he would have to work on. While he was trying to vocalize his feelings more, so he did not lose her, it was hard for a man that never could.::

Faranster: While it was easy to start falling for you, I am not expecting easy, Jaxx. If I were, I'd be on Antosia. :: She knew what was waiting for her, and it would be a simpler thing to accept it, than be here, but that's not where she wanted to be. ::

::It took a lot of courage for someone to leave their homeworld and join the Federation, and even more for someone that came from a planet that was not even a member world. It was the difference between their two people. Betazed had an obligation to the Federation, Antosia did not.::

Jaxx: I guess I know that already.

Faranster: Maybe I wasn't able to handle everything thrown at me when I first came aboard, but I am learning how. Although I will admit, that from time to time, I need a moment to vent. I did so on Pierce last night when I was worried about you.

Jaxx: ::snickering:: I can imagine. How did he take it?

::Jaxx had made peace with his stunt. Earlier that morning he sent Vincent and Marcus to help scrub waste. If anything it was just a lesson in humility. They all had to think before they acted, and when a bad choice was made, they had to answer for it. At the same time, Jaxx did not want to torpedo their careers by placing negative marks in their file. If the mistake was repeated, he would not be so accommodating.::

:: She thought back to the night before when she had given the Vincent a piece of her mind, if he just hadn't cornered her everything probably would have been fine. But he had to demand her attention at that moment. ::

Faranster: After the whole night of me feeling like he was not working with me? He cornered me to apologize, instead of giving me some space, and so I ended up telling him off. Blamed a lot of what went wrong on him, especially once he decided he was going to speak to the terrorists himself. Told him he was self-important and didn't care about anyone else. What got me the most, was that he had done one thing I was glad for, he got control of the cameras, and he was no use to me when I needed to know the situation had changed. When I told him all this, he was more concerned that I judged him, than anything I said.

Jaxx: I know it could not be helped, but I am sorry you were in the position you were in. Though, I will not say that if I could have traded places with you I would have. ::laughed::

::Jaxx was starting to bounce back to the way he had been acting before his brief panic session. The thought of having her trapped in there would have bothered him. There would be a chance that he would not have thought clearly, and it was something he kept in mind.::

Faranster: That is so reassuring. :: She said sarcastically, trying to decide what was worst, getting shot or watching her friendship blow up. :: Least we survived the ordeal.

Jaxx: You know, if it happened right now, I would have to invoke Regulation 619.

::The thought of relinquishing command because he was emotionally compromised was not something he wanted to dwell on. The fact was, someone in charge had to be objective. He snickered to himself as he really thought about it. There was no doubt that he would have been able to do his job, but she would have been a distraction.::

Faranster: You'd have to do your job.

:: While she would love for him to always come to her rescue, she wasn't the one putting herself into dangerous situations hoping for a rescue. She was still sure that she expected his help while on that disaster of an away mission, was because she had patients that needed help, and it scared her to be useless to them. ::

::Stepping closer, he placed his hands on her waist and pulled her closer. He looked into her lilac eyes, as captivated as ever. It was amazing how her facial features all matched. Her eyebrows were the same color as her eyes and hair. He was grateful that they did match. If they were all different colors, they would look like those costumes Humans wore sometimes, he believed they were called clowns. With a slight smirk on his face, he continued.::

:: She took a deep breath as his hands touched her waist, and now she was close to him again. As she put her hands on his strong upper arms, she carefully examined his face, hoping that things were all set straight now. ::

Jaxx: I think I have blabbed enough, I can think of better things to do with my mouth.

::Leaning in he found her lips once more. Despite the battles that raged in his mind, this was exactly what he wanted. He kept her tightly against his body, not wanting to let go. He was lost in the moment as if he stopped kissing her the world would end. After a few moments, he decided that he needed to stop. At the end of the day he was still a Betazoid, and they were very physical people when it came to moments like that. While he had skills to keep the thoughts of lust at bay, he did not want to risk having another burden dancing around in his head.::

::For a flicker of a moment, she was curious about his comment, but was pleasantly greeted by his lips pressing against hers. Her mind relaxed and her eyes closed as she moved her hands up his shoulders. One hand went up the back of his neck, into his hair, and with her other hand she curled her fingers slightly at the edge of his shirt's collar. When he broke the kiss, she opened her eyes, looking at him slightly dazed. ::

Faranster: Definitely better...

Jaxx: I will take that over pretty much everything else.

::A snicker escaped his mouth as his smile formed. For the most part, he was back on track and only focusing on the joy. Life was always much easier when the demons were chased away. It sometimes took a bit, but they always crept back into the darkness and the sooner the better.::

Faranster: Guess they were the right words.

:: She wondered what else she could say about his kiss, besides the fact that warmth hit her lips and spread throughout her like a wildfire? That it left her light headed again? She found it difficult to think when he was kissing her, not that she minded at all, she didn't need to focus on anything during those moments. ::

Jaxx: So...when are you due for your next sleep cycle?

::It was a very open ended question, but one that would not be influenced. Part of him wanted to whisk her away to the holodeck. There were plenty of programs that could simulate cliff diving. In the holodeck there was plenty to do. Though, she was in a cute little dress and not really dressed to go cliff diving.::

Faranster: Any time, I suppose. We did have a long day yesterday, and only a few hours sleep, but am not tired. :: She paused. :: Why do you ask?

:: The question was curious, and it kept coming back to her sleep schedule. If she had been given the opportunity while on his lap, she probably could have gotten in a nap if she wanted one. But now she was back to wondering. ::

Jaxx: I was just curious. There are times that I can be quite spontaneous.

::That was the case at times he could not get his thoughts to stop racing. Of course, usually it was combat program in the holodeck. While he was not planning on taking Sun to go fight anything. He was not even sure she was any good at it. The Academy taught basic self defense courses to the medical staff, but most of the specialized training was in other areas.::

Faranster: Mr Planner? Spontaneous?

::She was being playful, if he said he was able to be spontaneous, she'd believe him. Although she thought he liked planning, not that she minded that, planning definitely kept her from freezing the night before. ::

Jaxx: ::laughing:: Hey, planning is the best course of action in most cases.

Faranster: I suppose you might get a little credit for some things.

::She knew from time to time she got caught up in her own head, and tried to figure out what the results of her actions would be, and if they would be worth it. But, there were times when she just had to shrug off those worries. She wondered if he was able to do the same. ::

Jaxx: Thank you, so very much. ::laughing::

Faranster: So, what do you want to do? :: She asked, he had asked about her sleep schedule, something about being spontaneous, now she wanted to know what was on his mind in that regard. ::

::He thought about what he had in mind, and wondered how she would take it. Was she up to doing something, and if so, what? Continuing to hold her, he smiled.::

Jaxx: I was thinking holodeck, maybe a swim...maybe cliff diving. Do you have something you would like to do? You are not exactly dressed for anything besides looking good.

Faranster: Those sound like good choices...

::She thought about his whole statement, and if she didn't have a chance to have thought about it, the choices were still good. But he did point out a flaw, she wasn't exactly in the right attire for that. ::

::He liked to tease the best he could. However, the statement was quite true. She looked amazing in her little dress, almost so much that he wanted to change the standard uniform for just her. Though, it was something he would never tell her.::

Jaxx: Whatever you feel like doing. I was just thinking it would be great to do something.

:: She thought that maybe it was his way of getting out of having to be spontaneous, by putting the question on her shoulders rather than his, that way he couldn't be wrong. Narrowing her eyes at him as she thought. Being here in his arms was really nice, but he seemed to want to do something. ::

Faranster: And you want me to decide?

