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Ensign Rriarr Turner, a Caitian, is a Engineering Officer currently serving on the Discovey-B.


Full Name: Rriarr Turner

Current Rank: Ensign

Race: Caitian

Date of Birth: Unknown (Assumed 236311.19)

Place of Birth: Unknown (Raised in Dublin)

Gender: Male

Handedness: Right-handed

Birthmark: A white moon shape on his right shoulder.


Height: 5” 11’

Weight: 76Kg

Hair Color: Brown fur all over body

Eye Color: Green


Spouse: N/A

Children: N/A


Father: Robert Turner (Adopted Father, Human (54))

Mother: Sarah Turner (Adopted mother, Human (55))

Siblings: Robert Turner Junior (27)

       : Emilia Turner (25)


Rriarr was found by Robert and Sarah Turner as a baby in the city of Dublin. Despite their attempts to try and found his parents, they were unable to. Because of this they decide to adopt him and raise him alongside their son and daughter. They decided to give him a Cait name to help him feel less out of place. The name they choose was one of the great builders of Cait.

Growing up for Rriarr was very hard as he was a felinoid with humanoid. However his brother and sister make sure to help him any way they could.

When he was 10, his parents told him how he became a Turner. Rriarr was thankful for his adopted family for taking care of him but decided to try and finds out what happen to his parents.

When he was 18, Rriarr decided to enter Starfleet Academy. He knew that his father had wanted to when he was younger, but dropped out after his wife became pregnancy.

During his time at the academy Rriarr did studying in engineering and operations.