No Man's Land

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When the Hobus star went supernova in 2387 it destroyed the Romulan homeworld. Following this cataclysmic event the Romulan Star Empire disintegrated. Civil war exploded and anarchy took over. What followed was unexpected. A fraction of the Romulan Star Empire survived but a new and equally powerful Romulan Republic was created. Scattered across what had been the old empire these two giants settled into a period of uneasy neutrality that bordered on hostility. To add to the confusion a number of species that had been under the control of the old empire managed to reestablish their independence and a number of smaller Romulan factions were also created.

A side affect of these events was the creation of the area of space some now call "No Man's Land". Rambling over all or part of more than 50 sectors of space it extends from the borders of the Federation and contains many sectors that use to be part of the neutral zone to the borders of the new Romulan Star Empire, the Romulan Republic, The Saurian Empire, the Yahvelan Protectorate and the Ga'teran Tribal Union.

Major Powers Currently the 3 strongest powers within the region are the Romulan Republic, the Romulan Star Empire and the Saurian Empire. On the whole they seem to be fairly evenly matched in size, military strength and internal and external problems.

Romulan Republic

Built on the idea of communal cooperation and a republic structure, the Romulan Republic is struggling to prove the galaxy that they are not the same as the Imperials and that Romulans and Remans are free to live as equals on New Romulus.

Romulan Star Empire

With the destruction of the original Senate, both the Romulan military and the Tal Shiar consolidated considerable power, and through their support, Rator III asserted itself as the new capital of the Romulan Star Empire in 2392.

Saurian Empire

The border of the Saurian Empire extends to touch almost 20 sectors worth of this region of space.

Minor Powers

Ga'teran Tribal Union

The extremely aggressive and violent Ga'teran Tribal Union is constantly seeking to enlarge their area of control by any means possible. Most notably by war but they are not adverse to raids and sudden unexpected attacks.

Yahvelan Protectorate

The home world of the Yahvelan and the majority of the space that they have established control over, including those species that have accepted their protection seems to fall with in this area.


The former Ucali Empire has at least 3 colonies within this region of space. From all accounts they are fairly large but wide spread and completely independent of each other.