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Reporter Issue #30

  • Issue Number: 30
  • Issue Date: 237604.03
  • Editor: Commander Leigha Jacobs

"With the first link, the chain is forged. The first speech censured, the first thought forbidden, the first freedom denied, chains us all irrevocably."

-Captain Picard, quoting Judge Aaron Satie from TNG episode "The Drumhead"


A Happy Easter/Passover/Spring to all! Well, this is the Reporter's thirtieth issue in the history of UFOP. Somewhat of a minor mildstone I thought I would mention to everyone. So, here is to another thirty issues and more!

1. Starbase 118 Statistics

The United Federation of Planets is always expanding and this section keeps track of the total number of senior staff, who are associated with Starbase 118. (OOC - in other words the total number of UFOP members)

Number of Duty Stations: 11

Number of Senior Staff: 127

(Currently, this number reflects only the number of simmers participating in the email branch of UFOP.)

Membership is on the increase once more, which is great. Let's keep it going, spread the word, and tell your friends about us!

2. Up and Coming Officers in Starfleet

Congratulations to the following officers on their promotions:


Lieutenant Commander

  • John Fairaget, Starbase 118


  • Rachel Daninburg, USS Caledonia
  • Nikarro Azarro, USS Indria-A
  • Thomas Bain, USS Indria-A

Lieutenant, Junior Grade

  • Jay Ross, USS Caledonia
  • Robert Whitney, USS Caledonia
  • Jardek, USS Indria-A
  • Sanura Tarfon, USS Indria-A
  • O'Donnel, Starbase 118
  • Somak, Starbase 118


  • Allen O'Malley --->XO, USS Indria-A

3. Starfleet News Service

Into the Unknown

Report Author: Captain Reginald Lecrisp

Report Source: USS Arizona-A

The newly commissioned USS Arizona- A left spacedock under the command of Reginald Lecrisp.

The Captain started to make unrealistic demands on the crew of the Arizona. Captain Lecrisp had suffered somewhat from his previous assignments. As we continued our cruise, we made rendezvous with the USS Marshal Dillon, only to find her deserted. Scans of the area proved fruitless, and a boarding party was attacked by xenomorphs, counting heavy casualties among the Arizona's Marine unit, including the Marine C.O., Lt. Bok. The crew of the Dillon has now been found, and we are engaged in mopping up activities on board the Dillon. The explanation for her missing crew is still pending...

Rescue Attempt Successful

Report Author: Commander Leigha Jacobs

Report Source: USS Caledonia

Once it had been discovered that the FS-90 fighter shuttle that Commander Leigha Jacobs had been piloting in a defensive run against Borash aliens, had been abducted, a rescue mission was immediately planned. However, beknownst to the Caledonia crew as the tried to think of a way to get their missing crew home, much was happening deep in the heart of Cardassian space. The four Caledonia officers that had been abducted were divided into two groups. The first group of two officers had been tortured for tactical information at the hands of Obsidian Order personnel. The other two officers, including Commander Jacobs, were treated almost as revered guests.

The commanding officer of the Cardassian ship had turned out to be none other than the Kaldrynnian princess, Alteea, that the Caledonia had originally sent to find. The product of a marriage between a father who was the child of the king of the Borash and leader of the ruling house on Kaldrynnia, and an alien mother, Alteea shared a trouble heritage. Having been born of a brief but forceful encounter between the crown prince of Borash and Kaldrynnia and a Cardassian female scientist, Alteea was seen as a sign of hope for her peoples provided her father could unite the two planets of his birth. However, before her father could unite the two planets and end the war, he died in a shuttle crash. Thus, Alteea was left to do what was best for all three entities involved.

