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Crew of the USS Constitution


Ensign M'Row

  • Gender: Male
  • Position: Security Officer
  • Rank: Ensign
  • Race: Felinoid
  • Spouse: None
  • Family: None

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  • Full Name: Ensign Purr M’Row
  • Date of birth: Stardate: 235409.12
  • Species: Caitian
  • Gender: Male
  • Hair color: Marmalade fur from ears to paws (feet). Yellow mane around head.
  • Eye color: Amber cat like
  • Height: Six feet and three inches (including ears) – Unusually tall for a Feliniod.
  • Family: H’Riss and Shangola M’Row are his father and mother. Tailcatcher is his brother *while Singsong and Karyen are his two sisters.
  • Spouse: None, but M’Row has dated a few females outside his race while attending the *Starfleet Academy.
  • Children: None


Purr M’Row left his warrior family on the planet Cait to pursue his dreams of peace. He attended the Starfleet Academy in the Counseling program in hopes that one day he will as a diplomat for Starfleet. Graduating in the middle of his class, M’Row pressed forward with his plans and applied for Starfleet. As a cadet, M’Row served on board the USS Centris. Upon competing the mission of finding a Romulan weapon, the crew was promoted to Ensign and sent to their new posts. Counselor M’Row joined the USS Resolution in the middle of an attack from the Mirror Universe and this all confused the ensign terribly.

More recently, Purr M’Row was beamed up to the USS Constitution-B. Now M’Row has made the fateful decision to return to his predatory roots and become a Security officer.

Some Important Things to Remember

M’Row hails from the planet Cait. Only a couple of other felinoids had left the planet to join Starfleet. M’Row has a sense of adventure that few Felinoids have. Even though Caitians are strong warriors, M’Row is more of a lover, being a counselor.

M’Row has the gift of limited mind reading capability such as a cat might have. His powers aren’t on the scale of a Betazoid.

Of course, being a Caitian, M’Row processes cat like abilities which includes a long tail. However, these abilities are not super human, just cat like in nature.

M’Row is deathly afraid of water, especially. However, M’Row is extremely clean in his appearance. M’Row is proud of his appearance and he tries to keep his fur well groomed.

Also sudden noises can scare M’Row due to his sensitive hearing, but he is getting used to loud bangs.

It is not known what rank his family is on Cait, but they do seem to be from the warrior clan. M’Row doesn’t hold himself above others and make friends easily.