Nehron Strosi

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Nehron Strosi

Status: Civilian

Occupation: High School Student

Race: Deltan

Height: 5'10 or 1.778 meters

Age: 15


Sister: Jourina Strosi

Cousin: Alahndra Nevarass, though at this point Nehron has not been told Allie is an actual relation of his

Basic Personality Profile

He was born shortly after Jourina, his female twin. He's moody and generally a jerk to anyone he first meets unless that person happens to be interesting, a pretty girl, or mysterious. Despite his aspirations toward coolness and jerk-dom, he's actually not a bad kid.


Since he and Jourina's adoptive parents supposedly went into hiding and disappeared, he's been trying to make ends meet. Some of the folks they stayed with didn't provide so well for either him or Jourina, so he hit the streets and started peddling drugs. Since the Strosis disappeared, someone has been directing their lives from afar and finding them people with whom they live for short periods of time.

Throughout this journey, Nehron has been supplementing their income with drug money. He also has performed a few menial jobs for some local thugs. He never actually uses the drugs he peddles, and he tries to ignore the pain his drug-selling causes. He doesn't suspect Allie has been controlling their lives, as he sees it, for years, but if he finds out, he's going to be angry. Now, he and his twin, Jourina, have arrived at Starbase 118 and will have to stay with their unsung benefactor, Alahndra Nevarass.