It was the princess' belief that the war between the Borash and Kaldrynnians was what kept the economies of both worlds going. If it were to end, life would be unbearable on both Borash and Kaldrynnia. Knowing that this was not something she could let happen, Alteea has done her best to sabotage the peace process between the two worlds. However, when the Caledonia had arrived, all of her work started to unravel. Thus, after it became apparent that the Borash "drainer" technology would not be enough to deter the Caledonia, she resorted to the next phase of her plan---kidnapping Jacobs and her officers so that they could come to some type of an understanding.

Alteea offered Jacobs a choice. If she simply went on her way and forgot about Alteea, thus leaving the war alone to progress as it will, things would be fine. Basically, all the princess wanted was Jacobs' silence. Alteea suggested that Jacobs simply return to Federation space and forget that the Caledonia had ever found Alteea, or say to Starfleet Command that they discovered that Alteea was dead with nothing more to be done. If Jacobs agreed to that, and then Alteea promised her that Jacobs and her officers could go free. Alteea's only desire was to have the Federation back out of the Kaldrynnian/Borash situation.

A short time later, Jacobs and her officers were safely aboard the Caledonia. Heading back to Federation space, Jacobs sent her in her report that the only thing that had occurred on the mission was the defection of the Caledonia's mission specialist, Elsa Trevet. Trevet had gone back to a cell of Cardassians still fighting against the Cardassian/Dominion alliance. With their work done, the Caledonia headed back to Starbase 118 to undergo repairs and enjoy some much deserved rest.

Adevtures Underground Abound

Report Author: Captain Brad Paine

Report Source: Daris 2 Colony

The colony crew, trapped in the sub-basements of the colony due to a polluted habitat above, discover a cavern behind one of the walls in the basement. After gaining entry into the cavern, the crew discovers a new species. Paine orders all officers back into the sub-basement, for time to regroup and review first contact protocol. However, two members of the aforementioned species come to the mouth of the cavern. As Paine moves forward to greet them, they flee. Paine orders that the wall be recovered, and soon after the pollution problem above-ground is solved.

The crew moves back into their homes and begins taking stock of the damage done by the power outage. Meanwhile, the Ithaca leaves for Starbase 118. As Commander Valeris and Ensign Etherton's shuttle begin their return to Daris, two Dominion warships move in, and destroy the defector Dominion ship in the sector. Valeris, and Etherton make it back to the surface safely.

As things return to normal, the crew repairs the damage, and deals with a few strange injuries...

To Assimilate or not to Assimilate. . .

Report Author: Commodore Shaun Marlin

Report Source: USS Indria-A

After diverting from its intended destination, to investigate some anomalous readings from an 'uninhabited' system, the USS Indria-A was shot down and crash-landed on the surface of a planet. The source of the attack, and its reason, were unknown.

Stranded the Indria requested assistance from its sister vessel, the USS Ranger-A. Together the two crews had to investigate the source of the attack and then to recover a disastrous first contact with a powerful race of aliens. With a very real danger of both crews being assimilated by the Borg, the crews of both ships face a race against time to try and gain the assistance of an alien race that they cannot even communicate with.

Heading for a routine mission, the USS Indria-A stopped to investigate some anomalous readings from the uninhabited Wolf 763 system. The system contains seven planets and is surrounded by a huge asteroid belt, the Wolf 763 'cluster'. It was discovered that this belt held the crippled form of the original USS Indria, which was meant to have been destroyed at Wolf 359.

An away team took a runabout to investigate the crippled vessel because the Indria-A was too large to safely navigate so far into the cluster. Meanwhile the Indria-A carried onto the planet Wolf 763-VII (Wolf 7) to investigate more anomalous readings.

The Indria-A had not even established a standard orbit when it was attacked by an immensely powerful energy weapon. The shot knocked the Indria-A into atmosphere of Wolf 7 and, unable to achieve escape velocity, the Indria-A crash-landed upside-down on the planets surface. The ship was able to boost Hull Integrity Fields enough to save the vessels infrastructure, however most major systems were crippled in the crash. All that was known about the source of the attack was that it came from one of two large polar power plants, located on either planetary pole.

