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  The word was created to relate to the Tactical Upgraded Version of Prosthetic Arm, referring to the replacement of Kelrod Dickens left arm. Since he lost it in a mission while infiltrated on the Orion Syndicate, he'd been wearing a prosthetic arm made by the engineer Gwen Gardener. It featured some gadgets for the time that Kelrod was Marcus Dickens, a science officer, so the arm was more science oriented. However, now being Kelrod and having been SAR team leader and Chief of Security on the USS Veritas, he found that he needed something more adapted to his tasks. So, he talke with a group of engineers from his ship, those being Geoffrey Teller, Wil Ukinix and Charlena Vanlith, asking if they could help him design a new one. 
  They were eager to go on such a project and after weeks of design and discussions about what could and what couldn't be done, they came up with a final design.