Nan Hesan

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USS Juneau
Nan Hesan
Position Recon
Rank Gunnery Sergeant
Species Andorian
Gender Female
DOB 236410.11
Age 36
Birthplace Andoria
Writer ID J239807TF2

Gunnery Sergeant Nan Hesan is currently posted to the Lightning Aldabrans, a platoon from the Marine 3rd Special Services Battalion assigned to Denali Station.


  • Full Name: Nan Hesan
  • Race: Andorian
  • Date of Birth: 236410.11
  • Place of Birth: Andoria
  • Age: 34
  • Gender: Female


  • Height: 6'8"
  • Weight: 228lbs
  • Hair Color: White
  • Length of Hair: Shoulder-length, usually tied back
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Skin Tone: Blue
  • Tattoos: None
  • Build: Well muscled
  • Handedness: Right



Personal History


Combat Skills

  • Marksmanship: Expert
  • Small Arms: Expert
  • Unarmed Combat: Expert
  • Combat Pilot: Highly Proficient
  • Reconnaissance: Expert
  • Covert Operations: Expert
  • Search and Rescue: Highly Proficient
  • Combat Medicine: Proficient
  • Survival Skills: Highly Proficient
  • EV Suit Combat: Highly Proficient
  • Diving: Expert

Service History (truncated)

  • 238301 Began Marine Basic Training.
  • 238308 Graduate Marine Basic Training, promoted to PFC.
  • 238308 With the Gorn War raging opted to defer specialist training and deployed to the front, assigned to the USS Independence.
  • 238309 Part of the group that successfully repelled the final Gorn assault on Deep Space 17 operations.
  • 238310 Arrived at SB188 to complete occupational specialty (OS) training with the 292nd Tactical Marine Regiment.
  • 238404 Completed 6 months Force Reconnaissance OS training. Promoted to Lance Corporal. Enrolled on the Advanced Marine Training programme.
  • 238508 Graduated the Advance Marine Training programme at the top of her class. Promoted to Corporal. Returned to her original Marine unit, now aboard the USS Independence-A.
  • 238607 Reassigned to the USS Ronin to reinforce it's Marine contingent following the casualties they had suffered battling the Romulans.
  • 238702 Returned to DS17 with a large platoon of security and Marines from the USS Ronin, who were ultimately able to repel the attacking Romulan strike force.
  • 238709 Led a reconnaissance team aboard the Vaadwaur occupied DS17 and took in it's liberation during Operation Brightstar. Promoted to Sergeant.
  • 238801 Transferred to the USS Thunder, along with the majority of the crew from the USS Ronin.
  • 238912 Took part in the Marine-led rescue party that evacuated the remaining crew from the USS Thunder prior to its destruction during the Klingon Invasion of Duronis II.
  • 239002 Following a month of leave transferred to CLASSIFIED
  • 239111 CLASSIFIED
  • 239203 CLASSIFIED
  • 239306 Promoted to Staff Sergeant.
  • 239405 CLASSIFIED
  • 239504 Transferred to Deep Space 9 SAR Ops.
  • 239709 Promoted to Gunnery Sergeant.
  • 239811 Transferred from DS9 to the 152 Lightning Terrapins, a Rapid Response Unit aboard the USS Juneau.