The away team investigating the original Indria in the cluster was unaware of these events, and arrived at the Indria to discover it was very severely damaged, irreparable. Dampening fields in the area prevented any deep scans, however the team discovered that somehow life support was being maintained in a small area in Engineering and that there were bio-rhythms there also. The away team boarded the Indria to find some members of the original Indria crew still alive, and apparently working in cooperation with two Borg drones. They had not yet been assimilated however it was hypothesized that due to the unusual dampening fields in the area, assimilation had been drastically slowed - but was in progress.

The away team also noticed a young trill doctor, who had been kidnapped some months earlier after resigning Starfleet, she didn't appear to have been assimilated for some reason. A brief confrontation between the two groups resulted in a stand-off, when Cmdr. O'Malley threatened to destroy the vessel with an explosive device. Lt. Alfa left the away team and returned to the Indria-A for assistance, only to find that it was crashed on Wolf 7. Meanwhile, the rest of the away team discovered the original Indria was crawling with Borg, and were forced to effectuate an escape. With few options for escape, the team along with the trill doctor, Drew Brittain, all crowded into one of the Indria's warp nacelles, and manually released the nacelle from the crippled vessel.

On the surface of Wolf 7, the Indria-A lay prone, recovering from the shock of the sudden crash-landing. Nearby was a small Halanan shuttle, which had been similarly attacked, and held a single Halanan, Danna, a female civilian. Inside the vessel, the Indria crew was attempting to establish some sort of order over the chaos of the crash. With many fatalities and most major systems offline, matters were only made worse by the ship being upside down, as the gravity of the planet meant the crew had to walk around on what was usually the ceiling of each deck.

At the same time, a young Ensign newly assigned and en route to the Indria-A, Niko Azzaro, followed the Indria-A's warp trails to the planet Wolf 7. Unaware of the away teams presence in the cluster, and obviously concerned as to why the Indria-A was on the planets surface, he took his shuttle down and landed near the crashed vessel. Exiting his shuttle, he found the Halanan, Danna, whom he thought was responsible for the attack and so took into custody. The two then entered the Indria-A using one of the many manual entry points on the vessel, and searched for the captain, in order to find out what had gone on.

The senior staff of the Indria-A had now regrouped and were on the ships battle bridge, the temporary center of operations. Azarro and Danna met with the captain, Commodore Shaun Marlin, to discuss their version of events. Marlin was disturbed to learn that Azarro had encountered a Commander by the name of Decker, when no such commander existed on the Indria. Several other strange events, including a doppelganger of Marlin being sighted, led the crew to believe that some sort of shapeshifting alien race may be involved. After a brief investigation, it was revealed that Danna, the Halanan civilian, had projective telepathic abilities, and her state of shock meant they were being used without her even realizing it.

Soon after, Lt. Alfa returned to the Indria-A, and reported to Marlin the events that had occurred up to his departure from the away team. Marlin immediately ordered a rescue operation using the Indria-A's 6 FS-90 attack fighters and 1 runabout, headed by Ensign Azarro. The rescue team found the away team in the floating nacelle. However en route back to the planets surface, the rescue team was fired upon by the same polar energy weapon that had attacked the Indria-A earlier. The more agile fighters were able to avoid the weapon, but the runabout was crippled and crashed some distance from the Indria-A. The fighters landed in the vicinity of the crashed runabout and escorted any personnel or salvageable equipment back to the Indria-A.

It was around this time, that the USS Ranger-A, the Indria-A's sister vessel under the command of Commodore Brian Kelly, arrived in the Wolf 763 system, in response to the Indria-A's distress signal. The Ranger was met by the team of Indria fighters, who updated them on recent events and warned the Ranger to keep safely out of the polar weapons range on Wolf 7.

