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Commander Medai Kataryn Cyrce was a joined Trill doctor whom served aboard the USS Kodiak, USS Steadfast-A, and the USS Independence.

In 2379, Cyrce commanded a taskforce that surrendered to Breen forces in exchange for the taskforce's safe return to Federation space.

Records indicate Cyrce was a victim of Emily Heller's criminal activities on the colony world of Lovinon IV in 2383, his symbiont of distinct interest for his command-level access codes. His health was used for leverage so Ensign Paige Malley would cooperate and continue with experimentation of alien bio-technology.

On stardate 238308.28, Cyrce became the executive officer aboard the Steadfast-A.


  • Name: Medai Kataryn Cyrce
  • Date of Birth: 234909.12
  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Joined Trill
  • Place of Birth: Trill
  • Hair: Dark Brown
  • Eyes: Green
  • Height: 5'10 175 cm

Family History

  • Mother: Janna Kataryn
  • Father: Edan Kataryn
  • Siblings: Nuin Kataryn (twin brother)
  • Spouse:
  • Children: None

Personal History

Medai and his brother Niun were inseperable before Medai's joining. Now Medai is a different person, but he still loves his brother. Their relationship though, has suffered greatly because of the joining. Medai is still working to integrate all his memories and personality traits. Although he has a lot of knowledge at his disposal, he can sometimes be blinded to consequences and drawn in by his other host personalities.

Previous Hosts

Last Host

  • Original Name: Melein Debas
  • Gender: Female
  • Age when joined: 26
  • Age of death: 62
  • Occupation/Skills: Starfleet Combat shuttle pilot. Reached rank of Lieutenant. An experienced and skilled squadron commander in the Dominion War. Melein also had a con rating for all light and medium Starfleet vessels.
  • Death: Died after removal of symbioant. Symbioant removed because of an unusual infection which was placing it in extreme jeapordy. Symbioant was removed and treated, but Melein died before it could be returned to her.
  • Notes: Melein left behind a widow, Liran, also joined.
  • Liran is joined to the Chya symbioant. They also had a daughter, Pasev. She is in Starfleet.

First Host

  • Original Name: Tamor Rysei
  • Gender: Male
  • Age when joined: 30
  • Age of death: 44
  • Occupation/Skills: Research Doctor working for the Trill Institute of Science. Did pioneering work on new methods to treat cross species humanoid retro viruses.
  • Death: Died of drug overdose, symbioant was almost also killed.
  • Notes: The pressure of Tamor's work pushed him very hard and he began to test some more dangerous procedures on himself. He also began taking stimulant drugs to keep himself going, eventually overloading his system and killing himself. Despite all he did, he left his work unfinished.

Mirror Universe

After being temporarily assigned to the USS Independence, the ship undertook a mission into the mirror universe. Among the mysteries being investigated was the disappearance of Cyrce's incapacitated lover, Cass V'Harn. She was in a coma following a dangerous away mission until her body mysteriously disappeared. The Independence crossed to the mirror universe and uncovered a plot containing both Cyrce's mirror Medai Kataryn and a restored V'Harn who blamed the real Cyrce for her condition. V'Harn betrayed Cyrce and helped his mirror to steal the symbioant. Anassasi and her crew were able to capture Cyrce's mirror and return the symbioant, but V'Harn was killed during the battle. Once back in our dimension the cyrce symbioant was restored to Medai, but shortly afterwards, his mirror escaped. Combined with Cyrce's twin brother, there are now three men in our dimension who wear his face.

Professional History

  • 238007.01 - Cyrce returned to Trill breifly for rest and to visit family before going back to Starfleet Medical and the Academy.
  • 238005.24 - Temporarily assigned to the USS Independence under Captain Jessa Anassasi. Mission to the Mirror Universe.
  • 237905.09 - Promoted to the rank of Commander. Re-assigned to Earth, as a Starfleet Academy Instructor and Medical research team leader.
  • 237903.17 - Lead an away team that landed on the planet Lithron prime using the runabout USS SUN BEAR in an attempt to gather more information on the USS GLORY. a starfleet ship that was destroyed in the Lithron system.
  • 2379 - TOSMA award
  • 237901.24 - Cyrce commands a medical away team boarding the USS FLEMING, a vessel containing an epidemic of Gump syndrome. Cyrce's personal and medical ethics are tested by the mission.
  • 237809.25 - Cyrce commands his first bridge shift, Delta shift.
  • 237806.03 - Promoted to Lieutenant Commander
  • 237805.30 - Reassigned to USS Kodiak, as Chief Medical Officer.
  • 237805.12 - Assigned to Starfleet Special Operations on board USS Endeavour, as assistant to the Federation envoy, T. Edwards.
  • 237802.10 - Promoted to Lieutenant after the attack on Gamorae. Cyrce went in with the ground unit, and with the help of Starfleet marines, captured Ambassador Sheriden.
  • 237711.01 - Promoted to Lieutenant Junior Grade.
  • 237710.28 - Participated in experimental shuttle mission, Ensign Frazer killed in same mission. Cyrce was deeply changed by the death of his academy friend.
  • 237710.10 - Awarded mission star after Shuttle run against hostile alien moon station in the Drathron cluster exploration.
  • 237709.21 - Assigned Chief Medical Officer, USS Kodiak.
  • 237708.01 - Rendezvoused with USS Kodiak near Vulcan. Assigned to Medical with Dr. Gallistar.
  • 237707.14 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, assigned the Danube class Runabout USS Ottawa, together with Ensign Frazer, a friend from the academy. Ordered to rendezvous with USS Kodiak en route to Vulcan.
  • 237611.01 - Medai Kataryn takes a sebatacle from Starfleet Academy to go to Trill for joining. The Cyrce symbioant is the one selected, as the previous host, Melein Debas Cyrce, has recently died. Medai Kataryn's name is officially changed to Medai Cyrce.
  • 237309.01 - Enrolled in Starfleet Academy.
  • 237308.02 - Graduated from the Trill Institute of Science with degrees in Xenobiological medicine, Advanced xenosurgery and alien physiology.
  • 236708.01 - Enrolled in the Trill Institute of Science with his brother. Medai Kataryn soon realized that he had aptitude for biology, and followed that path,eventually leading him to medical science.

OOC Info

  • Current Rank: First Officer
  • Current Ship: Steadfast
  • Date Joined Current Ship: 04/25/06
  • Current Post: First Officer
  • NPC Characters: Dr. Ilda Payoor Dr. Perry
  • Secondary Characters: Dr. E'len Mara (ACMO USS KODIAK)
  • Previous Ships Served On: USS Kodiak (5/24/2003), USS Independence
  • Awards Recieved: TOSMA

Promotion History

  • 237707.14 - Ensign
  • 237711.01 - LtJG
  • 237802.10 - Lieutenant
  • 237806.03 - Lt. Commander
  • 237905.09 - Commander