Kintro Vetiros

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USS Veritas
Kazleti (Male).jpg
Kintro Vetiros
Position Security/Comms
Rank Crewman Second Class
Species Kazleti
Gender Male
DOB 237811.11
Age 19
Birthplace Kazleth

Veritas NPCs
About the Writer

Crewman Second Class Kintro Vetiros is a 20-year-old kazleti SAR/Security aboard the USS Veritas. After completing the basic military training on Kazleth Military force, put his sight on Starfleet, as it’ll give him and his family an honor that not many Kazlethi had. During his service on board starfleet ships he discovered he had a talent for communications, using and repairing comms systems as well as coming with an algorithm matrix that allowed an extra level of security in subspace transmissions. As he’s asked to join the SAR team of the Veritas, his main role is that of a SAR member with the specialization in comms.