The Indria-A, on the surface of Wolf 7, was starting to regain some semblance of order. Many major systems were back online, and the ships Chief Engineering Officer, Lt. Cmdr. Skye had determined that the ship was very much salvageable although it would need assistance to be able to leave the planets atmosphere. With the threat of the polar weapon though, the Ranger could not get close enough to be able to render that assistance. To make matters worse, Indria-A sensors picked up some form of energy field approaching the ship. With this revelation, which had to be treated as a threat, the crew's priorities changed from one of repair, to defense and so most personnel began working on establishing a perimeter defense around the crashed vessel.

Receiving news of the energy field which was approaching the Indria-A, the Ranger began working on ways to neutralize the threat of the polar weapons, so they could rescue the Indria-A before this energy field was able to arrive there. The Ranger's phasers and photon torpedoes proved ineffective against two huge shields which protected each pole. Resorting to a back-up plan, the Ranger then launched its own fighters, along with the Indria-A's fighters to carry out a two point plan. The first group of fighters was to provide cover fire, whilst the rest were to drop insertion teams at the northern pole, whose goal was to overcome a possible weakness in the shield that protected it.

On the surface of Wolf 7, drastic events were taking place however. Cmdr. O'Malley along with Ensign Bain, Drew Brittain and Crewman Matthews (NPC) had taken the Indria runabout Viper to take a look at this approaching energy field. They discovered that the field was a huge 'bubble-like' field, of swirling gases, which they could not see through nor scan through.

Unbeknownst to the crew of the Viper, the field was a large 'bio-shield' which encompassed over 100 alien lifeforms. The alien lifeforms had taken the Indria-A entry into their system as an act of aggression and saw the Starfleet officers, both on the planet and in orbit, as invaders. The aliens were en route to the Indria-A to prevent the 'invaders' apparent attempt to expand their invasion, which in truth was only the Indria-A personnel performing a reconnaissance sweep of the surrounding area.

Intrigued by the bio-shield Cmdr. O'Malley left the safety of the Viper and ventured up to the bio-shield. Without touching it, he examined it visually, in awe of the beauty of the swirling gases. He was amazed to say the least, when the alien group's leader, Kalia, left the bio shield and appeared only a short distance from O'Malley. What had started as a simple recon. mission had just developed into a first contact mission. The alien was between 7 and 8 feet tall, and much stockier than average sized humanoids. It wore bio-armor whose outer surface swirled with color depending on the aliens emotion.

O'Malley performed well, even though the aliens did not use sound to communicate and were unaware that O'Malley was even trying to communicate with them. However the first contact was about to go horrifically wrong. On the runabout Viper, Drew Brittain mistook an alien gesture as a sign of hostility, leaping from the runabout she fired upon the aliens. Cmdr. O'Malley was able to throw himself in front of the shot, and was rendered unconscious. Brittain immediately ran to assist O'Malley, however the bio-shield affected her phaser rifle unfavorably and the weapon began to overload. Tossing it away from both herself and the aliens, the weapon exploded nearby. Ensign Bain on the Viper was able to beam O'Malley and Brittain away from the explosion, and thankfully the explosion was no match for either the bio-shield or Kale's bio-armor. However the aliens could not understand the unprovoked attack and so turned around and began heading back to the northern pole of the planet.

News of the first contact had filtered through the Starfleet personnel in the system however. Both Commodores Marlin and Kelly were now en route to the first contact site. Marlin was seething when he heard of Brittain's unprovoked attack and ordered her arrest. He was the first to arrive on the scene, along with Danna and Ensign Sanura Tarfon, who was the Indria's most well versed officer on the field of first contact. On the advice of Tarfon, the group set up an encampment at the first contact site in the hope that the aliens would return. Shortly after, Kelly also arrived on the scene, and it was about this time that the aliens, confused and intrigued by the Starfleeters actions so far, turned around and returned to the first contact site.

