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Orbitron and Glopus

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Best Friends Forever - Orbitron & Glopus!

Orbitron and Glopus was an animated children's show produced in the 2360s and 2370s. The short cartoons used music and high adventure to highlight the benefits of friendship and teamwork.


  • Orbitron - A robot built on Earth in the 23rd century, Orbitron was based on designs from Earth's 1950s. His mind is an advanced artificial intelligence bordering on sentience, but his body is unsophisticated and unrefined. The resulting physical malfunctions were the catalyst for many episode plots, and gave him his catchphrase: "I'm going haywire!"
  • Glopus - Somewhere in deep space, the Glopoids discovered Orbitron's floating body. Glopus reactivated the robot and became his friend. He is a large blue-green blob with a variety of antennae, and well-defined, highly expressive facial features. Glopus never spoke intelligibly, except, notably, in the Season 4 episode "Orbitron, You Fixed Your Universal Translator!"


The show was created by an actual robot after he returned from being lost in deep space. Orbitron and Glopus is remembered as the galaxy's first roman a clef cartoon written entirely by an artificial intelligence.

Theme Song

"Friends forever, and no one's gonna stop us!
Friends together - Orbitron and Glopus!

Other Lyrics

"Everyone's food is different, even if it seems gross.
Everyone's food is different, from gagh to ham on toast!"


Many Federation citizens who were children in the late 2360s and through the 2370s remember the show fondly. Some, like Ren Rennyn, continue to sing the catchy songs years later. In 2391, Rennyn, a Trill, and Valis, a Bolian, bonded over their love of the show aboard USS Atlantis, proving the program's wide reach to diverse planets across the Federation.