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Byzallian (Dorfman)
Four Letter Code BYZT
Federation Status Allies
Planet of Origin Byzatium
Encountered DS9: Defiant
T/E Rating T0/E0
Current Tech Level N
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The Dorfmen Byzallians are a species located in the Beta quadrant, and share a planet with their sister species, the Omunic Byzallians.


  • Proper Name: Byzallian
  • Pronunciation: buh-ZAY-lee-un

Home World

See also: Byzatium

Unlike many planets in the known galaxy, where one species has come to predominate, Byzatium is home to a myriad of different races and nations, all of whom owe far more allegiance to their own nation or clan than to the planet as a whole. Today, the Dorfmen Byzallian share a mutually hostile and antagonistic relationship with their fellow Omunic Byzallian. Numerically, the Dorfmen are the largest group on Byzatium.


The Dorfmen are are humanoid species, similar in appearance to Humans. They are slightly taller and broader, exhibiting a generally athletic appearance and considered attractive by other humanoid races - however, their hard living takes a toll on their bodies.


The Provisional National Government holds a nominal position over the Dorfmen, and often acts as the ambassadorial representatives when dealing with outsiders, notably the Federation. However, the Dorfmen are divided into over 30 states and nations, often at loggerheads with one another. There has been a movement over recent years to try and bring a measure of co-operation between the various Dorfmen nations, especially in response to on-going threat posed by the Omunics.


The exact origins of races on Byzatium is not clearly known. The Dorfmen, are assumed to be pioneers of early Earth space travel, but may have intermarried with the Omunics in the deep and distant past – long before the Omunics became the genectic monsters they are now. The records of their space travel was lost, even though the timespan to the present day was relative short. Overtime, the forefathers of the Omunics did not like the way that their bloodline was becoming tainted by Dorfmen genes. However, their solution was to change their own physiology through genetic engineering, trying to turn themselves into the ultimate creatures in the Galaxy. However, far from achieving a noble end, they are now twisted and monstrous, hiding their warped forms inside long flowing cloaks.

The Omunics have lived on Byzatium for much longer than the Dorfmen, and were reckoned to be the dominant species before the humanoids arrived nearly two centuries earlier. The Omunics are very secretive, and have almost no contact with the outside galaxy. They are capable of space travel, but have never been known to leave the surface.


The humanoid bi-peds are very similar to their Terran ancestors, but on average tend to be over six feet tall and athletic. Dark hair predominates, and many of the men have beards, often to hide scars from fights and brawls. The Dorfmen have no known telepathic or empathic abilities.



As with the Omunics, the Dorfmen do not have any organized religions beyond simple superstitions. Transient visiting species may have different ideas, however. Religion is not suppressed on Byzatium, and is sometimes encouraged as a means of forcing some of the minor races into a fervor to defend cities where they would otherwise have limited zeal for fight.


A favorite tale of the Dorfmen, told as historical fact, is the legend of two warring cousins, each in possession of a mighty castle upon its own island city. One cousin was evil, the other was kind. The Good Cousin did all he could to protect his own people, and minimize the suffering of the other island’s people as much he could, but the actions of his wicked relation pushed him further into hard reprisals. Eventually the noble man offered to decide the war in single combat with his rival. The dark master accepted. The great duel began, and raged for hours, then days, neither man yielding. Eventually, the good cousin saw a chance to win the fight, but only at the cost of his own life. Without hesitation he made the move. Each man ran the other through with their swords. Where the good man’s blood spilt on the ground, trees, flowers and even a spring erupted from the soil. Where the evil cousin’s blood seeped out, a multi-headed serpent burst forth and slithered away. The legend persists that one day the two men will fight another battle to the death, but only one will be victorious – and will rule the planet, and the galaxy, for eternity.


Dorfmen society is largely city based, and is nominally divided into different nations, with nuclear families as the basis of day-to-day life, but in actuality gangs, clans and rival syndicates dominate public life and children often owe greater allegiance to their gang master than their own parents.


Dorfmen culture is centred upon a person’s ability to make money and fight. Art and literature are considered to be luxuries that the people cannot afford to waste time in. A love of weaponry and vehicles is the most popular pastime on the planet. All this does not absolutely exclude more ethereal considerations, but that they are often shunted to the margins of society.

It is customary for Dorfmen to compete in extreme sports, where deaths are not uncommon, even at a young age. It is considered important in building up their resilience in later life.

Music tends to be loud and brash, and most popular is a form called Solid State Surge, which has been likened by historians to 21st century Earth extreme death metal music.


A popular custom among the Dorfmen is to engage in drinking contests that can last days, and result in serious health implications for the winners and losers alike.

It this love of danger and hard living that makes many Dorfmen of Byzatium have a very weathered appearance despite their usual natural good-looks.

Another custom associated with the Dorfmen is the giving of gifts and engaging in wild revelries for anyone reaching 50 years of age. It is seen as a great achievement to have survived for such a length of time, and the festivities can last weeks.


The Dorfmen Byzallians have warp travel technology, although their ships are not as elegant as those of the great galactic powers. They are merchants in weaponry, and also look to expand on their level of development by begging, borrowing or stealing from other races.

The Omunics have a very advanced level of scientific and technological development, but it is almost entirely devoted to genetics, both scientific and hostile.


The Omunics are mostly self-contained economically. The Dorfmen would class themselves as traders and pilots predominantly, but that is really a euphemism for piracy, smuggling, slave-trading, and general black marketeering.


The Byzallian races are considered to me militarily mature. The Dorfmen maintain a large standing army and a growing space fleet, although this is divided among their rival nations. It has been called into service to a greater degree recently to fend off continuing raids by the Omunics.

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This race was mentioned on DS9 in passing and has been expanded on to create an original Starbase 118 species.


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