When news of the first contact had reached the Ranger, they immediately called off the fighters attack of the polar regions. However one of the fighters had already landed in the vicinity of the northern pole, and chose to remain behind and survey the area. Choosing to go unarmed, save for a concealed weapon, Ensign Mon Risen and two Ranger marines, headed to investigate the weapon at the northern pole. They were shocked to discover a beautiful city, teeming with life, at the northern pole. The weapon and shield were obviously in place to protect this city.

At the first contact site, it was this time Kelly who attempted to establish a level of communication with the aliens. Using visual methods of communication, which had first been used by the aliens, Kelly and Tarfon together were able to begin to establish some level of basic communication. However the mission so far had been dogged by setbacks, and the final kick in the teeth was soon reported by the orbiting Ranger.

The original Borg-infested Indria had begun to move - towards Wolf 7. It was very quickly established that the original Indria had been used to produce a Borg cube, much smaller than normal cubes, but still large enough to pose a significant threat to both crews and the aliens. On the planets surface, the staff at the first contact area realized they had to try and enlist the help of the aliens against the Borg, because without that help both crews would certainly be overcome and assimilated or killed.

Communicating the threat of the Borg to the aliens was not easily achievable though, and whilst the senior staff at the contact site tried to do this, all of the Indria-A's and Rangers fighters were scrambled in a last stand against the Borg cube. Some hope was brought about by Cmdr O'Malley and Ensign Bain who managed to plant a series of explosives on the Borg cube, however even when these detonated, the damage was not significant enough to turn the tide of the battle. The Fighters fell back to re-join the Ranger at the edge of the Wolf 763 cluster, and together they waited for the Borg cube to clear the cluster, where the final stand would begin. . .

At the northern city on Wolf 7, Ensign Risen encountered another group of aliens, who held Risen and the marines at weapon-point, unsure of their intentions. Risen acted well in the contact, overcoming several setbacks in communication. The aliens then took Risen and the marines to the first contact site, on one of the aliens craft.

The staff at the first contact site were growing more grim as time went by, they had been unsuccessful in trying to communicate their request for assistance to the aliens. Marlin had one last attempt at communication, and then unable to do anything more, the group prepared to return to the Indria-A and await the arrival of the Borg. As the staff were about to board the runabout Viper and head back, the aliens showed that they had at last understood the request for help, and agreed to assist the Indria-A off the planet, and help quell the Borg threat, providing both the Indria-A and Ranger left the Wolf 763 system soon after. There was hope of future relations when the aliens showed the Starfleet officers images of the aliens following them once they had left the system, but they were clear in the fact that they wanted Starfleet to leave this system before anything else.

In the space near Wolf 7, the Ranger and fighter compliments of both ships had engaged the cube. The battle was looking grim, however the tide was turned as the Indria-A and a plethora of alien ships joined the fray. The alien ships arranged themselves into formation, and set up a grid which re-focused the polar energy weapon on Wolf 7, and increased its range and power drastically. The weapon struck the Borg cube causing severe damage. Almost crippled, the cube jumped to transwarp, leaving the scene of the battle. Puzzled by this unusual Borg behavior, but elated that they had survived, both crews then kept their end of the agreement with the aliens and left the Wolf 763 system.

Taking up position just outside the Wolf 763 system, both crews effectuated minor repairs. The Indria-A needed starbase attention before returning to active duty, and both ships were required to return to Starbase 118 for the Awards ceremony anyway, so they both then set a course for Starbase 118. On the way to the base, it was discovered that Drew Brittain had indeed been assimilated but with nano-probes which existed in a fluidic plane of the universe. Although these nano-probes were unable to assimilate Brittain, they had substantially affected the chemical balanace between her host and symbiont, explaining her irrational, paranoid behavior on Wolf 7.

Maintenance Mission

Report Author: Commander Jasen Rendary

Report Source: USS Ithaca

The Ithaca has been sent to replace a failed marker buoy. The buoy marks what remains of an ancient ship called the RASHUA. The Rashua was a battle cruiser from Karmain Prime in the Karmainian sector. The Federation has agreed to maintain the buoys in accordance with the treaty signed between Karmain Prime and the UFOP. Karmain Prime supplies much of the Federations needed Deuterium. This has been a relatively simple mission with Ithaca returning to back to Star Base 118 in a matter of days.

