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Commander K'Tar is a Klingon whom served at the Daris Colony and aboard the USS Kodiak, USS Ranger-A and the USS Titan.

He earned up to the rank of Lieutenant during his time on the Daris Colony, assigned as the Chief Medical Officer, and was awarded the Barclay Bead. In 2378, at the rank of Lieutenant, K'Tar was awarded the Sheathed Sword and the Xalor Clan Xifilis Award during time spent on the Ranger-A. He was promoted to Lieutenant Commander, where he was assigned as the Ranger's First Officer.

During his time on the Ranger-A, K'Tar led an away team down to a planet in the Hedra system to rescue survivors of the USS Letise.

On the Titan, K'Tar served as Mission Specialist at the rank of Commander.