Rick Reynolds

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  • Name: Rick Reynolds
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: unknown
  • Height: 5f 7
  • weight: 13stones
  • Species: Android
  • Birth: Planet Deta VII
  • Languages: Is able to speak many
  • Description: Rick looks like avg human male with skin colour to match, its belived that Rick has a strength times 2 of that of a human but has never been full tested
  • Intrests: Reading of classic 20th Books, card games, Model making of starships, Ship desgin
  • Education: Spent Four Years at StarFleet Academy
  • Service: Served for a Year on USS Lynx


At the time it was thought there was only one true Android and that being in the form of Data created by Dr Soong. Untill Rick was found, yet that is not Rick true name when he was activated, on Deta VII he had no knowledge of who he was or what he was and Ricks first memory is that of being activated after being found by the landing party on Deta VII. Rick came to choice his name by taking the first and last name from two of the landing party as there tryed figure out how he got there. Rick at the time of being activated had a mind of a child even that he was that of a grown adult.

On his way back to earth the Engineer of USS FireStorm adopted him. He felt sorry for Rick as no one had time to sit down and explain to him what was going around him. What the Engineer couldnt get over was how obseving and the abilty to learn at an accelerated pace, very soon Rick was able to understand the inner workings of the Engines to the FireStorm to the point of abling to saved the Engineer that took him under his wing by spotting a overload that would have killed the Enginner. On the both the Engineer and Captain high recommendtion that Rick should join Star Fleet and develop "intrest" in Engineering.

Another "intrest" Rick picked on the time he was on the FireStorm was that of model making, something that the Engineer often did which Rick picked up on. He couldnt explain why he liked doing it accpet a phase he borrowed from the Engineer he liked to get his hands dirty. Rick came up with a couple of desgins which where included in the report by the Engineer and Cap on why he should join Star Fleet, and at present Star Fleet are "looking in to"

Rick spent four years at StarFleet Academy, in fact due to his nature of being to learn at accelerated rate he only needed to do three years at the Academy but the first year was that of social skills building due to his state of mind of a child not that of adult. Still Rick past with flying colours as a engineer, Star Fleet wanted to cont his work in Ship Desgin at the Utopia Ship Yards on Mars. Yet Rick said no he wanted to serve on a Star Ship so that he could cont to get his hand dirty and also be able to explore galaxy.

His first posting was that on the USS Lynx where the Engineer took a disliking to him due to being a Andriod. He give him the dirtyest of jobs that no else would want to do, yet without question Rick carryed out what was required and over time the Engineers view on Rick changed seeing how hard working and helpful he was. The Enginer even defend Rick after he heared some crew members make jokes about Rick