It Can't Ever be Simple...Can it?

Report Author: Captain San Aquiss

Report Source: USS Nemesis

Nemesis' shakedown cruise was meant to be a simple survey mission of pre-contact civilization in the Corarna system. It was soon discovered that the Kreddin (natives of Corarna III) had attained warp... leading to a First Contact scenario. To complicate matters - a virus - similar to the Psi-virus was running rampant through the Nemesis - and the IKV Bloodlust - also in the system.

After being cleared of any blame over the loss of the Freedom - the 'Nemesis' and her new crew set out on what should have been a simple charting mission to the Corarna system. The system had last been investigated some twenty years ago - and the natives had just started to move into the 'industrial revolution' phase of development - small scale industry and very low-tech artifacts.

Imagine our surprise when we discovered a network of artificial satellites, a base on the closer planet to Corarna III (Kreddin homeworld) - the base being on Corarna IV which was in the process of being terraformed.

We approached for a closer look - after finding that the satellite network was focussed toward Corarna III and not outward - when we were fired upon by a vessel with a unique cloaking signature. The vessel was black and reflected radiant energies in a way to mask their presence - not the traditional cloak employed by Romulans and Klingons - but highly effective.

The Nemesis moved away from the planet and disabled the attacking vessel... we had been boarded however by what turned out to be cloaked Kreddin - the native population of Corarna III.

After Aquiss used a trick he had employed in battling the menace of Kalendra to ease detection of a cloaked enemy the Kreddin were rounded up and placed in the brig. An examination of Kreddin technology showed that it was related to Ferengi and Vulcan technologies - but at a point a good deal further back in time than we had thought.

A team was sent to investigate the Corarna IV outpost and another to scan for surface anomalies on Corarna III when we were attacked by a fleet of Kreddin warships.

Demma contacted his brother on board the Bloodlust - a Klingon warship that just happened to be in the system and they joined the Nemesis and all of the Nemesis' battle support vessels in holding the Kreddin fleet. Demma had to make his way to the Bloodlust and temporary command as his brother was injured.

The Nemesis group managed to hold of the superior number of Kreddin easily - a little too easily. Aquiss and the crew realized that the Kreddin were well armed but very inexperienced in space battle. Things began to fall in place and using the work of the away teams Aquiss realized that the Kreddin owed their leap in technology to uncovering the remnants of an older more technologically advanced race.

The Nemesis crew found the alien 'mother lode' and threatened to destroy it at all costs if the Kreddin didn't agree to a cease fire... They agreed immediately.

In the mean time away teams returned and infected the crews of the Bloodlust and Nemesis with an intoxicant virus while Aquiss and an away team beamed down for First Contact talks.

The Kreddin were found to be 'savants' natural engineering geniuses who managed to develop the alien technology that was found in the center of a religious site on the planet. Talks progressed well and the Olive Branch Diplomatic group (an ambassador class vessel - the Olive Branch and her two defiant class escorts the Morigal and Athena), approached to continue talks. Lt.Commander Erikson was on board the Olive Branch sent to take a position as Federation Ambassador on board the Nemesis.

During talks it was discovered that the Klingons in the area were harassing the Kreddin for some unknown purpose and when the Bloodlust fired on the Nemesis - all hell threatened to break loose. The Athena and Morrigal intercepted and helped the Nemesis disable the Bloodlust - the Kreddin - aware that their harassers were helpless destroyed the Bloodlust while it was helpless. The Nemesis was able to rescue the majority of the Klingons on board.

In time all affected crew were healed and soon returned to normal.

Investigations showed that the Klingons had been influenced by the psi-Corarni virus and the Nemesis soon left to take the Klingons to a rendezvous with a Klingon ship while the diplomatic wing sent by the Federation opened talks with the Kreddin.

