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Rodulan swuit stick

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Swuit sticks are a favoured sugary treat, mainly from the Rodulan homeworld. Since becoming quite popular on Rodul, they have branched out to various other places.

  • Place of Origin: Basul Rodul
  • Preferred Temperature: Room temperature or frozen
  • Prominent Flavors: Many different varieties including;
    • Gramosha
      • Similar to that of black liquorice, and was only recently developed.
    • Breshen
      • A raspberry flavour.
    • Ermach
      • Sour blueberry flavour.
  • Serving Suggestions: As a popsicle or set at room temperature on a stick
  • Prominent Ingredients: Sugar, fruit syrups, various other sugary ingredients found on Rodul dependent on the flavour.
  • Preferred Meal / Course: May be served as dessert, or simply as treats.

Physical Description

General swuit stick

Swuit sticks generally are a chewy and sticky lolly-like substance and normally hold around twenty centimetres worth of swuit (being almost an inch thick). Rodul's largest swuit stick is up to six metres long. Swuit sticks vary in colour depending on flavour.

Frozen swuit sticks

These sticks are similar to that of ice pops, though are shorter than general swuit sticks.

Preparatory notes

Cultural significance

Other notes

Swuit sticks (of both general and frozen types) are easily prepared at home.