::Anything would do and he was looking forward to anything. Of course it was up to her and if she really felt like doing more than just hanging out. In his mind, he was just looking for a way to prolong the end of the evening.::

Jaxx: I will do anything you want to do, so...what shall it be?

:: So, now she was sure that he was all right with her deciding. Rather than think on the subject too much, she thought about the lake they had been at the day before, and what she had been told about it. The subject in her mind went from the lake, to an underground river, and to caves. And suddenly exploring caves seemed like the thing to do, especially if he didn't want to stay here. ::

Faranster: If you really want to do something... Caves. :: She kissed his cheek lightly, before breaking free of his arms to go get her shoes. ::

::At first he was puzzled. He was not sure what exactly she was planning to do in the caves. The only time he had been in caves was for shelter and setting up a base of operations for the resistance during the war.::

Jaxx: Caves?

Faranster: Exploring caves. You know, with stalagmites, and stalactites? :: She smirked at him. :: You wanted to do something else...

Jaxx: ::smirking:: Perfect. Though, I am not sure if the dress is the best attire for that either...the terrain can be rough.

:: She sat down on the couch for a moment, to put her shoes on. Sun didn't know if there was anything else on his mind, but if he was going to put the ball in her court like that, she was going to choose something that went along the same lines of the events of yesterday. ::

::Jaxx kept his eyes on her as she put on her shoes. Grabbing his, he did the same. He was already in shorts and a t-shirt and that was good enough for what they were doing. As he thought about the caves and what they might see, he started to get excited. Any time he spent with Sun was great time, but having an activity like that was even better. In his mind it was a way to temporarily keep their lips apart.::

Faranster: I'm not concerned about that...

Jaxx: Fair enough...caves it is.

::Once he was ready, and her shoes were on, he reached out to take her hand. Part of him had a concern about being seen holding hands through the corridors. If any of the enlisted people saw it, the rumors would start immediately. They would range from them being on a date to Sun being pregnant in about 2 weeks. It was the curse of people not knowing the details.::

:: Sun let him take her hand when he reached for it. She wasn't prepared for any spontaneous activity, but if he needed one, she was happy to go along with. Her dress really didn't concern her much, the worst that could happen is it would get dirty, but she wasn't the one at odds with the elements. ::

Faranster: :: While holding his hand, she headed for the door to his quarters. :: Let's go.

((In Transit, USS Apollo)

::Glancing at her hand, as he held it...he never stopped to consider how she felt about it. As they stepped into the turbolift and the doors closed, he thought it was the best time to find out.::

Jaxx: This does not bother you does it? I mean people seeing us?

:: She tightened her fingers around his, not sure what his question meant. Did he also want to take his hand from her after having offered it up? ::

Faranster: No. And you can't have your hand back now anyway, you offered it.

:: Her tone was stubborn, but she smiled at him to indicate she wasn't being too serious, although she did want to keep holding onto him. ::

::He was at the point where he really did not care. Even though the rumors would circulate, it was not enough to stop his affection. The only thing that could do that was if she was feeling a bit uncomfortable about being seen holding his hand. People may ask her about it, but nobody was really stupid enough to ask Jaxx about his personal life, unless it was the people that he did not mind talking about it with.::

Jaxx: I actually do not mind. As far as I am concerned, the rumors will come, and there is nothing we can do about that. Just be prepared for weird looks.

::As soon as he said that, he realized that she was probably already used to them. Her unique hair color had a way of drawing attention to herself. It was not a bad thing, though he wanted to make sure it was not an issue for her.::

Faranster: More than usual? Or just the norm?

Jaxx: ::smiling:: About the same.

::As the door opened, they stepped out heading to the holodeck. There should have been no issue finding an empty holodeck and he was looking forward to their little trip. As they rounded the corner, he glanced at her and then to the console.::

Jaxx: Do you have a program in mind?

Faranster: I don't think there would be any of my home world caves in there... Maybe. There was a cavern not too terribly far from the Academy that people talked about. Black Chasm Cavern I think... Wish I took time to see it in person.

:: What she had heard about the caverns was that there were different ways to explore it. Again, she wasn't too sure what Jaxx wanted, but he did give the task to her to find something else to do. She thought again to his comment about her dress. ::

Jaxx: I am familiar with that, though I have never been there either.

Faranster: Even though I'm not concerned about my dress, if you would prefer me change, I can... I'd just go back to my quarters for a moment while you set up the program...

::Moving to the console, he started searching for the program. He thought about her comment and was starting to wonder if he was worried about her safety or if he was really distracted by her attire. The woman was magnificently beautiful and he did have a hard time holding back the more primal urges, but he figured if they were going to be in the caves, everything would be alright.::

:: She let him think about that for a moment, while she peered at him. She hadn't been uncomfortable, but she wondered if she just wasn't getting a hint that he was throwing her way. ::

Jaxx: I think it will be fine. ::smiling as he tried to deflect his concerns:: We will just make sure you do not fall.

Faranster: If that's what you want.

::He lifted his eyebrows slightly and moved toward the door. It was a comment that he did not want to think about. Instead, he wanted to focus on what they were going to do. Perhaps the caves would take his mind off of her soft skin, and her flattering dress. In his mind, the caves could be the perfect distraction.::

Jaxx: ::nodding toward the door:: All set.

Faranster: Thank you.

((Holodeck, USS Apollo))

::He strategically avoided saying anything about ‘wants’ and focused on the program. As they made their way into the holodeck they were met with the opening of a large cave. He just picked a place to start when he set up the program. For him, it was as good as any. Some glowsticks and supplies materialized by the entrance.::

:: She dropped his hand so she could enter first, taking a good look around. When she noticed the supplies she approached them, and looked inside. Some ropes, helmets, and some protective eyewear. She put on a pair of glasses, and turned to him, almost asking him for his opinion before she stopped and turned back around to grab a helmet. ::

Jaxx: I think there is everything we right here, but you are the pro.

Faranster: Not really...

:: Sun had seen a cave or two, and did a little bit of exploring, but the type kids do. Not usually prepared for major exploration, so she wasn't able to go too far inside. ::

::Sun made the comment about caves back home, and he wondered how many times she had gone exploring. In the holodeck he was not worried about getting lost, or really injured, but he knew the hobby was something that could pose danger if not done correctly.::

Jaxx: I trust you have done this before?

Faranster: Not like this. That's why I wanted to... :: She started strapping her helmet on her head, looking down at the ground while she did so. Then she picked up a bag, slinging it over her shoulder. ::

::He watched as she looked down at the ground. There was something going on in her mind and he wanted to get to the bottom of it.::

Jaxx: Wanted to...

:: She tried to explain why she chose the activity a bit further, but it actually applied to many things in her life and not just her forms of fun. ::

Faranster: I guess sometimes I need to try something to be able to say whether or not it's good for me.

::Reaching down, he grabbed his gear and put most of it on. He bypassed the glasses, and even thought about skipping the helmet. If she were not a medical officer, he would have most likely forgot to put it on. While he was not sure she would lecture him about safety, he did not want to take his chances.::

Jaxx: It is a sound theory. Dive in and just try something, makes sense.

:: Picking up the rope, she started heading for the cave entrance, determined. Looking back at him, she had to remind herself that she needed to be patient. So, she focused on each step as she walked carefully down the pathway that was provided. ::

Faranster: I think we go this way...

