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As a ship she was found in she is also a mix of many species, none of the species she descend from are unknown, all are Federation species just many would never got mixed naturaly so it is obvious mailea is a construct. Species she descend from are Betazoid, Brekkian, El-Aurian, Lumerian, Risian, Ullian, Vulcan and Zakdorn.

Rawanna Constructs

(Intro for story is in Personal history under In Search for her Roots.)

When returned to her little ship with mysterious memory module it took her maybe an hour to tap into its secrets. For next few days she was watching feeds from meetings held by crew of the research center.

A face of young and very sad looking Marine officer appeared and started to tell the story:

“Hiding behind the technicality they were trying to create, again, ultimate soldier. Since they were not changing genetic structure, enhancing it by forbidden means, nothing in research was questionable.

Risans were chosen as a base race for their strong body structure and internal biology capable of forming bond with other races. Betazoids were chosen for their ability to control many body functions (heart, respiratory, circulatory, excretory, endocrine), Brekkian for unique ability to provide a limited natural generation of a bio-electrical discharge from the hands, El-Aurians for extraordinarily sensitive to disturbances in the space/time continuum and ability to remember the original version of history if a change is made in time. Lumerians for ability to form a psionic bond with another person, giving him/her the option to "dump" bad feelings and other "mental waste" onto the bond partner, Ullians for their telepathy, Vulcans for strong body and inner eyelid, or nictitating membrane, which protects their vision from bright lights and Zakdorn for their unique ability to use strategy and tactics as reaction not willing process.

They expected to get 1 perfect specimen in no more than 10 children. But it didn’t work.”

A picture changed into a conference room where one by one meeting were held. One by one she was watching birth and destruction of her brothers and sisters. All brought in their life as a hope of constructing forbidden ultimate soldier, and all senselessly killed for not being what were expected to be.

A face of sad young Marine returned:

As you know, my children, oh I love to call you my children, for I gave you life. Whenever was able to be chosen to cancel one of you it was my time for joy, because it was the day I saved one life. But I was not careful enough and few of you didn’t get far enough. When they found out laboratory was closed and I had time just to download records for each of you save this message for you and run for my life.”

When monitor went black Mailea started to cry and cried for hours. She was so sad, so broken that almost didn’t acknowledged numbers that lasted for just a few seconds at the very end of recording.

Since her “father” mentioned records on “them” she decided the numbers must be coordinates, so went back into hunting herself, again. But first took memory module and returned with it to the lab and hide it herself, hoping one of her brothers or sisters who were saved will find it one day in their search for truth.

When reached planet vacating coordinates from recording, found there was only one dwelling on a beautiful, uninhabited pelagic planet. It raised her spirits. But again years played their part in eternal story of life and death. Message, their now old father left was, to go to basement and try retinal scan on locks on switch boxes there until one open. Only problem here was to find basement. This was end of long search, a search which for Mailea lasted for 17 years, and here at the end of it she was reluctant to end it.

She spent months living in that paradise hoping to meet one of her siblings, but as much as was always loner and as much as learned to love that place Mailea finally had a need for company. Mailea was sitting by the fireplace watching “her” case, being faced with her own imperfection, was reluctant to find out as much as in months before. But this time opened it:

“Instead of inheriting control over control body functions she inherited high level empathy completely useless for soldier. Despite being the first specimen to finally have Brekkian ability to provide a limited natural generation of a bio-electrical discharge, she’s useless here too, because have absolutely no control over it, but produce it when frightened as natural defense system. Instead of inheriting sensitivity to disturbances in the space/time continuum she inherited very calm, collected demeanor so seem sometimes stupidly slow. This one is the most interesting degeneration that happened, instead of being able to get rid of "mental waste", she can collect it and not able to dump it turns her into very depressed person quite often. Specimen makes all of us very hard to get angry at her, she managed to very fast learn how to use that ability drawing all bad feelings from us. She inherited Vulcan telepathy and strong emotions powers instead of body build, while from Ullians got most all external features instead of telepathy and from Zakdorn instead of ability to use strategy and tactics, small figure and low pain threshold. So despite being really cute girl she’s set for termination in 10 days.”

Just one other message was there in a box. It was explanation her “father” left to let her know that he was the one who erased her memory and did it to protect her...