Morgan Avery

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Morgan Enoch Avery, a Human, is currently serving as Tactical Officer aboard the USS Ronin.


  • Age: 38 (November 19)
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair Color: Brown with gray
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Height: 5'9"


  • Parents: Jessica and William Avery
  • Siblings: Benjamin Avery, Sierra Morgan- Hampstead, Carson Avery and Melinda Jones
  • Spouse: Linda Vandekampf (divorced)
  • Children: Erica Vandekampf (16), Timothy Vandekampf (14)

Chronological History

Morgan Enoch Avery was born in Salt Lake City, Utah on Earth to Jessica and William Avery. He was the first born of their 5 children.

Morgan's childhood was that of an average child. There were sports teams and tryouts, but Morgan didn't really seem to shine at any of his academic studies in his youth. He graduated high school at the bottom of his class.

Morgan was drawn to starships from the beginning. Not repairing them, but riding them to unknown locations and meeting peoples and cultures he had never seen or heard of before. With this in mind, Morgan joined a merchant ship as a security hand and cargo operator. He didn't really enjoy the work, but the various ports of call and the interactions with the people he met along the years really appealed to him.

After two years, Morgan fell in love with a pilot on another merchant man and he transferred to that ship. His love affair with Linda quickly blossomed into romance and the two were married. Morgan and Linda moved from merchant vessel to merchant vessel, until they finally invested in a merchant man of their own. The Lorraine would become the home where they would raise their children and the crew would become their extended family.

Not all was happy in Muddville, however, tensions between husband and wife grew as the constant demands on their life grew. Eventually, Linda and Morgan were divorced after 11 years of marriage. Linda moved to Alpha Centauri, taking the children with her. Morgan sold the Lorraine and placed the monies in a trust fund for the children and closed that chapter of his life.

Morgan drifted for a couple of years, working odd security jobs on various merchant vessels. But he never found the camaraderie that he had on the Lorraine.

Eventually, he found himself on Earth and decided to apply for a position at Starfleet Academy. He was surprised to find that he passed the entry exam and spent the next five years at the academy and on his cadet tour. He knows security and is in excellent physical shape. He has a great deal of experience with dealing with people. He not very skilled at book study and possesses the basic fundamentals of engineering and science principles. He is likely to graduate near the bottom of his class at the Academy.

He is simply looking for the place that he belongs, now that his family has moved on without him.