Jaxx: Alright. Lead the way.

:: Sun had initially thought this activity would be fun, but was now worrying that she might be missing something, a hint or something. She concentrated on the path in front of her, trying not to reach back for him. She felt like something was off, but she wasn't wanting to focus on it at the time. ::

Faranster: :: She nodded. :: Ok.

::Following her into the cave, he pulled out some glow sticks from his bag and cracked them. Tossing them well out in front of them, he continued to follow her in. He still found himself admiring her attire, as well as the curves in it, but with the activity, he was able to focus on something else. As they moved deeper into the cave, he noticed a slight drop off ahead.::

Jaxx: So, what do we do? Try to go around, go down...what?

Faranster: Down.

:: She pulled off the pack, and grabbed a pair of gloves, she knew that climbing would be painful on her hands otherwise. She took a deep breath before looking for a place to tie off the rope so she could get to the bottom of the drop as fast as possible. ::

::He took off his bag and set it down, reaching in to pull out the gear he needed. As he sifted through what he had available, he watched her to see what she was grabbing and did the same. His goal was to make it seem like he knew exactly what he was doing, though he was sure that he could have faked it enough to pass.::

Jaxx: Where is the best place to tie off?

:: She tested a couple places and tied her rope to one of them, before pointing to one of the other spots she tested for him. ::

Faranster: That should be fine.

Jaxx: Okay.

:: Sun tested her weight against the rope several times, tugging to make sure she wouldn't fall, then she reached in the pack for a harness, putting it on and tying the rope to it before she went over the edge. She chose down, it was too late to change her mind, so she slid a few feet before stopping, just to make sure she had the hang of stopping, then she let herself slide faster, slowing and stopping a couple times before she finally reached the bottom. Once her feet thudded softly on the ground, she looked around trying to decide which way to go. After a moment she heard his feet hit the ground too. ::

::Tieing off his end of the rope, he gave it a few good tugs to make sure it was in place. He looked down and watched as she started going down. He waited a few seconds to give her enough of a head start that he would not get to the bottom before her. As he stood there he realized that her attire did dictate his movements. Typically, he would have gone first and then watched her come down. Her dress really did not allow for that, at least not that and keep his sense of honor. But once she was halfway down, he started out. Repelling was something he was good at and even though she had a bit of a lead, he landed just after her. He heard her speak as he unhooked from the rope.::

Faranster: I think I want to go right.

Jaxx: ::smiling:: If it is right, it cannot be wrong.

:: She walked quietly for a few moments, the rocks were uneven and she nearly lost her footing a few times, but straightened herself out before continuing. There was a part of her that wanted to turn around and do this some other time, but she wanted to be with him at the same time, so she kept walking, she was glad it was darker down here, preventing her from seeing his face right now. ::

::As they moved through the caves, he kept tossing out glow sticks so they had some light. Occasionally, he would look at her and wonder what she was thinking. He could sense a bit of hesitation in her, but the truth was, from behind her, he would make sure she did not fall. Each time she almost lost her footing, his arms were right there. He tried to keep what he was doing from her, not wanting her to know that he was there to catch her if she fell.::

::She came to a stop when she noticed that they were coming up on an almost dead-end, except for a fissure that was wide enough for them to squeeze through single file. ::

Faranster: Through here, maybe... :: She didn't wait for his answer before starting through. ::

::Jaxx watched as she continued moving through the small crack. At first, he was curious if he would fit, but realized that it would be okay. Following her through they came upon a light source. As they emerged into the new section there was an underwater lake. The water was crystal clear and it was partially lit from an opening in the cave above them. Just enough light shone through that he did not need to use any glow sticks.::

Jaxx: This is beautiful.

:: She had been surprised by the scene in front of them, he was right, it was beautiful. She stood there a moment, her eyes adjusting to the new levels of light before she spoke. ::

Faranster: And unexpected.

::He glanced over to a small rock that stretched out over the water. Tossing his bag there, he looked around. It was as good of place as any to take a breather, and after watching her repel down deep into the cave, he figured she might need one. She was in good physical shape, and he was able to tell that by the amount of time he spent staring at her body. Pointing to where he tossed his bag, he spoke.::

Jaxx: We should take a minute and rest, besides...this is almost too beautiful to not appreciate for a bit.

:: She nodded and set her pack down with his and took a few steps back to where she had been. She noticed that the water had a nice ridge around it, and there was plenty of space to get comfortable. Walking to the edge, she stared down at the lake, it seemed it always came back to water for her. ::

Faranster: Then, it's decided.

::Wanting to get them some water, he turned around and walked over by the opening. A smiled formed on his face as he continued.::

Jaxx: Computer...arch.

::The arch formed and he moved into it and found the replicator. Keying in a command for water, the two glasses appeared. It was one of the conveniences of taking a trip on the holodeck, that and if she actually fell far, it would simulated just a couple feet. This prevented any injuries that were serious in nature. Taking the glasses back, he handed her a glass.::

Jaxx: Modern marvels. ::laughing::

:: She took the glass, and took a large sip out of it, her thirst letting itself known. ::

Faranster: The only place we can have cave exploration, and anything that we want at the snap of our fingers.

Jaxx: So, how offended would you be if I asked you about your feelings when I sense them? The telepathic aspect of Betazoids can be controlled, but our empathic abilities are much like other senses. They cannot be turned off, our only option is to interpret the feelings and focus on our own so they do not affect us.

::Jaxx could sense many different things, but without the thoughts behind them, it was as if he only had half the picture. Earlier she seemed reluctant and now that they had a minute to rest, he wanted to find out what she was thinking. It was tough for him to always keep out of someone’s thoughts when he wanted to know what she was thinking. Sundassa was not a telepath and would have no idea he was in them, unless he wanted her to.::

Faranster: It's part of who you are, and honestly, if I could sense emotions I'd be too curious about what they meant to let it go.

:: While she drank the water, she pulled off her shoes, one at a time, and tossed them back to the bags. She was better able to keep her balance barefoot. ::

::Keeping an eye on her as she took off her shoes, he wondered if she was going to sit on the edge and try to dangle her feet in the water. At the same time he thought about her comment. Curiosity was something he had when it came to what people were thinking, only because he chose not to find out for himself. On Betazed, there is no surprise, no wonder in the moment. Everything is known and can become boring. For years he heard his mother and her friends refer to non-telepaths as ‘mundanes’ but he felt it was the other way around. Knowing everything, all of the time was mundane in his eyes. He paused, trying to think of how word the question.::

Jaxx: Earlier, you seemed slightly reluctant, why?

Faranster: Even though I am not offended by you asking, I don't have to answer.

::As a counselor he often found that people could not understand their own emotions half of the time, so it was common for her to not have an answer. He felt them, but even he could not presume to understand what they meant.::

Jaxx: about the thoughts associated with those feelings?

:: She took a few steps toward the lake, her feet better able to grip the ground. After a moment, she stepped onto the ledge and started balancing herself as she took a few steps, teetering a little as she did so, but restoring her balance. She had let him vocalize a lot of thoughts earlier, and she was glad to hear what he had to say, but she hadn't really vocalized her thoughts. ::

::Keeping his eyes on her, she began walking, focusing on a physical activity to prevent herself from looking at him. Now, he was psychoanalyzing her, watching her movements and listening to her words. By default he went back to reading her in a way that was socially acceptable to do.::

Faranster: I keep wondering what I am missing.

Jaxx: Missing? What would you be missing?

