Muvyn Padix

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Muvyn Padix is a Trill serving aboard the USS Montreal as a 3rd Class Crewman Science Research/Lab Technician.

USS Montreal
Muvyn Padix
Position Research/Lab Technician
Rank Crewman Third Class
Species Trill
Gender Female
DOB 237203.26
Age 26
Birthplace Unknown


  • Full Name: Muvyn Padix
  • Current Rank: Crewman Third Class
  • Race:: Trill
  • Date of Birth: 237203.26
  • Gender: Female


  • Height: 6'0
  • Weight: 135lbs
  • Hair: Brunette
  • Eyes: Hazel


Muvyn Padix was found wandering around Karakka and was picked up by a Federation shuttlecraft. She doesn't remember who or where she came from. Due to her being on the icey planet for far too long, she was in a coma and woke up when she was in sickbay aboard the Montreal. She was told by the medical staff that her age is around 23 years old. Muvyn is still trying to figure out herself by working as a research/lab technician. She obviously knows she's a Trill, but doesn't know however many times the Symbiont has had a host.

Service History

Service History
Insignia Rank Dates Posting Assignment
Crewman Third Class 239510.31 - Present USS Montreal Research/Lab Technician