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The Royal Navy is a naval military branch of the United Earth AeroNav Combined Services. It is one of Earth's longest-operating militaries, originating as the naval division of the armed forces of Old Britain many centuries ago. Despite primarily operating on Earth, the Royal Navy has been known to have space-faring vessels of its own[1]. Most, if not all, vessels in the Royal Navy use the HMS prefix.


Following the unification of Earth in the 2150s, naval services across the planet merged into five new or existing organisations to cover the naval operations of the planet's oceans. Though typically functioning independently, all navies operate under the Combined Services[2].

In 2288, FNP Huxley collided with HMS Aegis due to coxswain error. Though crews of both vessels survived the incident, the Huxley sank to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Over a hundred years later, sailors may still be heard speculating that unidentified objects on the horizon may be the Huxley on a collision course with their vessels.

HMS Coldone, one of the navy's vessels stationed in the Pacific ocean waters above Australia, was finally decommissioned from thirty years of active service in 2399.


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