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USS Eagle

Sarik Vaster

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Lieutenant (JG) Sarik Vaster, an Andorian/Aenar hybrid, is currently the Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Drake.


  • Full Name: KrassetSarik ch'Vaster
  • Race: Andorian/Aenar
  • Date of Birth: 17th August Stardate 236008.17
  • Age: 28
  • Place of Birth: Thesila, Enessi Mountains, Andor
  • Gender: Chan
  • Telepathic status: T4 (ability limited to contact/communication with other telepathic individuals only)
  • Guilds: Readers Guild, Lambda Alliance


  • Height: 1.77m (5' 10'')
  • Weight: 77kg (170 lbs)
  • Hair Color: White
  • Eye Color: Azure
  • Skin Color: Cobolt Blue

Like most Andorians he is lean, but densely packed. The cartilage plates above his muscles are clearly defined. His hair is shaggy and forms little spikes. There is also a cowlick under his left antennae that produces a curl on his forehead. He has some skyblue circular scars on his shoulders and back from being caught in a falling swarm of Ice Bores.

When not in uniform Sarik prefers to wear black leather or denim tight pants and a mesh shirt. The pants because it reminds him of Andorian Navy uniforms and the shirt because most federation spacecraft are hotter than he would prefer.


Sarik is normally mild mannered and a bit stiff because of his navy training. He likes the structure of a formal chain of command and has a hard time relaxing and opening up in social situations. He is extreamily curiouis and loves the process of scientific discovery.

  • Likes: Ice sculpting, Andorian Choir, Terran swing dancing, Bananas, Gagh, riddles, alien sitcoms, and ice baths (its like a bubble bath but with icecubes insead of bubbles)
  • Dislikes: Large crowds, flying (in aircraft), Cheese (or any dairy products), the Borg (because their ships are too hot)


  • Spouse(s): None
  • Children: None
  • Parents
    • Father: Chan- JessalVes ch'Vaster
    • Father: Thaan- HenrirTona th'Vaster
    • Conceptuary Mother: Shen- AhelPree sh'Vaster
    • Birth Mother: Zhen- GralaYen zh'Thasil
  • Siblings
    • Sister: Zhi- AanZandra zh'Vaster

Ves and Tona are independant asteroid minners. Pree is a geological researcher studdying the techtonics in the Trasosen system near the border of Andorian space. Yen is a office clerk working for a company that makes atmospheric generators for terraforming. His sister Zandra is 17 and still decideng what to do after secondary school.


Sarik had a normal, rather traditional Andorian upbringing. He showed promice in science and mechanics during is secondary schooling. After he greaduated he joined the Imperial Navy like many Andorians and served for 5 years. When he was honorably discharged he decided to join starfleet because it had promicing oppertunities in science and had a formal command structre. During his training he followed the model of perfect behavior except for two occasions. One, stardate 238702.27 he had enough transporter rations saved up that he didn't walk anywhere for a day; he just used site to site transports. Although the officers at the Academy weren't to happy with him, they could not actually punish him because everything he did was by the book. Two, he left Academy sick bay without the doctor's permission after a bout of Levodian Flu so that he could attend his final exam on the scheduled day.

His first mission on the Eagle quickly turned into the ship and surviving crew being stranded on a planet with an alien beacon that destabilized passing ships' warp cores. After getting rescued met Tildean Ethelwin who was assigned as his Assistant Chief Science Officer. The two started to get involved romantically and he was roped, by Tildaen's wife Miko, into rescuing Tildean from a telepathic slave-master of sorts on Risa.

The sudden disappearance of his shreya (conceptuary mother)while on a geological survey pulled him away from Star Fleet. She and her team were all alive when rescued.

After returning he was reassigned to the Drake with the rest of the previous crew of the Eagle.

Area of Expertise

Sarik is well versed in high energy physics, waveforms, and stellar phenomena as well as broad overview of many other subjects.


  • 236008.17: Born.
  • 237605.14: Graduated from secondary school on Andoria.
  • 237906.03: Completed Imperial Navy training and joined crew of the Kaptacona.
  • 238112.12: Transferred to Alletnavor.
  • 238311.28: Leaves Imperial Navy.
  • 238408.02: Joins Starfleet Academy.
  • 238706.03: Posted to the USS Eagle as a Science Officer.
  • 238706.18: Promoted to Chief Science Officer.
  • 238708.05: Promoted to Lieutenant (JG).
  • 238805.31: Transfered to USS Drake as Chief Science Officer


  • Lost at Sea (USS Eagle)
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