Nar Ylsin

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USS Veritas
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Nar Ylsin
Position Science Officer
Rank Lieutenant JG
Species Bajoran
Gender Male
DOB 237308.22
Age 27
Birthplace Bajor

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Awards & Service Ribbons
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Starfleet Academy Graduate Ribbon

Nar Ylsin is a junior science officer working on the USS Chin'toka. Usually quiet and a touch shy, he loves to cook and is sometimes reluctant to socialize.

237412.05: Born to Nar Himso and Brenna in the midst of the Dominion war. Nar doesn't remember the conflict at all.

237503.05: Distrusting the Dominion, Ylsin's parents go into hiding on Bajor following the Second Battle of Deep Space Nine, during which time the Dominion takes control of the Bajor Sector.

23705.05: Ylsin's family resumes their work on their farm following Operation Return, and the Federation's recapturing of the space station.

238208.02: Ylsin wins a junior cooking competition and becomes convinced he'll be a chef for the rest of his life.

238812.14: On a class field trip to Earth, Ylsin is exposed to Starfleet Academy for the first time. Surrounded by members of many alien species and utterly fascinated by their different quirks and points of view, he decides that Starfleet is for him.

239005.20: Granted entry to Starfleet Academy. Meets another Bajoran Cadet, Shena Prissya, and begins a whirlwind romance that affects his performance in school.

239401.17: Turned down for marriage by Shena Prissya. Dives head first into his studies to compensate.

239509.27: Nearing graduation and preparing for training crew.

239602.05: Having graduated as an Ensign, is posted to USS Astraeus as a junior science officer. Over the next year, receives adequate and occasionally high marks from his superiors for attention to detail and accuracy, but lower marks for initiative.

239801.24: With USS Astraeus undergoing repairs and refit, Nar is promoted to Lieutenant JG and posted to the USS Chin'toka as a supplementary science officer.