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Jona Omid is a farm hand on the Larynn Colony.

Personal History

Jona Omid was born shortly after the withdrawl of the Cardassians from Bajor. His mother was used as a comfort woman by the Cardassians, resulting in a lasting distaste toward men in general. Little is known about Jona's father, about whom his mother rarely ever speaks.

Departure for Laryn Colony

Jona elected to leave to live on the Larynn Colony shortly after a failed relationship with a young woman named Lenyse. He stayed on the planet with a man named Uncers. Uncers was a simple and gruff man who stuck to a luddite philosophy that opposed the use of technology for solving problems that a man could solve himself.

Jona tended not to enjoy Uncers' company, but he appreciated the man's guidance. Uncers was the closest thing to a father figure in Jona's life.

Capture by the Vaudwaar

Jona was captured by the Vaudwaar during a mission by the USS-Independence-A. He was later found on the planet Draconis Gamma 7, where he had been brainwashed into believing himself a soldier for the Vaudwaar.


Investigations by Kevin Breeman revealed that a small robotic fly had been employed in brainwashing Jona. The fly had sophisticated software for detecting mental gestalts and schemas and melding them together to form pro-Vaudwaar story-lines. In Jona's case, the fly reconfigured Jona's brain so that he believed his estranged father was actually a Cardassian and that Jona himself was responsible for the man's estrangement by virtue of the fact that he hated him [1]. The fly injected into the narrative the emotional detachment of his mother as a function of her infection with a flu, necessitating the intercession of a messianic figure in the form of a Vaudwaar soldier.

The fly also re-configured Jona's memory of Uncers so that the man served not as a personal mentor on the farm but rather as a military trainer of some kind. The narrative back-fired [2] however when the meditation techniques the fly's version of Uncers had taught Jona served to help him un-lock his true identity again.


Jona's recovery has been a long and arduous process.

Original Memo to Counselling re Jona

From an exerpt from a report by Lt. Kevin Breeman to the counselling department of the USS Ronin:

Jona was born on Bajor. He left Bajor in his late teens to live at the Larynn Colony where life would be simpler. His mother was an extreme feminist who was probably used as a comfort woman during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor. She has a bit of a resentment / hatred toward men in general.

Jona lived with a man named Uncers on the Larynn Colony until an away team from the USS Independence-A came by and met him. Shortly after that he was abducted by a glowing orb. He was next seen on the USS Ronin's last mission. He'd been brainwashed by means of a mechanical fly capable of implanting thoughts into its victim's head ( He now has something like MPD as you suggested in your latest post. Part of him remembers being a farm hand working for Uncers but another part of him believes he was actually a soldier of the Vaudwaar people. The name Uncers figures in both 'stories' about himself. In the first story he vaguely remembers Uncers as the man whose family he lived with on Larynn. In the second life story Uncers is some kind of personal trainer / mentor who taught him combat skills.

Slowly the two clumps of memories have been merging a little to the point that Jona actually remembered a meditation session with Uncers (in his military life) in which he found himself drifting down into memories of his real self ( .

Goals in Writing the Character

Jona represents experiments with collage as a literary technique. An initial ordered narrative of the character is presented during my time writing for the USS Independence-A. Elements from that narrative are then mixed and matched during my time serving aboard the USS Ronin.