Jarn Th'Braxa

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Jarn Th'Braxa
Position Journalist
Rank Civilian
Species Andorian
Gender Male
DOB 237303.15
Age 28
Birthplace Lor'Tan, Andoria
Writer ID E239411GF0

Jarn Th'Braxa is a journalist currently working for the Federation News Service.


Born into a military family, Jarn was always the odd one out. Growing up he confounded his father (who had served in the Imperial Guard) by showing no interest in combat or in defending himself when threatened or attacked verbally or physically.

Despite being naturally fit and strong, Jarn would spend his free time studying and writing, preferring the company of historical texts or works of literature to that of his peers. He also lacked any form of ambition or competitiveness when it came to physical activity.

With his continual refusal to adopt the traditions of his Keth, Jarn's father was on the verge of disowning his son, but instead Jarn took matters into his own hands by abandoning his family and homeworld.

He currently resides near FNS headquarters on Earth, but he enjoys travelling far and wide in order to report on various stories throughout the Federation and sometimes beyond.