Maronida Shiir

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Maronida Shiir
"I will not rest until the rabble rousers in the shadows have been brought to light."

Maronida Shiir is an Argelian contributor to the Federation News Service. Now nearly 70 She has been reporting from the frontlines of Federation Power since the opening days of the Cardassian Wars. She was the one who broke the story of Zhon-sh'Fey's bribes to Federation Officials and has helped to form popular opinion on matters of politics ever since.

Born on Argelius in 2323, Maronida grew up in a life of luxury and splendor on the decadent homeworld of the Argelians. She studied the fine arts and aspired to become an artist, though left Argelius for Earth after her 22nd birthday to see the galaxy. When the Setlik III Massacre occurred in 2347, she was asked to cover the event for Argelius' local dispatch service. Her article was later circulated in half a dozen major publications and she later signed on with the FNS. She continued to cover the Cardassian Wars and its impact on Federation politics, but also covered other matters like art and culture, becoming a popular writer. While well known at this point, her investigation of Zhon-sh'Fey of Andoria in 2354 propelled her into the forefront of the Federation's popular media and a position to help or hinder those in power. Maronida has stayed there ever since.

Once regarded by her peers as a serious journalist with a hard determination to get the truth out, many (behind closed doors) regard Maronida as a pompous, pro-power talking head who masquerades as an independent journalist. She's survived half a dozen Paris Power shifts and has lived to tell the tale. She has friends in high places but it's hard to know who benefits more from their association. Maronida was an enemy of the Zife administration and gave scathing editorials of the now deceased President's time in office. With the accession of Nan Bacco to the presidency, she has returned to being a steadfast ally of those in power. Maronida is immensely popular for writing as if the Federation is utterly perfect and is a master at telling people what they want to hear, labeling all others as 'malcontents' and 'rabble-rousers'.