:: She knew she wasn't being clear, and that was her own doing, so she stopped walking, and turned around carefully on the edge to look back at him. ::

Faranster: Is there a hint, or a clue I am not getting? You keep mentioning some things, and I wonder if I am missing something. Should I have changed for example? I could have done that, instead of insisting I was not concerned. :: She paused, taking a couple steps back towards where she started. :: When I spend a lot of my time in my mind, it lets a part of me doubt, which is why I have been trying not to.

::He could relate to the part about spending time in her mind. Though, he could not help it since Betazoids were very cerebral people. For them, everything came back to thoughts and emotions...even when actions were involved. He often over analyzed everything. Perhaps it was what made his career a successful one. However, in his personal life it tended to be a negative thing.::

Jaxx: It has been know that dresses are not attire suitable for physical activity. oO Am I Vulcan? Did I really just word it that way? Oo

:: She got silent for a moment, turning around again, and walking back, still on the ledge, she was enjoying gripping the edge with her feet. Once she started to analyze how she was doing it, she started losing her balance, so she stopped walking for a moment. Looking down at the ground, she knew what was happening, her mind started over analyzing and if she continued walking, she would end up taking a spill in the lake. ::

::Things got quiet for a moment as she continued to walk back and forth, almost losing her balance a couple of times. He could almost picture her losing her footing and falling into the water. After a moment, she must have had the same thoughts as she stopped walking for a moment.::

Faranster: Like yesterday, I hoped no one was going to throw me in on that second jump, but after a moment of worrying about that, I decided that if I jumped myself, and didn't give anyone a chance to react, I could jump the way I wanted to. :: She took a deep breath, and took several more steps, not focusing on how she was doing it, just on the fact that she was keeping her balance. :: I guess, the key is not to overthink...

::It was easy for her, at least that was how he saw it. The choice to jump before everyone else only affected her. He had no intention of pushing her in a second time, he lost the surprise after the first one. He could see what she was getting at. If anything, he was an enigma. What was on the surface never truly reflected what was beneath. He found that in his quarters he watched every move as if it were in slow motion. He kept leaving and returning to their moments as if they were a secret place in time. It was as if he was watching and kept anticipating love. She took his breath away, that summed it all up. He was left with desire and primal instinct trying to kick in. Her dress had very little to do with it, but he was mentally using it as a catalyst. Even his thoughts were comical at times, thinking that if they removed her dress from the situation things would definitely not be easier for him.::

Jaxx: It is easier said, than done. I am someone who spends nearly 19 hours of my day worrying about how I am viewed. Eyes are always on me, and my conduct has to reflect the best traditions of Starfleet. It is not always easy to just walk away from an instinct that makes up a big part of who I am.

::Of course the last statement could have been used to address the lustful thoughts he kept having. At each turn of the night, he did what he could to deflect his thoughts from entering his mind, but it all came back to her. As a man, he could simply appreciate beauty, but from a distance. In those private moments, he could not help but think of other things. It should not have had the effect it was having and he almost felt as if Sundassa was part Deltan. But even when he served with Danzia, he did not feel himself hopelessly attracted to her. It was as if her pheromones did not have the same affect on him as it did others. It was the only way he could think to describe it, not that he would.::

:: She looked at him briefly, realizing that her statement could be applied to why she was confused and not just her time on the ledge. Maybe she climbed on the ledge to make the point. ::

Faranster: It's just a thought...

Jaxx: I admire your attempts to avoid thinking about too much. Sometimes, I wish I could do that, or at least know where to start. How do you take the thoughts in your head, the ones you view as getting in the way, and move past them? Is there some secret? ::laughing::

Faranster: Guess the only question to be asked of any situation, is can you live with the results of action, or the worrying about inaction...

:: She thought the advice applied in many circumstances, how she felt yesterday with the jump, and even many of her thoughts. She knew he had to be better at it than he thought, or maybe his worries weren't the same as hers. The night before she was worried he didn't want to be around her, and instead of asking him, she was prepared to go to the lake alone. Now she had fallen victim to her own worries again. ::

::The thought of it was getting the best of him, and he was curious if he would be able to focus on something other than her beauty and now much he wanted to be close to her, in the physical sense. He had almost asked if she cared to stay at his quarters, but decided it would not have been the best course of action. Instead, they came to the holodeck. The night prior he was able to sleep with her in the tent, but it was due to a lack of options. There was no way he would have let her stay at the lake alone, but on the ship there was not that sense of necessity. There he was, in that moment over thinking even more.::

Jaxx: I could say that I will try to just let go, but that is like saying I will take out a warbird with a runabout. ::snickering::

::Hopping up on the ledge she was on, he moved a bit closer. He wondered if somewhere in her mind she was worried that he would give her a slight nudge into the water. One action had its way of creeping back into the mind of others. People were defined by those moments. One wrong move, and one could be tied to it for life.::

:: She hesitated for a moment, before taking another step forward. The balancing act over the water, and the careful steps not trying to fall in, kept her focus off him, but now he was in front of her, in her path again. ::

Faranster: I do think that is possible though... In the right circumstances. ::She wasn't sure which one was more possible though.::

::Of course, he had no plan of pushing her in. Though he did make a mental note of the program and where they started. It would have been a nice place to swim, just to take in the clear water with no waves or crowds. There the water was calm, as calm as he wished his emotions could have been when he was around her. But at the same time, the strong feelings let him know he was alive, and that he could feel the things he had pushed away in his heart and soul.::

Jaxx: ::smiling:: Another one of life’s moments.

:: She looked around for a moment before speaking, continuing the balancing act. ::

Faranster: Is that why you are up here? :: She looked at him curiously, not sure where he was going as he got closer, she once again stopped, waiting. ::

::Why was he up there? To force her to look at him? She cannot walk back and forth if he was in the way. It came back to the irresistible force paradox. What happened when an unstoppable force collided with an immovable object? In this moment, desire was the unstoppable force and thoughts of decency were the immovable object. It was a trainwreck in his mind.::

Jaxx: I am up here because you are up here.

:: Another step. She moved so she was standing in front of him again, she figured he got up on the ledge knowing where she was walking, either he wanted to be near her or he did not. And she was starting to doubt his ability to be spontaneous. ::

Faranster: Are you still having trouble moving past the thoughts in the way?

::He turned and looked at the water for a moment. If it were not for the thoughts in his head, he would have jumped in. Instead, the thoughts of going through the corridors on his way back to his quarters, wet, was preventing him from jumping in. Sun was not dressed for the occasion, so he did not see her jumping in with him. That was another thought preventing it. So despite his desire, his thoughts prevented it. The same could be said about his time with her. When his lips touched hers, his mind went toward more...yet his thoughts stopped him. Kicking off his shoes, he mimicked her movements.::

Jaxx: Thoughts are a system of checks and balances. Without them, we would operate on instinct and desire alone.

:: She smiled at him, turning slowly, her feet keeping her on balance taking one step away before turning back around to face him. Not sure if he was going to try the balancing act too. ::

Faranster: Don't fall in, remember, you're still at odds with the elements. Two shirts to water, one to fire, and one to dirt.

::Jaxx smirked. The past couple days had wreaked havoc on his clothes. Of course, water really did not ruin the shirt, not like the phaser blast and dirt from the island had. Though, she seemed to be relatively safe.::

Jaxx: Have you made some sort of deal with the elements, giving you a sense of immunity?

Faranster: :: She shook her head and smirking. :: They seem to like me, because they keep getting you and making you change. I don't think that is going to change.

