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USS Gorkon
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Position Quartermistress
Rank Chief Petty Officer
Species Caitian
Gender Female
DOB 236408
Age 33
Birthplace Cait

Chief Petty Officer K'Trau is the former Quartermistress of the USS Njörðr. After its destruction K'Trau was transferred to the USS Gorkon in the same role


Height: 163cm (5’4”)
Weight: 60kgs
Eyes: Grey
Fur Colour: White with black spots
Handedness: Right
Voice: Low and growling
Tattoos/Scars: None


Father : T'Chel

Mother: G'Yan


  • M'Rusar (31)
  • V'Tak (27)
  • K'Rork (22)
  • H'Nal (22)
  • V'Kak (19)
  • S'Yen (19)


  • H'Naia (31)
  • T'Resh (27)
  • M'Farr (22)
  • K'Larr (22)
  • T'Loa (19)



  • Writing: K'Trau is an amateur author, and has published precisely one book, entitled "Remember the Jungle" about a Caitian in a modern city who wishes to return to the jungle of her ancestors. She is in the process of writing a second novel, but keeps the details mostly to herself.
  • Making Necklaces: K'Trau likes art, and as such makes necklaces from Wood, Bone or Ivory.
  • Being Social: During her time off duty, K'Trau can often be found in the crew lounge, hanging out with the crew, swapping stories and gossip.


  • Running/Working out/Keeping fit: Nothing worse than a fat lazy Caitian. These legs were built for running!
  • Art: K'Trau values artistic skill and beauty, upon visiting a new location she will often find her way to an art gallery as her first stop.


  • Swimming: Wet fur is not fun.
  • Being Petted: She's not a house cat!