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The events in this SIM occurred on stardate 238701.31

((Trauma Center, Starbase 118))

::Ensign Taneko, a surgical nurse, was walking through the Trauma Center (or what some might call the ER) one his way back to Surgery from the Main Nurse’s Station, when he heard a doctor shout, “I need a hand over here.” He looked around and he was the closest, unoccupied, nurse to her.::

Taneko: Yes, Sir?


::The doctor turned back to the Bajoran man.::

Shelley: What’s you name, Petty Officer?

Norven: Norven Taur.

Shelley: ::glancing at his gold collar:: Security?

Norven: Engineering.

::Doctor Shelley nodded, and then frowned as she looked at the biobed readings.::


Shelley: Oh my god, she’s almost completely exsanguinated! We need to do a transfusion immediately.

::Taneko betrayed little, but he was completely shocked. There was no blood apparent on the woman’s uniform, so where did all the blood go?::

Taneko: I’m on it!

::Taneko ran back over the nursing station and told them to have Terran blood brought out of storage ASAP.::

::When Taneko got back to the doctor’s side she was leaning over the patient, listening to something she was saying.::

Canning: …sparkle…

Taneko: What did she say?


::Unfortunately, Canning was unable to say anything more and would never say anything again. With a slight sigh escaping her lips, her heart stopped. Despite the best efforts of the sickbay team, they were unable to revive her. Doctor Shelley glanced over to the waiting area where Norven had been taken as she patted her compatriots on the shoulders.::

Shelley: There was nothing more we could have done. ::beat:: I’ll go talk to her friend.

::Taneko was going to make the woman’s body a little more presentable when he noticed two marks on her neck.::

Taneko: Doctor, you better come look at these marks.

Shelley: ::frowning:: What marks?

Taneko: ::pointing:: Here. On her neck.

::Bending over the body, Shelley looked closely at where Canning’s hair was now being pulled back from her neck. Two small puncture wounds approximately three centimeters apart showed starkly against her ashen skin, though there was no sign of blood. Shelley straightened herself.::

Shelley: That’s… ::beat:: I had a conversation with a sphinx this afternoon. I know what I’m thinking, but if you have more rational ideas I’d be more than happy to hear them.

Taneko: I have no idea what you're thinking, but it appears to be the result of some kind of animal attack to me.


Taneko: A what?


Taneko: That’s one myth I don’t think anyone would like to see come true.


Taneko: And you said you saw a “sphinx”?


Taneko: That’s highly unusual…


Ensign Taneko

Nurse Starbase 118