Novian Skull Blowers

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"We don’t conform to any kinda style, man, we’re like a mad galaxy wide deathly violent supernova, our music is the power that comes from our anger. We express our emotions through raw energy in our music. We channel our music through an old shuttle’s computer core that’s been modified to darken our sound, it’s our most lethal instrument."
— Sigeric Anakolsson, Guitarist, Novian Skull Blowers

Novian Skull Blowers are a hard, loud and energetic metal rock band from Donova IV. The lead singer is known for screaming the lyrics of their songs in a low-pitched deathly tone. Their songs are primarily about subjects such as anarchy and death, however some of their songs refer to "Trevis".

They have recorded such songs as "The Edge of Shadows", "Dark Ends", and "The Screeches of Eternity."

The are known to frequently tour The Shoals, but occasionally play live concerts in other areas of Federation space. In 2398 they announced their farewell tour.


The guitarist for the band, Sigeric Anakolsson, has stated that as a child he was "obsessed with all kinds of artists like The Vulcan Logics, The Bailiff Whales, Mozart, Corshairs, Opeth, Romulan Rift Junk, Kling HIvje', David Bowie, The Dead Kirks... you know, man, anything I could get my hands on."