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((Lounge - USS Indria-A))

Moving towards a podium that was provided, Captain Assanti, grabbing a wine glass and a butter knife, began clinking her glass. Clink Clink Clink!::

Assanti: Your attention please everyone. I have a surprize for my fine crew.

The room grew silent.::

Assanti: Usually, crews of starships wait for the ends of a mission to do what I'm about to do. However, considering the outstanding performance and attitudes of my crew so far on this mission, I can only do what is in my capacity to do.

Cura looked at Sam and gave him a nod and gestured for him to retrieve a bag that she had placed on a nearby, empty table. Returning with the bag, Cura asked that Sam hand her what was in the bag one by one. Receiving the first box that was in the bag, Cura read the name on the box and smiled brightly.::

Assanti: Lt. jg Jarak Krescha, front an center!

Cura smiled as Jarak walked up toward her, looking quite puzzled and perplexed as Klingons often do when surprised.::

Assanti: Lt. jg Jarak Krescha, based on your dedication, enthusiasm and creativity, it is with great pleasure that I uprank you to Full Lieutenant.

Cura opened the box and took out the full pip and placed it on his dress white collar with a big smile.::

Assanti: Congratulations, Lieutenant Krescha.

Assanti: Lt. Jacen Fanel, won't you join me up here, please?

Cura looked into Jacen's eyes and smiled. She knew this was a long time in coming.::

Assanti: Lt. Jacen Fanel, despite your tendency to act before I can even say so, I believe the time has come for you to move up to Lt. Cmdr. ::Cura opened the box, taking out the half pip of a Lt. Cmdr and placed it on Jacen's collar. She gently brushed off his shoulders a bit.:: As I do you this honor, I hope you will continue with Star Fleet, respecting and honoring us with your excellent instincts. I hope to see more out of you in time to come.

Assanti: ::shaking his hand.:: Good work Lt Cmdr Fanel.

Cura watched as Jacen took his place in the crowd. Then, she turned back to Sam and grabbed yet another box from the bag.::

Assanti: Ensign Della Vetri, front and center, please

As the Joined Trill woman walked up to her and stopped before her, Cura couldn't help but smile. In the short time she had known the Counselor, she had seen all good things from her. Her dedication and contributions reminded her of herself. As she looked on her young but beautiful face, she knew this Joined Trill was going places in the fleet.::

Assanti: Ensign Della Vetri, I am very proud and honored to give you the rank of Lt.jg. :: Cur opened the box, taking out thehalf pip and pinning it on her collar.:: Congratulations, Lt. jg Vetri. You've earned it.

Cura watched the Joined Trill move back to her place in the crowd. Then Cura grabbed another box, turned to the crowd and smiled.::

Assanti: Ensign Jacob Wentworth on the double.

Assanti: ::smiling at Jake, she tried to appear all business, but she couldn't hide her enjoyment of this.:: Ensign Jacob Wentworth, it is with pleasure that I uprank you to Lt. jg. :: Cura opened the box, took the half pip out of it and pinned it on his collar.:: Congratulations, Lt. jg Wentworth.

Assanti: I hope to see great things from you in Security.

Grabbing another box, Cura continued.::

Assanti: Ensign Awa Alexander. front and center please

Assanti: ::smiling at her as she moved to stand before her.:: Ensign Awa Alexander, for your willingness to stand in the gaps and take on the helm, when we had no helm officer and for you outstanding performance in that post, I hereby uprank you to Lt jg to be in charge of Helm and Ops from this day forth. As we boldly go, I hope for you to be piloting my vessel.

Cura took the pip from the box and placed the half pip on her collar, patted her shoulder and smiled. ::

Assanti: Nice work, Lt jg Alexander. Your ancestors would be proud of you.

Cura grabbed yet another box from Sam's hands. She smiled at him as she did. This wasn't yet over with.::

Assanti: Ensign Nathan Baker,

Assanti: ::Cura smiled as the newest addition to her crew came forward.:: Even though you've not been with us long, Ensign Baker, I have found your work in engineering to be outstanding. You and your department head got us out of a hairy situation not to long ago and your performance on the away mission did not go unnoticed. You were able to assist the Romulan Civilian Transport get their power back online and managed to avoid further bloodshed on that vessel with your quick thinking. I'm not one to ignore one's work and dedication. I hereby uprank you to Lt jg with all that comes with said rank.

Shaking his hand, Cura watched him go back to his place and then grabbed another box.::

Assanti: Lt. Susan Banks, please come forward.

Assanti: Lieutenant Susan Banks, I must say thank you for your efforts in the decorations this evening.:: to the crowd:: Lt. Banks was responsible for the beautiful decorations here this evening. She's done a fine job. Yet, back to business. Lt. Banks, based on your dedication and hard work as well as your wonderful contributions on duty and off, I hereby uprank you to Lt. Cmdr. As well, with that upranking, I would like to offer you the position of Chief Science Officer.

Assanti: Sleep on it tonight and let me know in the morning, Lt. Cmdr Banks. Congratulations

Cura watched Susan take her place again and then, she continued, grabbing this time a red tunic from the bag.::

Assanti: Lt. Cmr Tash Zubowskivich, front and center, please.

Assanti: Lt. Cmdr Tash Zubowskivich, there are times in one's career where it may seem there's no progression. I had thought that at one time, but I know differently now. Knowing that you'd do anything for ship and crew and knowing...your heart. I hereby appoint you ship's Second Officer.

Cura took the red tunic and draped it over Tash's shoulders and smiled as the crowd applauded..::

Assanti: I'm sure you'll bring definition and respect to the position with honor.

Cura wasn't sure how Tash was going to take this. It was obvious that she was surprising him with this move, but she was certain it was the right one. She didn’t know if he knew T'Lea was gone. She knew they had some unfinished business but she dismissed that thought and applauded as he walked back to his place in the crowd.::

Assanti: Thank you for your undivided attention as I awarded my fine crew with well deserved promotions. But now, let us continue with the festivities. For our enjoyment and listening pleasure, there is a singing game that Terrans used to engage in at parties and clubs. What happens is the music and lyrics will be played and displayed on the view screen there.:: Cura gestured towards the large view screen.:: and someone will come up to the mic here and try and sing the song. In the past on Earth, people would applaud for the person they think did the best. Therefore, to not put anyone on the spot, I will attempt to start this off. Hopefully, I won't be off tune.

Cmdr Cura Assanti Commanding Officer USS Indria-A NCC86482