Jaxx: Well...I like this shirt.

::Taking off his t-shirt, he tossed it near his bag. If for some reason he did decide to jump in, get pushed, or would be safe and he would not have added another one to the collection. He glanced to the water once more, then back to her.::

:: She felt a small sense of victory with him deciding to spare the water it's inevitable win of his shirt. Maybe he was capable of spontaneity after all. ::

Faranster: Planning again?

Jaxx: You would not really want to see me without my logical mind stopping my actions.

:: She was pretty sure that he was wrong, she was interested in what he would do if he didn't over think things. There was definitely more fun in those moments, without the planning. ::

Faranster: I dare you to try.

::Stepping even closer, he gave her a soft kiss, and then rubbed her nose with the tip of his. Opening his eyes, he smiled, before jumping backwards into the water. As he dove down a bit, he could not believe that he just jumped in. He kicked back up toward the surface, emerging near the edge of the rock.::

:: She was almost caught off guard by the gentle kiss before he dove into the water. When he came back to the surface of the water, she squatted on the edge, keeping her balance the best she could. Not knowing what to think. ::

Jaxx: Without my thoughts to stop me, see what I just did? And that is the tip of the iceberg, my dear.

::He fought the urge to pull her in. They would look silly strutting through the corridors with wet clothes. He had already pushed her into the water once, though it was off a cliff. That was funny, he had the element of surprise and it was a good moment. If he would have pushed her in there, would have been just as funny? He had a great sense of humor, but he was reminded on many occasions that just because he thought it was funny, did not mean others did.::

:: She briefly focused on his words, not sure which part of it to focus on. Was he boasting that he could actually prevent his thoughts from stopping him? Did he just call her dear, again? ::

Faranster: I'll give it to you that was a nice dive.

Jaxx: I was not going for a rating on the dive. ::laughs::

Faranster: So, there's an iceberg? Because I still doubt you can be spontaneous.

:: She teased, as she put her hands on the edge, keeping her steady. For a moment, she had briefly thought of repaying his push earlier, but she wasn't sure if she could do so without ending up in the water after him. Then he went and dived in the water. ::

::Was she daring him to pull her in? Things were so much easier with Betazoid women, but at the same time there was no mystery. If he misread it, and pulled her in and she did not want to be in the water, he risked her getting upset. At the same time, life was a risk, right?::

Jaxx: Spontaneous is something I can do on occasion.

Faranster: Can you live with the thoughts, or the actions?

:: She stared, very seriously in his eyes as she spoke, unsure what she was asking for, but she was sure she wanted to see him without logic holding him hostage. ::

::His eyes focused on her sparkling lilac eyes. Was it much different from anything else? He was the captain of a starship and made decisions all day long. Each time, he had to live with them, as well as the actions that followed. Why was his personal life any different? What was the worst that could happen? If he misread something, so be it. He was not a mind reader! Well...he was, but chose not to be around those that did not have the same ability.

Jaxx: I have no choice but to live with the thoughts and actions. The thoughts do not go away, and once an action is cannot be erased.

::Placing his hands on the edge, he pulled himself up and gave her another soft kiss, before lowering himself back into the water.::

Jaxx: I can live with the thought of doing that, and the action I took.

Faranster: I can accept that.

:: Sun smiled at the man, enjoying the soft kisses, although she enjoyed every kiss he had given her so far, but they weren't exactly what she was talking about. She rocked on her heels, maintaining her balance as she watched him keep himself at the edge of the rock. ::

::Smiling, he remained holding onto the rock, kicking every now and then to even the distribution of weight on his arms. Where was this conversation really going? It was interesting to watch her just go with the flow. Her species was quite curious, and they had to try new things to find out about them.::

Jaxx: But sometimes making a choice to carry out an action, is not an easy thought to arrive at.

Faranster: But you'll...

::Before she could finish whatever she was trying to say, he emerged from the water once more, this time grabbing her with one of his arms. He pulled her in with a rolling motion, so she would not hit the rock and only the water. She had not had a chance to prepare herself, and when she came up to the surface, it was the moment of truth. She would either be upset, or not. In the end, he started small, not letting his reservations get in the way of his desires. Pulling her into the water was something he wanted to do, and he just did it. As she came to the surface, he playfully winced.::

:: She watched him pushing himself out of the water once more, and thought he was coming in for another kiss. But, then he removed one of his arms off the ledge and grabbed her, pulling her in. She barely had a chance to hold her breath before she hit the water. Once she relaxed, she brought herself back to the surface, her hair now covering her face. ::

Jaxx ::giggling:: Do I need to swim for my life?

Faranster: I'll tell you in a moment. :: She said from behind the wall of hair. ::

:: Treading water would have been difficult with a full skirt, and she was glad this dress only had a knee length one. She once again went under, taking the moment her hair seemed weightless and pushing it out of her face before coming back to the surface. ::

Faranster: Not this time. I don't think I'd be able to catch you in my... :: She paused, rephrasing his words with a smirk. :: unsuitable attire. Just glad I didn't wear a longer skirt, or I'd be weighed down.

Jaxx: ::laughing, without thinking:: No, because we would have just taken it off.

:: Going under again, she swam a few feet from him. She was right about the skirt, it would have definitely made her slower. Not that she minded too much at the moment. When she came up, she turned around and looked back at him. ::

Faranster: Besides, there's no better way to check out the opposite side of this lake, than to swim, is there?

::That was a really good point, they were not going to climb along the wall to check out the entirety of the lake. And if they really wanted to see the rest of the secluded area, they would have to swim around to see it.::

Jaxx: Swimming like, in my top five things to do.

::Kicking his legs, he moved through the water toward her. As the distance closed, he got much closer, until he was nearly on top of her. The smile on his face was not going anywhere and at the moment, he was not thinking about anything besides her, and the crystal clear water.::

Faranster: Well, now that I am getting dragged down, I was hoping I'd get a head start. Unless you had a better idea.

:: She dipped under again for effect, enjoying teasing him. The skirt didn't cling as much as she acted, but there were better ways to swim. ::

::The smiled changed to a cocky smirk. Diving under the water, he opened his eyes and found where she was treading water. With his eyes open, he caught a view of the way the dressed hugged her almost as tightly as he did. Coming up just under her, he emerged from the water grabbing her from behind. Tilting back, he started swimming in his back, while holding her on on top of him. His cheek was once again against hers.::

:: Sun didn't quite expect him to come up behind her and pull her on top of him. Her arms flung out instinctively trying to keep her balance before she pulled her arms in, not wanting to throw him off balance too. As she kicked, she tried not to get her legs caught in his. Even if she didn't need rescuing, she didn't mind him playing hero for the moment. Slowly reaching up with her left arm, she touched his other cheek. ::

Jaxx: See, I can help.

Faranster: I can see that. So, you decided that carrying me was best...

:: She wasn't arguing or complaining, she was just trying her best to stay still so that she didn't make things difficult for him. ::

Jaxx: ::giggling:: You looked like you were in distress, being choked by that I had to save you.

