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Planet Esperance
System Esperance system
General Information
Constructed 2219
Destroyed n/a
Builder Esperance settlers
Climate Clear skies
Points of interest Kreswick market
Primary Construction Materials
Societal Information
Population 3,550
Affiliation Neutral
Predominant Species

Kreswick is a small town located on Esperance, based atop a river. It a tourist town, known for it's market of which brings local vendors from all across Esperance. The market itself often becomes so large that it exceeds the town's small size. Despite it's popularity for it's local market, there are few permanent residents living within the small town.

Kreswick is 'a train ride' away from the base of Star Station Esperance, on the line north of the star station - in fact, Kreswick is the final town for tourist commerce along the line. The following stop is Sovereign Straight, a small mining town.