Ranger lends a Helping Hand

Report Author: Commodore Brian Kelly

Report Source: USS Ranger-A

USS RANGER answered a distress call from her sister ship, INDRIA-A, which had encountered an unknown phenomenon and crashed in the Wolf sector.

The mission turned out to be a first contact with an alien race incapable of speech and based upon bio-technology. The Borg were in the system as well, attempting to use the skeleton of the first INDRIA to construct a vessel to continue their assimilation attempt against the species native there. The reason for INDRIA-A's crash, however, was the alien method of defending the system with powerful planetary guns. With luck and sound creative thinking from both crews, we established a common language based on pictures and this in turn allowed a joint effort to destroy the Borg and end their threat to the system.

RANGER and INDRIA-A then returned to Starbase for repairs.

Stolen Ship

Report Author: Captain Skyfire

Report Source: USS Ronin

While on shore leave on the planet Luxor, the crew had a run in with an amourous virus, had their ship stolen from orbit, and attempted to defend the planet from a strange invasion force consisting of the Ferengis and the JemHadar.

Staus Quo

Report Author: Commodore Ciara Randor

Report Source: USS Starwind

Having finally wrapped up their recent problem, the StarWind is enroute to Starbase 118.

4. Starfleet Focus

Have you ever wondered about those funny names that appear listed as apart of UFOP's High Council? Have you ever been curious enough to find out that Leigha Jacobs has the most wicked sense of humour of any council member? Or were you aware of the fact that not so long ago Brian Kelly became the proud father of a baby girl? Well, in case the answer to that is know, then this article is just the thing for you.

The members of the High Council are all experienced simmers who have been with UFOP for sometime. However, long before any of them were commanding starships of giving orders to people, they were regular officers just like everyone else...in fact, they still are. So read on if you are curious and learn more about this month's featured officer, Captain Maela Jolon, and see what she has to say about herself and simming in general....

**Note--Normally this is not done in an interview fashion, but as someone once said, Captain Jolon is a "tough nut to crack." Thus, this was the only way to even get past the shell.**

"Maela Jolon: An Indepth Focus"

INTERVIEWER: Tell me about your first posting when you served on Starbase 118.

::The tension returned and Jolon's jaw tightened.::

JOLON: I was the Chief Medical Officer. My duties were as expected, medical. ::She turned her eyes to the interviewer.:: I do not know what you wish for me to say. My life is not outstanding, it is just my life.

INTERVIEWER: Are there any events that stand out in your mind?

::Jolon was silent for a few moments as she remembered Wolf's file she was not meant to see, the Borg Cube appearing on the Command Center viewscreen, the subsequent attack on the station. The death of Kemoth, her Klingon father. Life was lost senselessly which could have been avoided. It should never have happened, but it did and Wolf had brought it about. If she had been able to pull it off, Jolon would have succeeded in strangling the life out of that man, but there had been the forcefield.::

JOLON: The holodeck malfunction stands out in my mind. I had been enjoying a holodeck program of a snowy tribal village in a valley surrounded by mountains. Dr. Hamlet had transported into my program unannounced. He had a barrage of annoying quirks. We did not get along.

However, Dr. Hamlet was not the only interruption to my program. Several holodecks became linked and people from around the station were spontaneously beamed into the holodecks, becoming trapped there. Things progressed quickly. Before we knew what was going on we discovered there were assassins also within the holodeck and they were trying to take Skyfire's life. At that time Captain Skyfire had been the Chief of Security on the station.

The situation was later resolved and we all escaped with our lives in tact. At a meeting shortly after, we discovered Commander Ruach was still missing. We discovered her after a brief search enjoying a simulated version of "real life" which surprisingly resembled what would have happened had she not been also trapped in the holodeck for some time.

INTERVIEWER: And perhaps a final comment concerning the Isannah?

