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The Symbiont

Born in 2075, Kian has so far shared its life with seven hosts and experienced life in a variety of professions, including teaching, science, piloting and martial arts. Over its life it has developed a number of quirks which have been expressed through multiple hosts; one being a tendency to straighten its clothing.

Current Host

Name Profession Description
Ferier Kian
Starfleet Officer After being abandoned by Kian and subsequently rescued by the crew of the USS Gorkon, it was clear that Kian would not survive the trip to Trill in order to find a new host. Ferier Lanta, already approved by the Commission as a suitable host, volunteered himself as the new host.

Previous Hosts

Name Profession Description
Laila Kian
Astrophysicist A notable scientist of her time, Laila postulated several theories that still stand today. She died aged 49 in an accident.
Karem Kian
Test Pilot Karem spent much of her early career test piloting shuttles, retiring to life as a university lecturer in space flight in her later years. She passed away due to natural causes at the age of 97.
Jodel Kian
Teacher Jodel lived a quiet life as a primary school teacher, until a tragic accident saw him fall from a bridge and drown at the age of 41.
Fiolan Kian
Entomologist This Trill host led an uneventful life in the study of insects. Despite cautious use of protection, Fiolan was stung by a insect and suffered a fatal allergic reaction at the age of 67. The Symbiont Commission returned Kian it to the pools until it recovered enough to be joined with another host.
Ludlow Kian
Martial Artist Ludlow devoted his life to the martial arts, learning and sharing his combat and meditative skills throughout his life. He died aged 56, during the Dominion War.
Kudrem Kian
Starfleet Officer Kudrem was a capable scientist who struggled with life as a Starfleet officer, failing to flourish in that environment. This led her to the fateful decision to abandon Kian in favour of a much older symbiont who promised her a better, greater life.