Faranster: Well thank you, you're my hero. :: She said with an amused tone as she turned to kiss his cheek. ::

::His wet body pressed tightly against hers, the way he had her situated. This time he had been prepared before going into the water, and she had not. The tables had turned, and perhaps the elements could work with him from here on out. He glanced to her ears, noticing the Vulcan-like points again. It was something he never really focused on, but knew it was there. With it in his face, he gave her ear a soft kiss.::

:: Now it seemed to her that he was responding to her earlier challenge, as nothing since him jumping in the lake seemed planned at all. She was glad he could be spontaneous and playful. When she felt his lips touch her ear, it tickled a little, and she let out a giggle. She struggled a little to regain control over which direction she was facing, and once she was facing him she found his arm still tightly wrapped around her waist, now only kicking to tread water and stay afloat. ::

::With one arm wrapped around her waist, he made sure to not let her out of his grasp. He loved being close to her, but this was a bit different for him. It seemed much more acceptable in the water, than it would have over long terms on his sofa. She had not flinched when he pulled her on his lap in his quarters, and maybe he was over thinking things. It was something that was no longer in his head. For whatever reason, the thoughts were silent, and everything else took over.::

Jaxx: I feel like I should apologize for your dress, but I am not going to. While I was underwater looking at you, I realized that the wet, clingy look is even more flattering to your beautiful frame.

::While the comment had tones of physical attraction in them, it was still tastefully worded. It was not as if he came out and said, that it highlighted the curves, and his brakes weren’t working. And in that moment, he felt it made the difference. He was not some guy who worked on a freighter going from port to port, trying to bed anything he could. Instead, he had avoided women for quite awhile...until now.::

:: Her wet cheeks burned at the comment, as his words had that effect on her. She was smiling as she wrapped her arms around him as she looked at his eyes, again noticing a flicker of her color in the reflection. ::

Faranster: Well, I guess I can't blame you for that then, :: she paused, :: as long as you feel justified.

Jaxx: ::snickering:: You would be surprised what I can come up with to justify my actions.

:: She wasn't too concerned about the dress, she'd probably wring it out before leaving the holodeck so she didn't track water all through the corridors, leading back to wherever she went next. She just knew it wasn't going to sit right on her until it dried again. ::

Faranster: If I had to choose between the different elements that could claim my dress, I'd chose this one, exactly like this.

::It was a cute moment, and one he was lost in. The feel of the water, the touch of her body. It was all surreal. When he was able to get rid of the thoughts in his mind, everything seemed to feel so natural. He did not regret pulling her into the water, and even if she had shown a little displeasure, he would have still felt like it was a victory.::

Jaxx: Yeah, it was one of my better ideas of the day.

:: There were moments when she wondered if things were going too fast, but she didn't care. It was exciting being around him and with him. While she sometimes felt she needed to get him to say what was on his mind, and found herself frequently surprised by it, she didn't need lots of words right now. She just needed to be in his arms. ::

Faranster: Only one thought on my mind that could make this better.

Jaxx: oO Chocolate? Oo What is it?

:: She leaned forward, pressing her lips against his, moving one of her hands to his hair as she tangled her legs with his. Knowing they were going to sink, she took a quick deep breath, and held it as they dipped under the water. After a moment, their legs were untangled and she kicked for the surface. ::

::Pressing his lips against hers as she got closer, she tangled herself up with him, causing them to sink in the water. He continued to kiss her under the water for a moment, then started kicking with her toward the surface. Once they emerged from the water, she shared her thought.::

Faranster: Shallower water...

Jaxx: ::laughing:: That would make things a bit easier.

::He glanced to the far side from where the started, and noticed the rock came out into the water. If he had to guess, they would be able to sit on it, and the water would still be chest deep at the tip of the formation. Gliding through the water, he led her in that direction. Once they got there, he pulled himself up slightly, and then reached out his hand to help her hop up, and when she did, he pulled her onto his lap much like he did on the sofa. The water was still to chest, so it was comfortable and they would not get exhausted with all of the kicking.::

::Once Sun hinted at the depth of the water, she noticed Jaxx looking for a solution. He must have found it because soon they were swimming toward it with her following his lead again. She watched him climb up on the rock, a moment later she was being helped up and pulled into his arms, sitting on his lap again. The skirt of her dress clinging oddly to her legs in some areas, and bunched in others. ::

Jaxx: I think that is a bit better.

Faranster: Much better. :: She agreed. ::

::He held her close, the water was much cooler than the lake on Izar was. He was fine for the moment, but wondered if she would get cold, and how quickly. Deciding to use some friction to keep her warm for a moment, he placed a hand on the side of her face and pulled her in for another kiss. Keeping her on his lap with the other hand, it rested on her bare thigh. His focus was on her lips, and how much he could get lost in them. After a moment, he pulled away and let out a satisfied sigh.::

:: When they programmed the cave, she wondered if they forgot about the climate controls, briefly. Caves were normally cooler than aboveground but on the holodeck there should have been some control over the temperature so that they weren't uncomfortable. As his hands touched her, the first one touching her cheek, and the second touching the skin of her thigh, she felt a wave of goose bumps over her bare arms and down her back. Her heart started beating faster again as his lips touched hers and she eagerly responded. ::

Jaxx: I am thinking that when it is time for us to head out, we should probably just end the program and not climb back out. ::laughing::

:: She looked at him, knowing he was right. She didn't think she had very much strength to climb out at the moment, between the cool air hitting her skin, and her reaction to his touch. ::

Faranster: That would make things easier.

::She kept her eyes on his lips, wanting to be kissing them again. Her goose bumps hadn't calmed down any, and she was starting to shiver slightly, even though she was ignoring it. ::

Jaxx: If you are getting cold, we can get out of here. ::pausing for a moment, he decided to throw out a suggestion:: So, am I walking you back to your quarters when we leave, or...would you like to sleep over in mine?

::He was not sure why he threw out the suggestion. Having her stay over was what he would love to happen, but if she did today, then why not tomorrow? How fast would it develop into her just living there? Did he even mind? They had just started seeing each other, but things were so perfect, so natural...where was the line? All of the thoughts bombarded him, but this time after the original thought was shared. So this time instead of them blocking his words, they were reflecting on them.::

:: She was cold, but she didn't want to leave his side. When he continued to suggest she might stay with him, she stopped looking at his lips and back at his eyes, trying to gauge the seriousness of the suggestion. She wanted to be wherever he was at the moment, and the thought of waking up in his arms again, was exciting on new levels. ::

Faranster: Sleep over?

Jaxx: I mean, yeah if you want to.

:: Her clouded mind was suddenly alert. If she stayed there, she only had this dress, nothing to wear to sleep in, or in the morning when she had to go to work. It was more or less the later part of that thought that mattered, retreating to her quarters in the morning in a wrinkled half wet dress. ::

Faranster: In the morning, what will I do about clothes? :: Now she felt like the planner and she hoped he didn't see this as an objection. ::

::Jaxx’s mind started over thinking again. Was the clothing situation her way out of just saying no? Or was she really concerned about clothing? Things in his mind cleared up as he thought about what she said. Her concern were her clothes in the morning, she did not even mention what she would wear to sleep in. Though, he had plenty of t-shirts she could wear. And as his logical mind worked, the solution for the morning was easy.::

Jaxx: Simple. I will have the quartermaster drop off a uniform for you. oO Or a few, just in case. Oo

::Now that there was a solution to her concern, she felt more comfortable with the idea. The thought of making the walk back to her quarters in her current attire, wouldn't be very enjoyable, and she already drew enough attention to herself wherever she went. ::

Faranster: I think that I can do that.

::That seemed like a yes to him, now he was thinking of another night close to her, this time in the comfort of his bed, and not on the ground. Of course, she was all wet and the trek back to his quarters would most likely be uncomfortable.::

Jaxx: If you are ready, we can swim back over.

Faranster: :: She took a deep breath before responding. :: I'm ready.

