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Ambassador Qual is a Ferengi Diplomat assigned to Starbase 118 by Grand Nagus Rom, as of Stardate 238810.

Mission: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Physical Information

  • Height: 1.45 meters (4’ 9”)
  • Weight: 47.6 kg (105 lbs)
  • Date of Birth: 235403.22
  • Age: 34
  • Physical Description: A female Ferengi in remarkable physical condition. She has unusually large lobes for a female of her species, decorated buy large gold and ruby studded earrings. Her robes consist of Throian silk, in an uncharacteristically simple base pattern, yet still embroidered with remarkable details of finely spun latinum.

Psychological Profile

Ruthless, bacchanalian, calculating. Like many Ferengi, Qual is not terribly close to anyone - preferring to hold people at a distance. However, unlike many of her race, she is willing to take risks that would gravely endanger her life, for what some would consider little profit.

Personal Bio

Qual is old enough to vividly remember the days when females were not allowed to wear clothes, and unable to hold jobs. Despite these barring circumstances, Qual took it upon herself first to gain an education, and then to masquerade as a male. Her natural ‘lobes’ for business quickly enamoured her with an arms-merchant Daemon of a marauder.

In a short time, she had earned herself not only a command of her own, but a position within the Ferengi Trade Authority as a Liquidator. She surreptitiously maintained this position until Grand Nagus Zek’s reforms involving females. As soon as females were allowed to be employed by both private and governmental parties, several hundred females, Qual included, revealed the positions of power that they had amassed for themselves.

However, the FCA was not forgiving of the fact that Qual had violated Ferengi law, and obtained a position of power within the organization. Unable to fire her due to the reforms, Qual was instead relegated to the diplomatic branch of the FCA, and made the Ferengi Alliance’s Ambassador to the Nausicaans, an extraordinarily unrewarding position.

Qual made the best of this reassignment, despite the FCA’s attempts to sabotage her. A specialized knowledge of weapons allowed her to deeply impress the Nausicaans, and make dozens upon dozens of extremely lucrative deals - with her making tidy cuts. She began operating behind the scenes as a arms merchant, working under pseudonyms to hide her profits from the FCA, in order to avoid Grand Nagus Zek’s new taxes. With the ascension of Grand Nagus Rom, Qual’s success was finally recognized among the Ministry of Finance.

Carefully monitoring the recent activities along the Romulan border, Qual’s contacts informed her of the Romulan’s discovery of Pergeium, the Ferengi Ambassador saw an immediate opportunity for profit. Contacting the Grand Nagus, Qual requested to be sent as the Ferengi Delegation to Starbase 118.

Now, she stands primed to enter negotiations, as a facilitator for peace... or as a sewer of chaos.