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Konrak is an Hirogen hunter and Ravarj's Beta.


When Konrak came of age, his father took him on his first hunt. Together they tracked down a Kradin male across dozens of lightyears. Once they had him cornered, Konrak dealt the killing blow, entitling him to claim his first trophy. Ever since that day, Konrak kept the prey's teeth on a necklace as a relic to commemorate his inaugural hunt. However, not long after Konrak's first kill, he and his father received a message through the relay network concerning a new technology that would change the very nature of the hunt forever. They regrouped with other Hirogen and travelled to what was known as a holodeck outpost. There, Konrak and his father went on to hunt countless holographic prey.

Over the years that followed, Konrak honed his skills and eventually became an Alpha of his own right and a mentor to his own Beta. Although the holograms were challenging, Konrak could not help but feel some resentment. Even after becoming a skilled hunter, he still only had one relic to his name. As a boy he had heard tales of his grandfather, who had collected hundreds of unusual and impressive trophies. Now, every kill he made disappeared in front of his eyes only to rematerialize somewhere else on the outpost. What Konrak really wanted was a collection of trophies of his own.

When Konrak saw a message transmitted through the relay network by a Hirogen named Ravarj, he was immediately intrigued. This hunter of an earlier era spoke of returning the Hirogen to their former glory, hunting prey of flesh and blood, not of photons and forcefields. In his message, Ravarj showed his new collection of relics. Most of the younger Hirogen on the outpost were skeptical of Ravarj's message, but Konrak was enraptured by the prospect of returning to the old ways. Konrak subsequently left the holodeck outpost and rendezvoused with Ravarj's ship. He told Ravarj he would rather abandon his position as Alpha than continue to hunt beams of light for the rest of his life. As long as he could collect trophies again, he would gladly serve has Ravarj's Beta.

Additional Information

Konrak is an MSPNPC played by S'Raga.