::Jolon displayed a rare grin.::

JOLON: I suppose those professors were wrong about my career in Starfleet.

OOC Tip:

I would have to agree with Wolf's tip in the previous issue of the Reporter, and that is the importance of character development. If you watch any good television program or movie, all the memorable characters have depth to them. That might be a shining personality, shadows in their past, their quirky nature or a barrage of other things. The reason we like those characters is that they came to life as time goes by. Facts are revealed about them that attract our attention and peak our interest.

Also, that character likely interacts with others. That does not mean everyone needs to get along. In fact if everyone does get along it is not that exciting. Tension creates questions as to what will happen next. Will they make up? Will they kill each other? What started the problem in their relationship? Is there more to it than we think? Your character should have the semblance of being "real." And real people have depth.

5. The Best and the Brightest

This edition focuses on Commander Jasen Rendary, a Terran male. Commander Rendary currently stationed aboard the Sovereign class USS Ithaca and is serving as her commanding officer.

JACOBS- Commander, why did you initially choose a career in Starfleet?

RENDARY-On my seventeenth birthday I went on a vision quest. It was on this quest that my spirit guide, a falcon, was revealed to me. When my spirit guide spoke to me it said, "Look towards the stars for your future is out there." It outstretched its wing towards the sky. I didn't know what it meant until I returned to my home the next day. A Starfleet recruiter was visiting the high school and he said to me, "Son, would you like to see your future in the stars?" I knew then what my spirit guide had meant.

JACOBS- Spirit guide?

RENDARY- I was born an Apache Reservation, in Arizona, October 6, 2332.

JACOBS- As religion has played a very important role in the history of your culture, have you found that it has impacted your own personal life in a major way?

RENDARY- I am able to feel the presence of those who have come before me, this enables me to go further knowing that they are here with me. My duties are such that little time is wasted, but what time I do have for myself I am able to spend in engaged in meditation and prayer. I continually ask the spirits for guidance and wisdom. So I would not say I have lost the ways of the old Apaches but merely adapted to my surroundings as they did so long ago.

JACOBS- Up to this point in your life, who or what would say has had the biggest impact on you personally?

RENDARY- Commodore Brian Kelly would be the person who has effected my life in the biggest way. It was he that took my under his wing and taught me about command. Showing me the dark side as well as the joyous. I had not had a prouder time in my life then when I arranged a surprise holo-recording of the new arrival of his child.

JACOBS- Sounds interesting. How did that come about?

RENDARY- Kelly's wife Alis Hege-Kelly was the First Officer when I was assigned to the Ranger. She was pregnant then and after a short time she was reassigned to off the Ranger due to our Combat profile. Ranger was given many deep space missions and Captain Kelly was not able to be present for the birth of his baby. I had a friend from my days at the Academy stationed on a carrier near his wife's home. So I called in some favors and my buddies were able to record the first few months of Corrine's young life for her father to play over and over again.

JACOBS- Has interacting with Commodore Kelly's family made you yearn for one of your own?

RENDARY- I am not currently at a point in my life in which a I feel the need for a family of my own. I have been accepted into Commodore Kelly family as a very close friend and will always cherish this relationship.

JACOBS- With your promotion as the new commanding officer of the USS Ithaca, how did you deal with to leaving the Ranger?

RENDARY- I was sad to leave Ranger; both the ship and her crew were good to me. I am looking forward to completing my tour on the Ithaca and moving on to my own ship. Rumor has it that a new Galaxy class has just been finished and I have requested her for my first posting as Captain and commanding officer. I hear her name is the USS Kodiak and being named for such a great bear would bring this Apache much comfort indeed.

JACOBS- Kodiak?

RENDARY-As in Brown Bear from Alaska... Ko dee ak.

JACOBS- An apt name for such a commanding officer, it would seem. Well, Commander Rendary, it has been a pleasure speaking with you. Safe journies and take care.

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