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Lt. (jg) Nek Illium is a Security Officer aborad the USS Ronin.


  • Full name: Nek Illium
  • Date of Birth): 236103.10
  • Species: Ullian
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Dark gray
  • Eye color: Hazel
  • Height: 5'11
  • Telepathic ability: T5 (Racial skill: Telepathic memory retrieval)


  • Parents:
    • Mother: Allira Illium
    • Father: Rajik Illium
  • Siblings:
    • Elder Brother: Tadrek Illium
    • Younger Brother: Darv Illium
    • Youngest Sister: Nemi Illium
  • Spouse: N/A
  • Children: N/A


He was born on the Ullian homeworld, his parents were both skilled memory reconstruction therapists who had extraordinary telepathic gifts. They had 4 children, each 36 months apart. As a middle child, he was somewhat overlooked until a violent episode at school at age 6. It was then that he was diagnosed with a recessive gene defect called "Telepathic Linked Regressive Aggression Syndrome" or "TLRAS" (pronounced tel-ras). Much like a number of human mental syndromes where there is a primary physical cause (Autism/Asperger's Syndrome where the emotional part of the brain is actually smaller, where the logical center compensates by being larger), TLRAS causes a slight enlargement of the telepathic lobes at the expense of impulse and aggression control. It was a defect much more common before the 21st century when the traits of powerful telepathy and violence were prized by the Ullians violent culture. The doctors informed his parents that he would need a constant dose of psychotropic drugs in order to avoid becoming a danger to the society. Since the treatments would leave Nek a virtual vegetable for his entire life, his parents sought other options.

The option they chose was to move to Vulcan where they felt that the Vulcans could teach him their own mental discipline. It proved effective, though his late start on the teachings of Surak and the differences in Ullian and Vulcan culture ensured that he never completely suppressed his emotions in favor of logic. His eldest brother did not adapt well to Vulcan, and returned to the Ullian homeworld with his aunt as his guardian after several years. That cemented a rift in the relationship between Nek and Tadrek. Dary was much younger and acclimatized better. Nek and Dary have a very close bond and sibling rivalry. They are both very protective of Nemi who was born on Vulcan.

Nek trained in the martial art of Suus Mahna, however without the inherent strength and reflexes of a Vulcan, he proved far less adept than his competitive nature would have preferred. He alternately hated and idolized the Vulcan while he romanticized the Ullian homeworld. At 16, his instructors denied him permission to attempt the Kahs-wan, logically pointing out that without the Vulcan tolerances for heat, thin air, sleep deprivation and their extreme strength, the Kahs-wan would be a death sentence. This led to a dangerous pattern of Nek using semi-legal medical treatments and extreme training to attempt to match his Vulcan peers in physical prowess.

His parents convinced him that Starfleet was the best choice of careers, though he was initially dubious. He discovered in the first year that the dangers of the missions and the challenges that Starfleet was undergoing proved a very potent focus for his abilities and temperament. He received 6 formal reprimands during his academy training for his dangerous attempts to boost his physical strength and reflexes. This finally resulted in a choice between accepting a doctors supervision and following certain restrictions or being kicked out of Starfleet Academy. He chose to remain and has since kept his word.

His parents returned to the Ullian homeworld once he left for Starfleet. Dary remained behind with a friend of the family, hoping to one day do research on Telepathic memory retrieval with katras as well as investigating the possibility of retrieving millennia old memories passed on by mind melds across generations.

He returned to the Ullian homeworld for a short shore leave immediately before his cadet tour, and discovered that it was very different than the idealized version in his mind. The society was both familiar and very alien after his long time away. In his personal log, he likened it to "...being a stranger among family."

He currently continues to practice Suus Mahna diligently, as well as seeking to perform the Vulcan nerve pinch (A maneuver he has not yet successfully accomplished). He spends his spare time in the holodeck, training, continuing his physical conditioning, and practicing with phasers. He also has an intense interest in both Ullian and Vulcan society and history, being an alien in both worlds and eagerly takes opportunities to learn more about either culture. Eventually, he wishes to return to Vulcan and undertake the Rite of Tol'oth.

Awards & Commendations

  • Commendation for Initiative: 238505.02. Commendation added by Jhen Thelev for Nek's actions during an emergency evacuation of the Ronin.