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Jackford "the Jackal" Kolk
"Resurrected" Once & Future Tyrant
SS Idril Mar

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Jackford "the Jackal" Kolk - "Once & Future Tyrant, Part II"
((Alternate USS Trial, Deck 4 Aft, Main Engineering - Stardate 238702.25))

::The man responsible for the interphase rift had allowed himself to be removed from the bridge once he knew that his most gracious host had acquiesced to his deepest desire: to enter the rift. He had been plotting this from the very moment his clumsier self has stumbled upon this patch-work starship. That holier part of him had even come up with the brilliant idea to integrate a few unnoticed "safety" protocols into the USS Trial's computer systems. Keeping a close eye on the tiny PADD he'd borrowed from his much more up-to-date craft, the SS Idril Mar, he followed the local first officer, Mr. Kiev, to Main Engineering, listening to the other man talk about all the things Jack would have to keep together once they reached Engineering. It only took about a minute to travel; the Trial was a relatively small ship.::

::Once they entered, Kiev turned, probably intent on watching Kolk to be sure he did his work, but the devious stranger had other plans. Jack stopped in the doorway, and jeered at the doomed fanatic who had mindlessly followed this pathetic "emissary of the prophets."::

Evil Kolk: I'm sorry, Kiev, but I'm afraid I won't be going down with the ship. But you will.

::He pulled a tiny thumb-phaser from his pocket and shot the man on low stun; just enough to keep him from following, but not enough to save him from any of the pain that would ensue when the ship ripped itself to shreds. Kolk reached sideways and tapped the door control, closing the other man in, and then turned back down the hallway.::

Evil Kolk: Computer, initiate emergency transport Kolk-Echo-Seven-Beta.

::The ruthless engineer dematerialized as the cracking and clanging of the crumbling corridor quickly drowned out his faint laughter.::

((SS Idril Mar, aboard USS Trial, Deck 6 Starboard Aft, Shuttlebay 2 - Continuous))

::As he materialized on the transporter pad just aft of the SS Idril Mar's cockpit, he glanced at the pad to his right and smiled. An ornate brown and gold crate with Bajoran markings on it had beamed in at precisely the same time. The "humble guest" of Captain Gregory had tagged the Orb of the Prophets with a viridium patch one of the many times the "emissary" had decided to interview him. The Jackal, as he sometimes called himself - or had before his unfortunate amnesia had suspended his devious enterprises - stepped off the pad and hopped into the pilot's seat. Adeptly flying his fingers over the console, he started the ship's engines and weapon systems with expert speed. There was very little time left before the inevitable happened. His slim PADD had told him precisely how hard the structural integrity fields on the Trial were working, and when he'd turned on Mr. Kiev, a small number of them were already failing. Luckily, he'd specially reinforced the fields around this particular corner of the craft for just this reason. He couldn't let the Idril Mar be lost simply because a decrepit craft had exploded around it. The forcefield reinforcing the bay doors, on the other hand, was less than fully powered, which made it quite easy for him to blast through those doors with a photon torpedo once the ship was humming and ready to go.::

((Vulcan's Harp Nebula, 2.5 Lightyears from Deep Space 17 - Two Minutes Later))

::As the USS Ronin gallantly strode in to save the day, a small craft shot from the far side of the dying Reliant class starship. As the alternate USS Trial broke apart into five different pieces and then exploded in several brilliant flashes, the private runabout-sized vessel wavered out of view, her cloaking device hiding her from the prying sensors of the USS Ronin and the Vulcan science vessel, T'Kol-tan. At first, the unseen craft shot deeper into the nebula at high warp, but the pilot pulled back on the throttle once he was clear of the blast.::

((SS Idril Mar, Cockpit))

::The non-native Jackford Kolk turned his tiny craft back around at low impulse so that he could get his bearings. Where had he come through? What was going on? Whom could he terrorize first? He queried the sensors and soon found several items of note. First, and nearest to his location, there was a curious mingling of subspace radiation, chronitons, and transphasic energies, swirling about in what appeared to be... no! It couldn't be! He couldn't be that fortunate! He ran a deeper scan and there was indeed a corridor behind the aperture. It was a wormhole!::

Evil Kolk: Maybe the Bajoran prophets have been tinkering about after all, eh Gregory?

::He smiled and filed that little discovery away. Maybe he would take a ride in it soon...::

::The other items of note were the two craft nearby, but only one really mattered to him. The Akira class USS Ronin. It couldn't be. After such a troublesome sojourn in his native universe, fate had lead him to a true paradise of possibilities: his native self, most likely, and a wormhole to play cat and mouse in.::

Alt. Kolk: oO ::sarcastically:: Maybe your guardian angel is watching out for you. Oo

Evil Kolk: You don't still believe in that Catholic mumbo-jumbo do you?

Alt. Kolk: oO Of course I do... and so do you. You can deny the Truth, Jack, but that doesn't make it not so... Oo

::The deviant harrumphed and shoved his purer self back into the recesses of their mind. He'd made his decision, Catholic spirituality or no. He pulled up the comm system and tapped remotely into the distant starbase's computers. He had to be sure the local Jack Kolk was still aboard the nearby ship before he acted. After a quick bit of hacking and hunting, he'd found the file.::

Evil Kolk: ::impressed whistle:: "Lieutenant Commander Jackford Benjamin Kolk, First Officer of the USS Ronin." My, my, my, Jack. We've done well for ourself, haven't we?v
::Hacking a bit further, he bounced his own audio signal through Deep Space 17's comm systems and then a nearby relay satellite, just to buy himself a few more seconds before the Ronin's Communications Officer tracked him down. Embedded in the signal, he'd hidden a computer protocol that would send his voice, rather loudly, over the intercom in every compartment aboard the Ronin. No one on the Starfleet vessel could hide from it.::

Evil Kolk: =/\= Greetings, gallant crew of the U.S.S. Ronin. This is not your First Officer speaking. However, I do have a message for him... ::He continued, in perfectly pronounced Latin.:: Hic Resurrexit Iackfordus, Tyrannus Quondam Tyrannusque Futurus! Catch me if you can, Jack, unless of course Captain Mar has already succumbed to her disease... =/\=

::Laughing maniacally once again, the alternate's voice resonated throughout the Federation warship until the renegade closed the channel and decloaked a few hundred kilometers from the subspace aperture. Just to make it that much more obvious where he was, he fired a low-powered phaser burst at their forward shields. Their metaphasic shielding easily absorbed it, but there was no longer any question of where the SS Idril Mar flew... at least until the small craft swung around and projected a short burst of subspace radiation from its deflector, causing an impressive swirl of blue lights, almost as if a gigantic flower were blooming in front of the small craft. When it had bloomed fully, the craft dove and vanished in a flurry of light. When it was over, the ship and the blue flower had both vanished, but it was clear what had happened: the renegade has escaped into the mouth of a wormhole that had been created by the interaction of the Trade Winds device and the same renegade's interphase rift. The question was, would the Federation craft hunt the criminal through the wormhole? Or would they remain safely in normal space, licking their wounds?::

((To Be Continued...))

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