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Jalara Fire

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Jalara Fire is a Betazoid alcoholic beverage made from the luciferase from an insect indigenous to the Jalaran Jungles. It appears like a thick glowing purple syrup. The drink causes a warming sensation on the lips, mouth and throat. It also causes the lips and mouth to emit a soft glow in pinks or purples depending on which Jalara Fireflies are used and the process in which the luciferase was fermented.

  • Place of Origin: Jalara Jungles, Betazed
  • Preferred Temperature: Room Tempature
  • Prominent Flavors: Incredibly sweet. Far too sweet for most tastes.
  • Serving Suggestions: Plain. In a small clear glass.
  • Prominent Ingredients: Luciferase from Jalara Fireflies.
  • Alcohol content (if any): 40%

Preparatory notes

Jalara Fire should be served immediately before drinking and directly from the unique black bottle decorated with an iridescent crest containing an image of the Jalara Jungles.

Cultural significance

Jalara Fire is extremely rare. One dedicated camp in the Jalara Jungles will produce only 5 or 6 bottles a year. Jalara Fire is usually reserved for celebrations of great personal achievement.

Other notes

Fermenting camps in the Jalara Jungles are often run by one of the noble houses. The house number will appear on the label.