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Stellar Cartography
Region Core Worlds
Sector Renaaran Sector
System Renaaran system
Sun(s) 1: Renaa
Moon(s) 1
Class M
Diameter 11,000 km
Atmosphere Nitrogen-Oxygen mix
Climate Temperate
Gravity 1.0 G
Primary terrain *Plains
  • Hills
  • Forests
  • Mesas
  • Mountains
  • Seas
  • Islands
Length of Day 25 standard hours
Length of Year 329 standard days
Native species *Renaarans
Official Language Renaaran
Population 3 billion
Technological Classification N
Major cities *Majesty City (capital)
Affiliation Valcarian Imperial Republic

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Renaar was the capital planet of the Renaaran system, which included Jalonda, Frenar, Gonley, and Grondar. Collectively, the planets of the system were known as the Five Sisters. As the largest planet and the closest to Renaa, Renaar was often called the "Eldest Sister" or the "Eldest."

Geographic features

Renaar's surface was extremely temperate, dominated by rolling hills, thick forests, lush farmland, golden beaches, and large seas. With most of its famed manufacturing centers lifted into orbit, the planet remained largely rural and undeveloped, with small villages and farming communities comprising the bulk of urban development. The largest cities were Majesty - the planetary capital, the tourist haven of e, the double-city f, and the mountain hamlets of g and h. Immigrants from the neighboring planet of Jalonda constructed an elaborate network of tunnels beneath the planet's surface. These Jalondan Tunnels were used by people of all races as a kind of subterranean metropolis, though the deepest levels were traveled exclusively by Jalondans. Space above Renaar was dominated by massive shipyards.