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This village is probably the smallest with only 10,000 and another 5,000 within a 25 km radius. It is located about 185 km inland along the banks of the same river as the capitol city of Cru'ela. It is also the farthest settlement upriver of native born Mirians here on Miri IV.

It is on the south side of river and the village itself is constructed of rough stone and timbers, with a mix of both being used in many buildings. There are no buildings over 2 stories tall and the roads are only wide enough for 1 wagon to travel at anyone time.

That is except for the 2 major roads, one of which goes east, west and the other one goes north, south from the docks out to the edge of the city.


The mayor is Calib Brannon a 47 year old mechanic. He is a relaxed, laidback man with dirty black hair, beard and brown eyes. He is 5'8", 200 lbs.


Their representative to the Miri Planetary Council is Nick Loran. This disagreeable obnoxious man is about 5'11", 190 lbs, with short spiky rusty brown hair and an unshaven face. He speaks his mind, insults everyone, dislikes all outlanders intensely and could not care less how he looks.