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Byzallian (Omunic)
Four Letter Code BYZT
Federation Status Unknown
Planet of Origin Byzatium
Encountered DS9: Defiant
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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The Omunic Byzallians are a species located in the Beta quadrant, and share a planet with their sister species, the Dorfmen.

Home World

See also: Byzatium

Unlike many planets in the known galaxy, where one species has come to predominate, Byzatium is home to a myriad of different races and nations, all of whom owe far more allegiance to their own nation or clan than to the planet as a whole. Today, the Omunic Byzallians share a mutually hostile and antagonistic relationship with their fellow Dorfmen Byzallians. Numerically, the Dorfmen are the largest group on Byzatium. The Omunics and the Dorfmen are mutually hostile, not helped by the former harvesting the latter as guinea-pigs for their warped science projects.


The Omunics original form is shrouded in mystery, though it is thought that they were at some point humanoid. Masters of bio-engineering, the Omunic have mutated themselves by reconstructing their DNA, and grafting mechanical body parts to the resulting bodies.

It should be noted that this practise was expanded to unwilling test subjects, nicknamed "crazies" by the Dorfmen.


The Omunics are in theory a more powerful single force on the planet than the Dorfmen, but are also isolationist in terms of politics. Their main interest beyond their borders is in harvesting donor victims.


The exact origins of the Byzatium races is not clearly known. The Dorfmen, being almost indistinguishable from Terrans, are assumed to be pioneers of early Earth space travel, but may have intermarried with the Omunics in the deep and distant past – long before the Omunics became the genectic monsters they are now. The records of their space travel was lost, even though the timespan to the present day was relative short. Overtime, the forefathers of the Omunics did not like the way that their bloodline was becoming tainted by Dorfmen genes. However, their solution was to change their own physiology through genetic engineering, trying to turn themselves into the ultimate creatures in the Galaxy. However, far from achieving a noble end, they are now twisted and monstrous, hiding their warped forms inside long flowing cloaks.

The Omunics have lived on Byzatium for much longer than the Dorfmen, and were reckoned to be the dominant species before the humanoids arrived nearly two centuries earlier. The Omunics are very secretive, and have almost no contact with the outside galaxy. They are capable of space travel, but have never been known to leave the surface.


These creatures are bi-pedal, but beyond that nothing is certain. It is assumed that they were originally close to humanoid too, as they were able to interbreed with the Dorfmen. However, that possibility had long since passed, and now the Omunics are warped beings, some sporting tentacles, claws, horns and tails. They are often well over six feet tall, and some are over seven feet tall.

Alpha's are able to control their drones through unknown means, most likely a combination of technological and biological means. Effectively this overrides the drones' motor control being overruled by the Alpha. The Alpha controls the individual drones as easily as one might move a finger, and can just as easily see and hear what the drones see and hear. One of the Alpha's was encountered by the crew of Starbase 118 Ops in 2401.

The drones are mostly augmented with claws capable of digging through rock as well as cutting through flesh.


The Omunics are generally arrogant, believing themselves superior to anyone else.


Neither the Dorfmen nor the Omunics have any organized religions beyond simple superstitions. Transient visiting species may have different ideas however. Religion is not suppressed on Byzatium, and is sometimes encouraged as a means of whipping some of the minor races into a fervor to defend the cities, when they would otherwise have limited zeal for the fight.



An Omunic Drone

Omunic society is mostly unknown, and is thought to be almost like a hive mentality, with a few alpha individuals dominating their drones. The Alpha's and their drones are responsible for the hunt for the new prey. They have no single mass consciousness, but do display highly disciplined, swarm-like characteristics, especially when hunting.

The drones are captured individuals, who have had their vocal cords and most of their motor control cut, but still retain sentience, and control over their faces. Generally they have been driven mad by their experiences, and their faces are maddened, screaming silently.

Their are some other classes in Omunic society:
Sensers: By telepathic means, the Sensers detect those near the surface, and send out Alpha's when applicable to hunt them. They are augmented by parts of telepathic brains.
Choosers: The Choosers decide which parts of the captured prey are used for what: Augmenting Omunics, or turn into drones.
Makers: The Makers are the biogenetic engineers of the Omunics. They perform the actual augmenting, and create the drones.

There are also many transient peoples and aliens drifting in and out of the ports of Byzatium, some staying longer than others. Although Byzatium is a dangerous place to live, it’s general lawlessness provides a useful base for those who want their business dealings to go unnoticed by the Federation, or themselves want to disappear from the mainstream of galactic life. Byzatium is a nodal point for beings from all over the quadrant who want to escape their past, or engage in shady business ventures. A den of inequity is how the planet has been described by some of its more reputable neighbors.


The culture of the Omunics is largely unknown, and is thought to centre around the worship of their own kind and the pursuance of an ever greater degree of genetic manipulation.

Most Omunics wear long cloaks from head to toe, with only the occasional glimpse of a muscled arm, claw or metallic limb showing from beneath the cloth.



The Omunics have a very advanced level of scientific and technological development, but it is almost entirely devoted to genetics, both scientific and hostile.


The Omunics are mostly self-contained economically.


The Omunics are a powerful foe and mount lightning raids into outlying Dorfmen towns and cities at night, but usually retreat (along with captives) before Dorfmen reinforcements can arrive. Sometime pitched battles have occurred, with the Omunics commanding regiments of mutants to assault the Dorfmen defenders.

Federation Intelligence Files

The Byzatium are a race whose six ships arrived at Deep Space Nine circa stardate 2367.3.


This race was mentioned on DS9 in passing and has been expanded on to create an original Starbase 118 species.


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