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Lieutenant Rei Garrett, a Terran, is currently an Intelligence Officer aboard the USS Discovery-B.


  • Full Name: Rei Garrett
  • Current Rank: Lieutenant
  • Race:Terran
  • Date of Birth: 235011.07
  • Place of Birth: Japan, Earth
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5'8
  • Hair Color: Black
  • Eye Color: Blue

Family Information

Rei’s familiar grounds are Japan (Earth), where her family runs a Dojo. This Dojo has been run by the Garrett family for generations. An ancient form of Japanese sword fighting is taught, her father holds an Master status in this style. Rei has yet to arrive this status. The Dojo is currently being run by John Garrett (father to Rei Garrett).


Marital Status: Single.


Gre’ta Garrett: Gre’ta is the adoption daughter of Rei Garrett. The details around Gre’ta adoption are only known by fellow crewmember of the mission, least it be know that Rei saved her daughter by breaching the prime directive. Gre’ta is currently attending Star Fleet Academy, specializing in the field of engineering.
Dylan Garrett: Dylan is the natural child of Rei Garrett. Dylan was born on earth, and lived the first four years of his life living in Japan. Dylan was raised in his grandfather Dojo, learning the art of Japanese sword fighting from an early age. When Rei Garrett re-joined Star Fleet on 238610.17, Dylan together with his grandmother came to live with his mother on USS Discovery. Dylan is currently living on USS Discovery.


Brother: Matthew Garrett is two years older then Rei Garrett. Matthew was raised on a number of different archeological site, together with this sister. However Matthew left the care of his parents at the age of 18 to begin a life as a trader. Seven years after beginning this life as trader, he joined his parents on an archeological site for a holiday and fell in love with the ancient civilization they were studying. Since this time, Matthew has pursed a career in archeology


Father: John Garrett is an experienced archeologist. John Garret was born and raised on Earth in his family’s Dojo. John meet his life Leanne while working on an archeological site, he married her within months of meeting and falling in love with her. John raised his two children, Matthew and Rei, a number of different archeological sites. John returned to Earth with his wife Leanne, when his father was ill. John returned to earth to take over the running of his families Dojo.
Mother: Leanne Garrett is an experienced archeologist, and was born on Mars. Leanne key skills were in the area of dead languages. She meet her husband, John Garret, while working on an archeological site. Leanne returned with her husband to earth in order for him to runt he family Dojo. While on earth, Leanne perused her love of dead languages by learning to read a number of ancient earth languages. This skill lead her to translate a number of different recipes, and turned her into an avid cook.

Personal History

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Pre-Academy Training

• Primary/ Secondary Education: Home schooled/ attendance at various schools where her parents were assigned on archeological sites.

Starfleet Academy Training

• Rei Garrett trained with a major in Security, and minor in Engineering.

Security Training included:
• Weapons: Phaser
• Unarmed Combat
• Diplomacy
• Electronics Operations: Phaser Cannons
• Electronics Operations: Security Systems
• Gunner: Phaser Cannon
• Federation Martial Arts: (Anbo-Jytsu)
• Vehicle training
• Small weapons combat
• Psychology: (Terran)
• Survival: (choose)
• Tactics
• Tactics: Small Units

General Studies undertaken by Rei Garrett at her time in star fleet academy were:
• Administration
• Computer Operation
• Computer Programming
• Electronics Operations: Sensors
• Electronics Operations: Transporters
• First Aid
• History: Federation
• Language: (Federation Standard)
• Law: Federation
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Pilot: Shuttlecraft
• Starfleet Protocol
• Vacc Suit Operations
• Xenobiology: General
• Xenology: General
• Zero-G Operations

Professional History

• Stardate 237901.22: Promoted to the rank of Lt (Junior Grade)
• Stardate 237902.08: Transferred from USS Constitution to SB118 Ops
• Stardate 237904.04: Promoted to the rank of Lt
• Stardate 237908.11: Transferred from SB118 Ops to USS Dominance
• Stardate 238006.06: Transferred from USS Dominance to SB118 Ops
• Stardate 238102.12: Promoted to the rank of Lt Commander
• Stardate 238306.22: Transferred from SB118 Ops to USS Discovery
• Stardate 238307.13: Promoted to First Officer of USS Discovery
• Stardate 238407.13: Left star fleet to raise her daughter on Earth
• Stardate 238610.00: Rejoined star fleet at an demoted rank of Lt
• Stardate 238610.00: Assigned to USS Discovery

Character Data

  • Previous Ships Served On: USS Constitution, SB118 Ops, USS Dominance
  • Awards Received:
  • Groups:Discovery-B