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Personal History for K'jharr


Born on a multi-G mining station, Eribrus II, orbiting a dilithium rich asteroid. In spite of his mixed heritage he grew-up normally, aside from a slow early development. Reclusive and melancholy his family tried to help him open up more. Having an active brother to keep up with, T'Lirin to help watch over, and a new mentor and trainer to please kept him busy. T'Sael started to teach him combat, languages, cultures, and engineering. He takes the greatest inspiration from his, sometimes, eccentric teacher. The station had a diverse working crew, sending and receiving shipments from multiple worlds and governments.

236101.04: Born, Eribrus II

236511.25: Meets baby T'Lirin

236604.24: V'kharr born

236606.01: Begins mentoring under T'Sael

237204.16: Graduates School

Teenage Years

Development sped up extensively during these years of his life. Expanded his study of engineering and languages, becoming “fluent” in both. He excelled at T'Sael's combat training. He made few friends but many rivals. Champion of multiple school martial arts tournaments. He also showed a greater interest and proficiency for chess. He would learn that his mentor had been abusing T'Lirin through T'Lirins premature pon' farr cycle. Killed T'Sael in defense of T'Lirin. He sustained almost all of his injuries and fractures in that combat. He was charged for her murder until T'Lirin explained what had happened. Charges were subsequently dropped. Suffered severe mental trauma for six months. Reports of unusual chronic pain begin here.

237504.28: Graduates Middle School

237804.24: Graduates High School

237911.14: Charged for the murder of T'Sael,

237911.20: Charges dropped

Pre-Academy Years

After his incarceration he left Eriburs II and joined a near by Academy Prep-School. He studied security and engineering along with languages, diplomacy, and multi-species anatomy. Due to his mental instability he had very little interaction with other students. He would graduate and return home to marry T'Lirin. Shows signs of struggling in mathematics and the sciences.

238104.24: Graduates Academy Prep-School

238205.01: K'jharr marries T'Lirin

Academy Years

He joined the Academy at the age of 20 majoring in both Engineering, and Security. Taking his time he also majored in Intelligence, specializing in the Romulan and Cardassian Governments. Minored in Comm/Opp's while taking electives in Politics, Diplomacy, Language, Cryptology, and Xenobiology. Had a tough time ajusting socially. Had severe “differences” with James Canis, but they were able to resolve them. Performed well in all specialties except Mathematics, the Sciences, and Engineering, where he barley passed. Proved to be an excellent marksman and hand-to-hand combatant. Uses own style called “Rain on Sand”(From “The Elder Scrolls III, Morrowind”). Instructors said style was “swift, aggressive, and brutal.”

238108.15: Enters Academy

238607.05: Graduates Academy