:: She accepted being lowered back into the water, and out of his arms, knowing that she was going to return to them. She thought briefly about trying to tie her skirt to the side so it wouldn't hinder her swimming, but realized while there was enough fabric to get in the way, there wasn't enough to tie easily. So she just settled for regaining some of the lost speed by pushing off of the rock, trying to keep up with him. ::

::Extending his legs, he slid her back into the water again. After hopping in himself, they started the swim back to the side they started on. In the future, he would set the temperature a bit higher, so they did not get cold as quickly. As he reached the other side, he pulled himself out of the water and extended his hands to help Sun to the same.::

Jaxx: Computer, generate two towels.

::Two towels materialized on the surface of the rock. Picking them up, he handed her one. While they would be able to dry off, the towels would dematerialize when they left the holodeck. It was an odd system. The holodeck was a complex technology. It combined transporter tech with replicator technology. While some things were replicated, such as the water, other things like towels would lose their molecular structure outside of the holodeck. It meant they would stay wet, but they could dry off a bit before leaving.::

:: Sun took the towel gratefully, and started to dry herself off. Her arms and face were easiest, but as her hair and dress soaked up quite a bit of water, it was more difficult to dry the rest of her off. She grabbed as much of her hair as possible, twisting it to let the excess water fall to the floor, not wanting to track it with her. ::

Faranster: Thank you. :: She smiled at him. :: I think that's the best I can do, my dress is retaining its water...

Jaxx: After you dry off, if you would like to wear my t-shirt back to my quarters, that would be okay with me. I will be dry enough to not freeze. I cannot say the same for you and your dress. I insist, really.

:: She stared at him for a moment, not sure what to say, apparently it was his turn to insist. Suddenly her mind was back to the night before, and camping. Trying to ensure he didn't have to spend anymore time being soaked, she insisted that he join her in the tent while she changed. As her mind refocused on him, standing there again shirtless, some things just didn't change between the night before and now. ::

::It was a quick walk to the turbolift and then back to his quarters. Though, even after drying off, her entire dress was soaked. His upper body was dry and he would have no problem making it back to his quarters, where he could change.::

Faranster: I guess I have no choice. :: She paused for a moment. :: Does that mean you win this one? :: She giggled, remembering his words when she insisted. :: Now, if you just turn your back to me... I'll get changed.

:: Once he was turned away, she pulled off the dress, dropping it on the ground and toweled herself off the rest of the way before grabbing his shirt and pulling it over her head. Then she pulled her hair together and tied it in a loose knot, like a rope, trying to keep the shirt as dry as possible for him. Before he turned around, she picked up her soaked dress, and held it at arms length, rolling it up and twisting any water out of it that she could. ::

::Jaxx smirked and turned around like he had done in the tent. This would allow her to put on his t-shirt, which just long enough to do the job. His upper body was much larger than hers, even though they were only a few inches apart in height. After a moment, he turned back around to see her in his shirt. It was almost as attractive as the dress was. He figured she had that effect on all of the clothes she wore. While he was standing there, he grabbed his shoes, figuring he could just go barefoot on the trip back.::

Jaxx: Ready?

:: She took one last look around and grabbed her shoes, now everything they brought with them, was with them, the rest would disappear once they shut the program off. Even though water took her dress this time, she didn't feel any hard feelings towards it, and knew she would keep being drawn back to it. Turning back to Jaxx, she nodded. ::

Faranster: Yes.

Jaxx: Computer, end program.

::She stepped closer to Jaxx and reached for his hand, holding her rolled up dress and shoes in the other. As cave and underwater deck disappeared, the holodeck returned to it's natural state, without a programming running on it. She was once again amazed by the way it could be anything anyone wanted at any given time. When done, it cleaned up after itself. It was such a great piece of technology. ::

::The wonders of the cave were gone, but his hand was back in hers. As they headed for the door, he could not help but glance down. He knew she was tall, but until she was in his shirt, he did not really realize how long her legs were. The shirt was a bit shorter that the dress was, almost to the point where it did not really work to keep her covered, but did the job on the trip to his quarters. He would not have recommended she jumped up and down, or made any sudden movements.::

Jaxx: All we have to do is make it to the turbolift and we are home free. I rarely ever see anyone on my deck.

Faranster: I don't mind, it'll keep me on my toes.

::Now she mentally prepared herself for walking out the doors, and into the corridors. She didn't really mind people seeing her with Jaxx, the Captain, but being dressed as she was now, was a bit more revealing. ::

::Making the return trip was just as easy as the trip down there. This time anyone that he did see was off in the distance, down at the other end of the corridor. The wait for the turbolift was faster than it had been before, almost as if it were waiting for them.::

:: The walk down the corridor to the turbolift was as uneventful as she hoped. Just a few more moments and they'd be safely in his quarters. ::

Jaxx: ::as the lift opened:: Deck two, the deck of dreams.

::He snickered as they made their way into the corridor and to his door. It did not take long, as the size of the deck was not huge. There were the VIP quarters, as well as the CO and XO quarters. It limited the chances of him bumping into anyone.::

((Captain’s Quarters, USS Apollo))

:: She readjusted her fingers in his hand as the turbolift stopped on his deck and they stepped out, she relaxed the closer they got to his door. Once it opened for them, she stepped inside. ::

::As they stepped toward the door, it opened allowing them access to the quarters. Once they were inside, there was almost a sigh of relief. There was a good chance that nobody really saw them moving through the corridors, but if they did, her hair would have given it away at a distance. Though there was a chance that from far away he would not be recognized.::

Faranster: So... Where should I put this? :: She held up the rolled up dress. ::

Jaxx: We can hang it up in the bathroom. I will send it with the quartermaster in the morning, so they can have it cleaned and brought back to you.

Faranster: :: She set her shoes down by the door. :: They must be used to running errands for you, if you're sending them to pick up and drop off clothes for me.

::The t-shirt she had on was not as dry as it was earlier. Even though her hair was up, it still got the back wet. The rest of it had soaked up water from her undergarments. Looking at her, he could see the water outline of them. Now, he was thinking they should have stopped by her quarters for dry clothes. He started thinking about what he had there that she could use and be dry at the same time. He could get her a dry shirt, and a pair of shorts, but she would have to tie them pretty tight for them to stay up. His waist was a bit bigger than hers.::

Jaxx: I will get you some dry clothes while you hang the dress up.

:: She noticed the expression on his face as he looked at her, and looked down at herself. Biting her bottom lip as she realized how she must appear. She didn't think wearing the dress would have fared any better in the hallways either, as the top part of it was white, and that tended to show through. ::

Faranster: Well, I did try to keep it dry.

::Moving across the room, he opened a drawer to locate another t-shirt, and dry shorts for her. For himself, he grabbed a dry pair of boxers and another pair of shorts. He knew that it was probably really chilly in his quarters for Sundassa. Part of him used it as an excuse to cuddle all night. And of course, he did have a heavy blanket on the bed too. Moving over to the bathroom door, he handed her the dry clothes.::

Jaxx: You can change in here, and dry your hair off a bit more. ::nodding to the bedroom behind him:: I will change in here.

::She watched him move around his room, looking for clothes for them. She was handed some clothes when he found what he was looking for, and went into the bathroom. Immediately she put the dry clothes down while she hung up the dress. ::

Faranster: Thank you again. :: She smiled as she peeked out the door, and teased. :: I didn't realize being with you meant changing clothes so many times...

