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USS Constitution-B
DS9style-cadet4 black.png
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Position Science Cadet
Rank Cadet
Species Phylosian
Gender n/a
DOB 2301
Age 99
Birthplace Maguna (Phylos II)
Writer ID D239311T10

Cadet Kaith is a starfleet Science Cadet aboard the USS Constitution-B. The Phylosian specializes in chemistry, and exudes a psychotropic substance, which requires them to wear glove-like coverings on their prehensile and mobility stalks at all times.

LCARS Starfleet Personnel Profile

  • Height: 7'0
  • Weight: 180 lbs
  • Flowering: does not flower
  • Stamen: green
  • Build: tall and willowy, with frilled leaves around a relatively slim bamboo-like stem. Ten prehensile stalks, three mobility stalks.
  • Face: typical Phylosian segmented cone with two green stamen and thirteen very thin immobile sensory stalks atop, like fine hairs.
  • Carriage: slow, with an odd, slightly buoyant way of walking caused by three-legged gait.
  • On-Duty Clothing: Voder (chemical-secretion-to-voice decoder) pendant, Starfleet cadet sash
  • Personal Quarters: warm, humid and dark, with a thick dirt floor integrating a hydroponics system, console atop storage cupboard, beanbag chairs, lava lamp.

LCARS Starfleet Personnel Biography

Kaith has lived a peaceful, slow-paced life of study and relaxation. Their recent endeavor to join Starfleet has puzzled many who know them, although the slow pace at which they progressed through the Academy was less surprising. This is, in fact, the second time that Kaith has undergone Starfleet training; they left the Academy back in 2375 after two years of studying in order to "relax for a while".

Due to the fact that Kaith requires extended periods of rest, they tend to work shorter shifts with longer breaks between them. While Kaith is able to exert themselves above their usual pace in emergency situations, they will invariably need to rest for a longer period afterwards in order to return to their usual work pattern.