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((Ballroom - Embassy Duronis II))

::By the time Toni got back to her seat, Hannibal and Kamela were taking their seats too. Looking out over the crowd, Toni saw a few more guests come in. Some unexpected, but welcome nonetheless. As soon as they, and everyone else, were seated, she stood up, moving behind the podium.::

Turner: Your attention please. ::waiting until the mumble of voices subsided:: I'm Fleet Captain Toni Turner, and this, ::motioning to Garth:: is my son Garth and escort for the evening:: To his right is Lt. Commander Hannibal Parker, my First Officer, and his wife, Lt. Commander Kamela Allison, Intelligence Officer here at the Embassy and on the USS Thunder. We're here to welcome you all to the Federation Embassy Duronis II, and Til'ahn.

At this time I'd like to recognize a few of our guests. Please stand when you are recognized. First of all is Laudean Prime Minister Vail Daysa and his wife, Britta, the Laudean Cultural Director. ::Vail and Britta stood and nodded to the crowd.:: We appreciate you for joining us for this special occasion.

Captain Sam Perkins and . . . :: looking at the German Shepherd:: his pet.  ::covering the mic with her hand, whispering to Hannibal:: Have security tell Captain Perkins that we have a kennel if he cares to use it. Also have Valentino find out why those sitting near him are moving away so fast. Looks like they are about to vomit when they move.::

Ambassador Della Vetri and her wife, Lt. Commander T'Lea, Chief Science Officer, on leave.


Parker: Will do Captain....

Turner: I'd like to recognize crew of the USS Victory

<Applause; whooping; yelling; shouting>

Turner: Now to recognize our guests on the dais. Please hold your applause until I finish.

From Right to left we have:

Fleet Captain Idril Mar, Senior Member of the Executive Council and JAG Officer, and her husband Danny Wilde;

Fleet Captain Cassandra Egan Manno, of the Menthar Corridor Region and USS Garuda Commanding Officer, Member of the Executive Council;

Rear Admiral Andrus Jaxx, Member of the Executive Council and Commanding Officer of the USS Apollo-A, and Commander Sundassa Faranster;

Commander Nugra, Commanding officer of the USS Victory and his daughter, Iria.


Turner: At this time I'd like to turn the podium over to Rear Admiral Jaxx. ::Leading a short applause and stepping back, Toni returned to her seat.::

:: Moving by Nugra and Toni, Jaxx took the podium. It was not the first time he spoke to a large audience, but it was as intimidating as the first time. It was something that he never fully adapted to. Pulling two small boxes from his pocket, he placed in in front of him. With a ceremony like that, it was more symbolic than practical. Placing his hands on the sides of the podium, he mentally reminded himself to keep them there and not to talk with his hands. Looking out at the assembled guests, he spoke.::

Jaxx: Thank you Fleet Captain Turner, Commander Nugra, Crews of the Embassy and USS Victory, and distinguished guests. It is not easy serving out on the edge of Federation space, or even beyond it. You are often far from home, loved ones, and friends. But you are never alone. You form bonds with your crewmates and they become your family, friends, and if the deployment is long enough...loved ones.

<<Pause for laughter?>>

Over the years families change. The USS Victory holds a special place in my heart. It was my first command.  ::turning to Nugra:: Commander, if nothing else, we both have that in common. She was able to guide me and my crew through some rough patches, both on her own and as our support vessel after I took command of Starbase 118. Thus far, she has managed to bring you safely home, or wherever your next journey lies. ::shifting his weight to face Nugra a bit more:: Commander Nugra, on your feet please.

:: Quickly snapping to his feet, he approached the Admiral and came to a rigid attention. This man was a flag officer and one of the more powerful people in Starfleet. ::

Nugra: Yes, sir!

Jaxx: You have earned the respect of your crew...your family. Your leadership serves as their guiding beacon. As long as it flashes, I can trust that the Victory will keep bringing you home. Commander Nugra, on behalf of Starfleet Command, you are hereby promoted to the rank of captain, with all rights and privileges afforded to said rank.