::She closed the door and removed his shirt, and held it in front of her. She sighed as she could tell that she was the one wearing it, the water pattern screamed female body. After a moment she gently hung it up with her dress, and removed the under garments, knowing that they were the culprits for the water stains, and put them with the dress and shirt. Grabbing a towel, she finished drying herself off, and untied her hair, letting it fall down her back. As soon as she did that, she regretted it, the cold wet hair sent shivers down her back. Grabbing the towel again, she wrapped her hair up in it and worked on drying it, once it was dry enough, she put on the new clothes and adjusted the ties on the shorts to be tight enough not to fall off her. ::

::Once the door was closed, he quickly removed his wet clothes and replaced them with the dry ones. After policing the damp garments, he moved out to the living area and turned off the lights after getting some water. He figured it was the one thing she would not be able to tell was replicated. The molecular structure of it was not complex enough to have distinctive variances. Moving back into the room, he set one glass on the nightstand she would be using, and took a drink from his. He turned to look at the door as it opened.::

Jaxx: You look...dry.

::He was going to say amazing, but stopped himself. It was not a cute little dress, or anything else, but it was almost hot to see her slender frame in his clothes. The neck of the shirt was a bit larger than hers were, so he could see an exposed collarbone. Zeroing in on that part of her body, he moved across the room and took her into his arms, kissing the exposed area, working his way to her neck before finding her lips. After a moment, he had to release her from his grasp, blaming it on getting the bed ready for them.::

::Walking out of the bathroom, she observed his expression as he tried to choose his words carefully. Again she was surprised by his actions, inhaling sharply as he kissed her collarbone with his arms once again wrapped tightly around her. She leaned her head back at the touch, and felt her heartbeat pickup as his kisses trailed up her neck. Then his lips were on hers and she found herself responding eagerly with her mouth as her arms wrapped themselves around his shoulders. When he let her go, she was caught off balance, and leaned against the wall, catching her breath. ::

Faranster: Well, I can checkmark looking dry off the list of looks that work for me...

::The comment brought a smile to his face, as he felt she would look good in almost anything. He was not sure what about the baggy clothes look was so attractive, or if it was the fact that she was wearing his clothes. Either way, it was a welcomed sight. Grabbing the blanket, he folded it down so that they could get into bed easier. Pointing to the glass of water on the nightstand, he smiled.::

Jaxx: In case you are thirsty, I brought some is replicated though...which reminds me, can you tell the difference between water and replicated water?

Faranster: I can, but it's not much of a difference, water from different sources have different tastes, so it's not a big deal. Can't really dilute the taste of water.

Jaxx: I assumed as much.

:: She moved to the side of the bed that had her glass, and sat down on the bed for a moment while she picked up the glass with both hands and took a large sip. After her thirst was quenched, she put the glass down and looked back at Jaxx. ::

Faranster: You know, I think I like water, replicated, raining, natural or holographic, I think it's my favorite element. And, I think you are equally drawn to it... :: She smiled at him. ::

::He thought of the waterfalls on Betazed. It was true, he loved it. He swam a lot growing up and at the academy, it was a calming action that often found time for. Though, he did not swim as much on the Apollo, but from time to time did find his way to the holodeck.::

Jaxx: Actually, it is my favorite element. ::smiling as he slid into bed::

:: Sliding her feet under the blanket, she turned and laid down next to him, her leg brushed against his. As she looked at him, she could feel her heartbeat picking back up, the memory of the last kiss still burning in her mind, and she wanted to continue it, wherever it led. Every moment with him was exciting. ::

Faranster: :: She smiled, her words seemed appropriate, as she touched his foot with hers. :: Well, I'm here, and I'm not going anywhere.

::A smile formed on his face, as he turned slightly to shut off the light. Once it was off, he took another drink of water and then turned his attention back to Sun. Sliding closer to her, he wrapped an arm around her as his foot flirted with hers.::

Jaxx: ::speaking softly:: It is actually my favorite place for you to be. There is something about you that...well, it is as if it puts my soul at ease. Does that make sense?

:: As the dark suddenly took over the room, she could only see shadows for a few moments as her eyes adjusted. She took pleasure in having his arm around her again, especially with their feet playfully touching. His words had a way of sending a charge through her, and it excited her to know how he felt. ::

::He thought of his words, and the way she made him feel. There were really no words that could describe how he felt when she was around. After their trip to the holodeck, he tried things her way, not really focusing on his thought, or if he did it was afterward. He really did not need the roadblocks in his way.::

Faranster: I think so. :: She smiled. ::

Jaxx: Although, I do feel sort of spoiled.

Faranster: How so?

Jaxx: Well, this is two nights I get to sleep next to you.

::Under the blankets he could feel her soft skin as he rubbed his foot against her leg. Propping himself up slightly, with his other arm, he looked into her eyes. The room was dark and his eyes were still adjusting to it, so her eyes were not as bright.::

:: Shifting closer to him, once he was looking down at her, she stared up at him. The lack of light took some adapting, and he was still shadows to her, but she didn't need too much light to know where he was. She took a deep breath, she was feeling at home in his arms, and couldn't imagine any better place to sleep. ::

Faranster: I don't think I'd be happier anywhere else.

::Thinking once more about the kiss on her neck, and how she moved her head, he waited until his eyes focused enough in the dark to make out those subtle parts of her body. Once he could see what he was doing, he repeated the action once more, meeting her collarbone with his lips.::

::Watching his shadow lean down, the next thing she felt was his lips on her collarbone. She felt lucky she was laying down because she knew her legs wouldn't sustain her through another kiss like that. Moving her head slightly, she exposed her neck, not knowing where he was going next, but knowing whatever was next would be thrilling. ::

::Adjusting his position slightly, he was now pressed against her. The cool air of the room almost made it seem as if his blood was flowing faster, but it was most likely the adrenaline of the moment. Moving his lips to hers, he started kissing them softly. After a few seconds, he could feel her body react and he proceeded with more passion.::

::She had no time to get caught in the moment, his body was pressed against hers and all her thoughts wondering about what was next, were put to rest with his kisses. Her heart raced as her arms slid around him, if it were possible to press herself any closer to him, then she did. To his kisses, her mouth responded with equal eagerness. ::

::In that moment, he fell even harder for her. The subtle movements of their bodies felt in sync, as he continued to deprive her of any rest. He felt as if he could kiss her all night, and be just as awake in the morning. Of course, that was not his goal, but he really did not have one. Instead, he let his natural instincts take over, and granted them the freedom to dictate his next moves.::

(( Small time skip ))

::Even with her species ability to stay awake long hours, and party, being with him was comforting and that evening, exhausting. When she fell asleep, she was wrapped up tightly in his arms, and filled with ecstasy. She was sure the smile would stay until morning as she joined the dreaming world. Not sure anything in that world could be as wonderful as her time with him though. ::

::Somewhere in the night, sleep finally found him. His last waking thoughts were of Sun, as he held her close to him. Part of him did not want to let her go, and the other part refused to. Things were rapidly changing for him, but all for the better. In the morning there would be a certain bounce to his step, but it would only be there to serve as momentum to bring him back to her arms. It was where he wanted to begin and end each day at. Change was good, and so was his day with Sundassa.::


Lieutenant Sundassa Faranster
Assistant Chief Medical Officer
As simmed by:

Lt. Commander Sundassa Faranster
First Officer
USS Apollo, NCC-71669


Fleet Captain Andrus Jaxx
Commanding Officer
USS Apollo, NCC-71669

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