Lorian Lovar/The Flora Of Bopak III

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A meticulously researched and alphabetically organized observational research paper written by Lorian Lovar while on a private research mission to Bopak III. It defines 1,257 different species of local flora on various different parts of the planet. Notable mentions include...

  • The Lovar Orchid - A royal purple flower with a unique pattern of petals similar to a double helix along the stem. It was the first undocumented flower Lorian came across.
  • Funem mortiferum - A distinct blue vine that secretes a toxic chemical, able to kill the average human in less than an Earth minute.
  • Fem ater - A grey fern with strange black bulbs that hang off the sides of the leafs, seemingly to act as a trap for small insects. Lorian writes about a comical anecdote in which he got his finger stuck on one.