:: Nugra took the box filled the four gold pips and stared at it almost in disbelief. Had he made captain? The Gorn had always assumed that the Victory was a temporary assignment to deal with the Hunger and now that their portal in to their galaxy was destroyed, he would be relieved of command and re-assigned. It seemed starfleet had other plans for him. ::

((OOC: Hunger mission for those interested: ))

Nugra: Thank you, sir!

:: Returning to his seat and trying not to trip over his own feet. With a nod, Jaxx moved back over to the podium.::

Jaxx: It is a strange thing, our surrogate families. They are fluid. They change over the years. Each shift allows you to gain experience and knowledge along the way. Many years ago, I had one pip. Assigned to a heavy cruiser on a deep space assignment, I was eager to serve. I was lucky enough to earn a placement on the USS Challenger. There was an experienced officer there, though at the time Toni Turner was a Lieutenant Commander.  ::looking to Toni:: She taught me a lot. No matter which direction our careers took, our passion remained the same. ::gesturing around the ballroom::

Many years later, as her XO, we arrived right here on this planet. This grand place, the heart of Federation influence in the sector, was in shambles. The people...not much better off. There are many hands that helped rebuild this installation to what it is today, and the person responsible for it is Fleet Captain Toni Turner.


Nobody could have done what you did, Captain. Your drive and dedication are an inspiration to us all. Starfleet Command wants to see that passion spread far beyond our borders, and people like you are needed to lead the charge. ::turning fully toward her:: Fleet Captain Toni Turner, please rise.

::Toni stood, although she feared her knees would buckle out of sheer nervousness. She was not use to any one recognizing her in such a meaningful way.::

Jaxx: On behalf of Starfleet Command, you are hereby promoted to the rank of Rear Admiral, with all rights and privileges afforded to said rank.

Turner: ::Shaking his hand:: Thank you.

Jaxx: ::smiling as he shook her hand, and then pointing around them after she took the box with her new rank insignia:: You may also need an addition for the bump in personal staff, Admiral. ::laughing::

Turner: ::Getting his drift:: No thank you, three is enough!

Jaxx: Everyone, I give you Rear Admiral Toni Turner and Captain Nugra!

::With everyone else, Jaxx applauded. It was good to see Toni and Nugra again, and it was even better to see another pip on each of their collars. He hoped it would not be another five years before he got a chance to speak to Toni again.::

Egan Manno: Admiral, Captain, please allow me to offer my most sincere congratulations on your promotions.

Turner: Thank you, Fleet Captain.

Nugra: Thank you, Captain, and my wishes to the Garuda crew.

::When the waiters began serving didn't, Toni sat down for a moment, then stood again.::

Turner: Please enjoy your meal, and while you are doing that, I'd like to render my very first duty as Rear Admiral. ::looking at the table where the USS Thunder crew was seated.:: Would Ensign Brell and Gina Es-Aleh please come to the front of the dais?

:: As they made their way up, Toni descended the stairs of the dais, meeting them in front of the center flower arrangement.::

Reaching into her pocket she withdrew a half pip pinning it to Brell's collar.::

Turner: Ensign Brell, it is with great pleasure that I promote you to Lieutenant JG, with all the duties and privileges afforded by the rank. Your experience with the Laudeans and expertise at the helm of the Thunder -A has been a great help to us already, and I hope it will continue for a very long time. Congratulations!

:: Brell stood and both Lyldra and Hars looked at him lovenigly as he and Gina made their way up. Their new Admiral descended the stairs of the dais, meeting them in front of the center flower arrangement. From her pocket she withdrew a half pip pinning it to Brell's collar his eyes went wide and his face broke into a beaming smile.::

Brell: Thank you. ::his smile going even wider:: Admiral.


Turner: ::retrieving a full pip from her pocket, she pinned it to Gina's collar.:: Not many of you know, but Gina Es-Aleh has been attending Starfleet Academy, and today I received official word that she has graduated and earned the rank of Ensign with all the duties and privileges afforded by the rank. Congratulations, Ensign!

:: "Meep?" was *not* the proper response, even though it was about all Gina could think of to say. Hell, with the overrrides kicking in to stop her heart rate and adrenaline levels spiking massively, she was barely capable of thought at all.::

Es-Aleh: Thank you, Admiral. I'll try to do it, and you, proud. oO Who was that? Who said that? It wasn't me, 'cause it was actual *words*. Oo