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Birth and Early Childhood

Born on Betazed, Kellin was the son of Marina and Marr Rixx. His parents had a small flat located close to the University of Betazed. From a very young age Kellin enjoyed playing outside. His grandfather, a traditionalist, refused to speak to Kellin, but rather, he would only speak telepathically with his young grandson. It was this that gave Kellin's parents a reasonable rationale for his great psionic potential.

Abduction/Death of Parents

When Kellin was eight-years-old his parents informed him that they were going to have to move to Earth. His mother, Marina, was a psychologist at the University of Betazed, and she was asked to take a job at Oxford University in England. While traveling on a small shuttle with only one other passenger, an obese Terran man, the shuttle was attacked by a Breen patrol ship. A group of Breen slave wranglers boarded the ship. The Terran man reached for a small phaser, but the Breen shot him first. Kellin had never been more terrified in his life. One of the Breen stunned the pilot before turning to the Rixx family. Speaking in some garbled, electronic words, he spoke to the Rixx family. The Rixx's could not decipher what was being said, but they knew exactly what was going on. Kellin had never encountered a species with a four-lobed brain before. This was the first time that he could not sense the thoughts of another person. This terrified him even more. The Breen slave wrangler's hand reached for the young Kellin. His mother screamed out and stood to protect her young son. The Breen open fired on her - killing her. Kellin could only help but cry. He could "hear" his father telling him not to be afraid. The Breen reached forward again to grab Kellin, but Kellin pulled away. The Breen was not happy with this, so to torture the young boy, the slave wranglers opened fire on Kellin's father too before forcibly taking the young Betazoid into their custody.

Years of Servitude

Once Kellin had been taken captive, he was taken to a Breen colony on Portas V. It was here that he would live and serve Breen for eight years. Once he arrived to Portas V, Kellin was tattooed, a sign of ownership of the High General. Luckily for Kellin, Betazoid slaves were a rare commodity in the galaxy, so he was lucky enough to not have to endure much manual labor. His predominant role was to serve the High General of the colony. His main function was to serve as his personal servant, as well as, be present at several diplomatic situations to serve as a living polygraph test. Over time, Kellin started to learn the Breen language. All though he had never become completely fluent, he did manage to pick up some conversation. Additionally, the Betazoid anatomy does not allow Kellin to speak the language, but he can understand much of it.

Rescue from Portas V

Adoption/Life on Earth

The Academy Years