Kalin Teser

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Rikkal Teser - Father
Yuxata Teser - Mother
Julik Teser - Younger Brother
Shyla Teser - Younger sister
All deceased.

Kalin Teser was a Betazoid of the Fifteenth House of Betazed. Showing an aptitude for science at a young age, Kalin was encouraged to go into the medical field. He did so, specializing in genetic therapy and regenerative medicine. To further his options and career, he chose to enter Starfleet. As a powerful telepath, he was recruited for several missions where his abilities were used to further the efforts of Starfleet. He was away, assigned to a ship when the attack on Ohmallera wiped out his entire family. Kalin had always been an introvert, but after his parents' and siblings' deaths, he retreated even further. Focusing on his career, he devoted himself entirely to medicine and medical research, he almost completely retreated from social obligations. In late 2395, he was assigned to a research to work on a classified project. The only public information about him since that time is that he has been marked as 'killed in the line of duty' on March 15, 2397.