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USS Veritas
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Koa Iolani
Position Stellar Cartography Technician
Rank Petty Officer 3rd Class
Species Human
Gender Male
DOB 237406.21
Age 26
Birthplace Pearl City, Hawaii, Earth
Service Ribbons
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Maiden Voyage Ribbon.png

Explorer's Ribbon
Maiden Voyage Ribbon

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1-year Member
3-year Member
B-Plot Award
Sheathed Sword
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Khan Award

25th Anniversary
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Awards Ceremony Nominator Elite
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About the Writer

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Koa Iolani is a 20 year old Terran currently serving as a Stellar Cartography Technician aboard USS Veritas.

As a child, Koa dreamed of becoming an explorer and discovering strange new life. But instead of looking to the stars, Koa's dreams took him to the sea. Born in Pearl City, just west of Honolulu, Koa spent much of his childhood haunting the beaches and surrounding waters of Hawaii. At the age of 13, he became the youngest member of the Pacific Island Olympic surfing team, which received a gold medal during the 2388 Olympic Games. At age 16, Koa became the first person in more than three decades to solo the journey from Hawaii to San Francisco in a small sailing vessel.

Despite these achievements, and a genuinely bright mind, Koa had trouble applying himself in school. When he completed his secondary education in 2391, it was with average grades. His applications to Earth's top Oceanology programs were rejected. Under the guidance of his parents, who had both served in Starfleet for more than a decade before Koa was born, the young man decided to enlist to gain experience and prove his worth. He completed his first tour of duty in 2396. Upon reenlistment, Iolani was promoted to petty officer third class, and assigned as the science administrative assistant.

Physical Characteristics

Height: 6' 1" (1.85 m)
Weight: 170 lbs (77.1 kg)
Hair Color: Dark brown
Length of Hair: Medium
Eye Color: Brown
Build: Lean, athletic
Face: Sun-darkened skin, wide jaw
Voice: High range baritone
Handedness: Right


Quarters: Shared enlisted quarters, Deck 7, Cabin B.
Religion/Spiritual Devotion: None
Hobbies and Pastimes: Sailing, surfing, swimming, music, dancing.
Likes: Exploration, adventure, pushing his limits. Also, pretty much anything involving lots of water.
Dislikes: Failure, boredom, isolation.
Ambitions and Goals: Koa plans to one day pursue an advanced degree program in Oceanology.
Temperament: Playful and energetic, though he tries to maintain a more professional demeanor while on duty.
Mental problems (complexes and phobias): Struggles with the routine of starship life, and often wishes for more excitement.


  • Date Enlisted: 239207.21
  • Tour of Duty Ends: 239707.30
  • Current Rank: Petty Officer, 3rd Class
  • Current Assignment: USS Veritas
  • Duty Post: Stellar Cartography Technician


Koa enlisted in Starfleet just one month after completing secondary school. As a recruit, he worked hard to prove his worth, and showed considerable aptitude with a variety of scientific instruments commonly used on starships. To nurture this, Koa's training officer focused the second half of his tenure at Starfleet Academy on learning how to properly maintain and calibrate sensors, particularly for deep space stellar cartography labs.
He received his posting to USS Veritas in mid-2392, where he served as one of three Stellar Cartography Technicians and as a reserve member of the Veritas SAR Team. After a three month leave of absence in 2396, Koa returned to Veritas for a second tour of duty.

UFP.png Second Tour of Duty
239605 — Present
Insignia Rank Dates Assignment Duty Post
E0-CrewRecruit-Blue.png Recruit 239108.01 - 2389204.01 AcademyLogo2390.png
Starfleet Academy
Personnel Training
Sciences Division
E3-Crew1st-Blue.png Crewman, 1st Class 239105.01 - 239605.01 USS Veritas
USS Veritas
Stellar Cartography Technician
E4-PO3rd-Blue.png Petty Officer, 3rd Class 239605.29 - Present Science Administrative Assistant