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Lieutenant JG Li'k V'doo was a Tactical Officer. Player ID = B237910LV0.


  • Full Name: Li'k V'doo
  • Date of Birth: 235209.13
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Klingon/Betazoid
  • Place of Birth: Qo'nos
  • Hair: Darkred/Brown/Black
  • Eyes: Hazel-Red
  • Height: 1.90m


  • Mother: (Klingon) S'soth V'ar Mog-Holy mother of the Daughters of Kahless
  • Father: (Betazoid) Ambassador Catretarn of mayrill
  • Siblings: Older brother 31 years old serving as 1sr officer aboard ----THE RAPTOR---- A Vor'cha class vessel Younger brother 17 years old and younger sister 13 years old both still live with parents
  • Spouse: Nil
  • Children: Nil

Personal History

  • 235209.13 DOB Qo'noS
  • 236409.13 Started training as V'ar Priestess.
  • .........Classified...........
  • 237406.15 Joined the ----D'garth----Imperial Bird of prey As HoD's Personnal body guard.
  • 237602.11 Applied to starfleet Academy.
  • 237603.05 Started starfleet academy
  • 237910. graduated academy and posted as 2nd Lt to Black Tower.
  • 237912.02 Transfered to Independence after disciplinary Charges from Black Tower senior command for disobeying orders.

Professional History

  • Background.........
  • 2364 On Li'k's 11th birthday her mother recriuted and initiated her in to the Daughters of Kahless.
  • The Daughters are an ancient organisation of women only warriors who have pledged their lives to the empire.
  • It was belived that the High council governed the way that the Daughters were run but in fact it was the Holy mother who controls the order and her alone, She was answerable to no one.
  • Over the centuries the order have removed assasinated or replaced many corrupt or unworthy leaders, council leaders, military leaders officials and offworld threats.
  • Any initiate that completes her training and has served the order will keep the "V" or "V'ar" in her namewhich means that she is an V'ar honour guard.
  • They are extensivly trained in Klingon Martial Arts The Mok'bara & Two weapons of their choice.
  • She mastered the Tajtiq a brutal looking short sword
  • Li'k trained with two one in each hand.
  • The other weapon was the Mveq Dagger, it is a small dagger and is excelent for delivering poisons and other drugs, a real favourate with the old assassins of the Order.
  • Her prized weapon is a Jay'nas a large looking two handed two headed Axe, This weapon was modified and designed by Li'k and was presented as a gift by a master weapon smith.
  • The rest of her training was focused on Intelligence gathering ,Infiltration, Assassination and Seduction.
  • 2374.She spent two and a half years as personnal body guard to the HoD or the D'garth, he was the last of his family line.
  • When Li'k was reassigned he was still alive.
  • 2376. Her mother (The Holy Mother of the order) asked her to join Starfleet.
  • She was accepted in less than a month, She belived it had something to do with her father who must have pulled a few strings for her.
  • She spent her time in starfleet academy training in Security & leadership.
  • She also trained as an Engineer,
  • she was always interestead in engines machines Electronics and gadgets.
  • She recieved her masters in Engineering specialising in Energy weapons and weapons technolagy, she also has minors in Electronics, Computers, Warp & impulse drives and power systems.
  • She also took up one of her hobbies of flying and spent a year in the red squadron at the academy, she is qualified to pilot up to nubula class vessels.
  • Her trainer said she had a natural talent for piloting that he had rarely seen before.
  • She has an ace rating S10 pilot.


Level 3 Empath (E3) Hobbies: Music-She plays a Klingon instrument called a Cad'ik A'dum, She loves music Singing and Dancing. Dislikes:-Cooking although she is an excellent cook, especialy of Klingon and Betazoid dishes. She expects to be treated with respect and becomes agressive if ignored. Likes:- Fine Clothes, fashion, the out doors walking climbing running swimming etc. Flying and fighting, (She seems to take every opportunity to show that she is as good as or better than her male counterparts) She is very protective of her female comrades and seems to feel responsable for there safety. She is strong willed and hates being ordered around. She has a tendancy to do things "Her way" She lives by her Oath to her order the Klingon Empire and the way of the warrior.