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The Resiliency is a Romulan essentialist group seeking to "safeguard" the rebound of the empire, through whatever means they see as effective.

They started as a political movement, but have recently turned into a terrorist organization using more drastic tactics to ensure the freedom of the Romulan Empire.

Known information about The Resiliency and the Ralaaram Ocala:

  • The Resiliency started out as a political movement encouraging Romulus to shed off outside influence (especially Federation influence).
  • However after the defeat of the forces of the Ralaaram Ocala at the hands of the USS Excalibur-A, the remaining members of the hyper-violent terrorist organization joined with the well established Resiliency, turning the former into a much darker and aggressive organization.
  • The Resiliency has been in existence for the better part of a decade, and includes many non-violent members with financial or political power spread out over Romulan space. Many of these supporters have no desire to enter into risky activities.
  • The Ralaaran Ocala has only been in existence for a year, but is far more active and militant.