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Councillor Mara Kell, is the Senior Councilor from Betazed on the Federation Council. She previously served as a junior councillor.

In 2392, Kell expressed her skepticism of Lily Ventu's run for the Federation presidency in the 2392 election. Later that year, Kell criticized Federation President Nan Bacco's acceptance to a state visit extended by the new Imperial Senate of the Romulan Star Empire on Rator III. Kell is a vocal supporter of the Romulan Republic, which the Imperial Senate views as a rogue state. Kell called on the Federation to formally recognize the sovereignty of the Romulan Republic, but a measure introduced by Kell in the Federation Council failed to pass.

In 2395, Kell made an official statement on behalf of the Federation Council after it voted to impose sanctions against the Romulan Star Empire for its invasion attempt of Duronis II earlier that year.

"The Federation Council condemns the Romulan Star Empire’s blatant violation of Laudean sovereignty," said Kell. "Such Romulan aggression that threatens the stability of the quadrant will not be tolerated."

In late 2399, Kell was rumored to be considering a run for the Federation presidency in the 2400 election. The Betazoid woman was featured in the SD 239912 issue of Rogue Magazine, which Ambassador Rivi Vataix was reading in her office on Amity Outpost.